Before she’d caught her breath from the almost violent, mind-blowing orgasm, he dragged her into the bathroom. He spread her legs wide and pressed her hips into the towel he’d draped over the marble counter.

His warm mouth tickled her ear. “You’re mine. Understand? Mine. My hands on you. My mouth on you. My c**k in you. No one else will ever have you the way I do. No one.”

Tierney’s mouth dried and her belly roiled watching him uncap the bottle of lube. He’d hinted at wanting this final virginity from her, and she’d demurred, so the fact he was taking it on his terms, and he’d make her enjoy it, ratcheted her lust a thousand degrees.

She attempted to relax as he worked a finger into her ass. Two fingers. Then the slick tip of his c**k prodded her anus and slipped past the tight ring of muscle. Moving inch by inch until his c**k filled her back channel completely.

His hand clutched her hair, forcing her gaze to meet his in the mirror. The strokes started out slow. The bite of pain was softened by the tingle of pleasure as the nubby fabric of the towel abraded her clit with his every thrust. When he couldn’t hold back, when he reamed her ass harder and deeper and faster, without pause, she came, staring into his wild eyes, feeling a connection beyond anything she’d ever experienced.

And when Renner finally reached that point, he sank his teeth into the sensitive sweep of her neck to muffle his cry. The sexy love bite was another sign of his total possession and Tierney climaxed again. Hard.

It was the most intense sexual interlude she could imagine.

But Renner was by no means finished with her. He flipped on the shower, filling the space with damp heat. He carried her into the glass enclosure. Soaping every millimeter of her skin. Kissing her. Caressing her. Muttering sweet nothings against her wet flesh as he reignited their passion. He pinned her to the tile with his strong body and slowly made love to her, creating a dense haze of pleasure that rivaled the fragrant steam enveloping them.

Only then did he dry her off and carry her to bed. Twining their bodies together, his proof that she belonged to him as unassailable as the fact she was completely in love with him.

Chapter Thirty-two

“Tierney? Baby, we’re almost home.”

She yawned and stretched. “I thought you were going to wake me up so I could drive part of the way.”

“You looked so cute and peaceful. Besides, I wore you out last night. You needed to rest up.” He smiled cheekily.

Tierney turned her head and kissed Renner’s knuckles. She loved the way he always had to touch her, even in sleep. Now that she’d gotten used to constant physical affection, she didn’t know how she’d ever live without it. She pushed upright, squinting into the darkness before she reached for her glasses. “How long before you have to hit the road again?”

“Depends on if Pritchett can find any help. If he can’t, then I’ll be gone soon.”

“I’ll hold down the fort while you’re loadin’ them doggies in the chutes.” She plucked his hand off the seat and held it between hers. His callused hands were a testament to his hard work. She loved how his hands felt on her body, gentle and teasing. Sometimes rough. But always loving. Every time he touched her or kissed her or made love to her she felt his love. She just wished he could give voice to it.

Maybe you should give voice to it.

Right then, Tierney decided to take the first step.

“I hear them gears churning, smart girl. What’s on your mind?”

“I don’t want you to laugh.”

“I won’t. Unless you put on a red clown nose and a rainbow wig.”

“Now who’s trying to make me laugh? But I’m serious.” She looked at him in the glow of the dashboard lights. “I don’t want to hide our relationship. Not at the Split Rock. Not anywhere else. Not for anyone.”

His body went very still.

She wondered if he would’ve said anything at all if she hadn’t prompted him with, “Renner?”

“Sorry. You just caught me off guard.”

“Why? Was our time in Denver ‘what happens at the National Western Stock Show stays at the National Western Stock Show’?”

After a while he let out a slow breath. “We’d be open about our relationship with everyone for the rest of the time you’re at Split Rock?”

Now Tierney understood his hesitation. He believed this was temporary—not that she’d ever led him to believe otherwise. “You think I intend to leave.”

“Don’t you?”

No. Because I love you. Because I never knew men like you existed. Because we have the start of something real.

It was her turn to stay silent. Grateful for the darkness, she watched the snowy mounds zip by as she gazed out her window.

Evidently Renner needed to finish their conversation. He pulled the truck to the side of the road, threw it in park and shut it off. “Don’t start playing games with me now, Tierney.”

“I’m not.”

“Then look at me and tell me what’s goin’ on.”

“I don’t know how to do this.”

“Do what?”

She gritted her teeth against the stupid tears that accompanied her dry mouth, sweaty palms and churning stomach.

“Do what?” he repeated.

“I don’t know how to tell you I love you, okay?” she blurted. “I don’t know how to tell you that I don’t ever want to leave the Split Rock. I don’t ever want to leave you.”


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