More silence.

Tierney and Celia exchanged a haughty look and simultaneously said, “Tequila shooters!”

Male groans sounded.

Davy piped up, “That’s not fair. That’s not what you—”

“Shut it,” Kyle snapped.

Celia blinked innocently. “What did you guys think I was describing? We were talking about drinks, right?”

Tierney swore she heard Renner growl.

Breck waved the waitress over. “Two shots of Patron, limes and salt.”

Then Celia and Tierney ignored the men completely. Celia straightened the laces on Tierney’s blouse, letting the heels of her hands brush Tierney’s ni**les. “This is so cute. It’s tight enough you could wear it without a bra.”

“I considered it until I stepped into a cold room.”

Celia laughed. Then she said, “Hang on, you’ve got something on your face.” Celia’s finger wiped the corner of Tierney’s mouth.

Tierney fought a smile at seeing Celia’s smug grin. She knew from the way Celia bent her head it looked as if they were kissing. She casually swept a strand of hair behind Celia’s ear. She fingered the long blond plait, wrapped her palm around it and slid her closed hand up and down the length. “Don’t ever cut your hair. It’s gorgeous. So long. And thick.” She stroked a couple more times and squeezed the girth. “So smooth.”

Celia said, “You should feel it when it’s wet.”

“I’ll bet it feels amazing.”

“It does. Sometimes when I’m alone, I find myself fingering it because it’s so soft and damp.”

More male groans filled the air.

The waitress dropped off the shots and the accoutrements. Celia placed her mouth on Tierney’s ear. “Don’t chicken out now. This is the payoff. And for the record? The thing with Renner is not one-sided. He can’t keep his eyes off you.” Celia eased far enough back that every man at the table could see exactly what she was doing. She picked up a lime. “Open those pretty lips, darlin’.”

Tierney held the lime between her teeth, letting her tongue trace the bitter rind.

Celia dipped her index finger into the tequila, painting a line down the side of Tierney’s neck. She murmured, “Tilt your head,” and sprinkled salt over the wet streak. Celia’s hair tickled Tierney’s jaw when she put her tongue on Tierney’s neck and slowly, oh so very, very slowly, licked away the salt. Celia held up the shot glass and knocked back the booze. As she swallowed, she pressed her lips to Tierney’s, sucking the lime from her mouth.

Before Tierney could feel embarrassed, Celia said, “Your turn,” switching places with her.

What if she did this wrong? What if she didn’t look sexy and free, but awkward and uptight?

Don’t think about it. Just do it. Make it hot as sin.

Tierney ran the pulp part of the lime over Celia’s lips before placing it between her lips. She swirled her finger into the shot glass, deciding to spread it across Celia’s chest. She chanced a look at Celia as she sprinkled on the salt, recognizing her “aren’t we bad?” smirk. That spurred Tierney to dip the tip of her tongue beneath the elastic tank top band, flattening it as she lapped up every salt granule.

She tossed back the tequila, leaving her lips against Celia’s for a beat before she sucked the lime between her lips and bit down.

This time, she had the guts to gauge the guys’ reactions, although her heart raced and she suspected her cheeks were as red as maraschino cherries.

Skeeter rose to his feet for a standing ovation. “Next round is on me.”

Kyle’s and Celia’s gazes were locked in silent battle.

Michael was studying Breck very closely.

Breck said, “Sister’s got game,” and fist bumped Davy.

She didn’t see Renner. Had he left?

Then his strong hand circled her hip. His low voice burned her ear. “We’re leaving.”


“Right. Fuckin’. Now. Do not argue with me.”

Holy crap, he was pissed.

She managed to snag her purse off the table and wave good-bye to Celia before Renner clasped her hand in his and hotfooted it out of the bar.

He didn’t speak. He didn’t slow. He dodged and weaved through the throng until the crowd thinned. Then he cut down a long hallway and opened a door into a big room with metal corrals that denoted a stock containment facility. The barnyard odor lingered beneath the sharp scent of cleaning solution, but no animals were present.

Tierney found her back against those metal rails.

“You like having people watch you get your freak on?”

“Renner, it’s not—”

“You put on that raunchy display with Celia to make me horny. Guess what? It worked. Guess what else? I will oblige your exhibitionist tendencies.” Renner’s impassioned gaze swept over her. “Strip.”

“What?” Her eyes scanned the room in a panic. “This is a public place, Renner.”

“So was the bar and it didn’t seem to bother you. Havin’ Celia’s hands on you. Havin’ Celia’s mouth on you.” He growled and stalked closer. “I want equal time and I want it right now, so take off your goddamn jeans, Tierney.”

Hey, how’s that game of “let’s do a whole bunch of shots and tease our men out of their dirty minds with girl on girl fantasies” working out for you now?


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