“I admit we took it a little too far. And I’ll make it up to you, however you want, but not here.”

“Wrong. Right here, right now.”

“Please. This is—”

“Not up for discussion.” Renner’s blue eyes glittered like sapphires. “And sorry, you’re fresh outta tequila and salt, so we’re gonna do this my way, without props. So for the last time, take off your jeans or I will cut them off.”

“Very funny. Stop kidding around.”

He grinned and reached in his pocket to pull out his knife. “Oh, darlin’, I ain’t even close to kiddin’ about this. Take. Them. Off.”

Was he testing her?

He flicked open the blade. “Now.”

Okay. He wasn’t testing her.

She managed to kick off her boots and peel away her jeans while her hands shook like a junkie’s. But as the cold metal bars of the corral dug into the backs of her naked thighs, she admitted she wasn’t shaking from fear, but anticipation. He could get her so fired up with just a regal look.

Heat emanated off Renner when he stopped in front of her. “Hold very still.”

She did. She couldn’t take her eyes off the lust raging in his.

He drawled, “Pity about your panties,” a millisecond before he sliced the string by her hip, and then blithely tossed the scrap of lace over his shoulder.

She gasped, “Renner—”

His lips landed on hers in a punishing kiss. As he owned her mouth, he placed her hands on the metal rung beside her head. He broke free to nuzzle her neck. “Hold on tight and step onto the rung behind you.” He nipped her earlobe. “Spread your legs.”

A dizzy sensation rolled through her when Renner dropped to his knees. He framed her pu**y with his rough hands, using his thumbs to hold open the fleshy folds covering her clit. He blew a cool stream of breath across the delicate tissues.

She shuddered.

Renner laughed. “Remind me again what a woman wants? A long tongue to lick that moist section of skin? Would it be this section?” He lapped at her slit. Once. Twice. Three times.

“Oh God.”

“Or this section?” He flicked just the tip of his tongue below her clit. Not on it. Flicked over and over until she whimpered with frustration. “And I love tasting all this sweet syrup. I love how I can get you so wet, and so hot, that your juice flows down my throat as thick and warm as honey.”

Sweat broke out on her belly. Despite the fact half of her body was freakin’ naked, her skin was on fire.

“Do I remember something about a firm bite into the flesh until it explodes? Would this be the bit of flesh?” He opened his mouth over her clit and sucked. Gently bit.

He teased her until she squirmed, panted and finally yelled, “All right! I’m sorry I taunted you. But right now, I don’t care if someone waltzes in while you’re going down on me because you’ve made me so’ hot—”

“And that is the answer I was lookin’ for.” Renner suctioned his mouth like he meant business, like he meant her to come within seconds and she obliged him. The orgasm slammed into her with the force of a freight train, blowing her hair back, shaking her to the rafters; she moaned his name as her clit throbbed beneath his talented tongue.

Then he was on his feet, frantically yanking down his jeans. He hiked her hips up, wrapping her legs around his waist, holding her ass in his hands as he plunged into her. His mouth was wet and hot on the side of her neck as he urged, “Hold on. God, you make me want you.” He pulled out and slammed into her. “So ready for me. Every damn time.”

She arched her pelvis, rocking into him, lost in his urgency. Her fingers itched to touch him, to rip open his shirt to feel the hard wall of his chest and his heated skin, but she could do nothing but hold on and enjoy the ride.

His strokes speeded up. Renner released a guttural sound against her throat and his whole body quaked with his release.

Before he gifted her with those deliciously sweet and possessive post-orgasmic kisses she craved, a loud clatter sounded from the doorway.

“Shit.” Renner set her on her feet, retrieved her pants and tossed them to her.

Tierney dressed in record time and was just slipping on her boots when a security guard walked in. His suspicious gaze moved between them. “What are you two doing in here? This area is off limits to ticket holders.”

“I’m not a ticket holder. I’m a stock contractor and I was double-checking the size of this pen before tomorrow.”

The security guard remained skeptical. “You need to vacate the premises. Now.”

“No problem.” Renner held out his hand to Tierney.

It wasn’t until they were in the hallway and Renner was hustling her to his truck that she realized she’d left her panties on the floor.

Not that she would’ve had them on long after they returned to the hotel anyway.

The instant the hotel door shut he’d shoved her to her knees. Impatiently unbuckling his jeans, ramming his c**k into her mouth, growling with pleasure as she gave him what he wanted—her immediate and total surrender. She tasted the mix of her juices and his as she brought him off quickly. The room was silent as he came, except for her sucking sounds and the steady beat of his fist on the door that matched the hot ejaculate spurting into her mouth. As soon as she finished swallowing, he hauled her to her feet, dispensed with their clothes and threw her on the bed.

Renner ruthlessly used his fingers and mouth on her pu**y, propelling her to the brink, pulling back and pushing her again and again until she begged. Then he let her come.


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