She angled forward, keeping her stance wide, excited, nervous, half afraid she wasn’t ready for this even as her body trembled and she craved it.

After he broke out the lube, he teased her back entrance until he deemed her ready. His hands roughly pulled apart her butt cheeks. The slick cockhead pushed against the pucker, then through the resistance.

She sucked in a sharp breath at the sting. She might not be a stranger to anal intercourse, but she’d never had a c**k as big as Abe’s filling her ass.

“That’s it. Relax. Let me in.” He nuzzled the back of her head. “So good, Janie. Just a little more. I’m dying for you to take me. All of me.”

He stopped. Waited for her body to adjust.

Her position stabilized them, which freed Abe’s hands. He tugged on the nipple stimulators while gently biting the sweep of her shoulder. Whispering how much he loved to feel her shuddering and moaning from his touch.

This verbal side of Abe was new. She liked it. Liked knowing how she affected him. Liked knowing she could tell him exactly what she wanted him to do to her. Even when he already seemed to know.

The man had monumental control. Each flex of his hips sent his c**k deep into her bowels, but he kept the pace slow and steady. Never losing his restraint in the retreat as his c**k rasped against her tight anal walls. Although she could feel his body shaking and the sweat covering his chest. While she existed in his pleasure and he in his power.

Abe stroked her clit until it swelled. Then he changed tactics and tapped the pillow of nerves. Tapped it to the precise throbbing of the blood in her swollen anal tissues. Tapped it as her entire body twitched, teetering on the brink of the unknown. Tapped it until that rhythm overtook all conscious thought processes.

The change in him was instantaneous when he realized she’d reached that blurry line. No more leisurely, measured thrusts. His c**k came completely out of her ass with every withdrawal. Every time he ruthlessly shoved back in, he pulled on her ni**les. Hard. The sting in her ass, her ni**les, sent her soaring into a blinding abyss where she wanted it all to stop as much as she never wanted it to end. “Wait.”

“No. You can take more.”


“Yes,” he hissed. He sank his teeth into the magic spot on the side of her neck and she bucked against him. But he held firm, forcing her to let go and feel every twinge of pain. Every sweet pulse of pleasure.

The throbbing synchronized, tightening her back channel around the thick intrusion. An electric current traveled from her neck, to her ni**les, to the blood-rich anal tissues and she came undone.

Her orgasm set off his and Abe groaned, the heat of his seed warming her inner walls.

She vaguely remembered him easing her down to the mattress. Tonguing her ni**les after removing the clamps. Soothing the sting of her ass with a cool cloth. Whispering to her. Caring for her.

Loving her.

After they’d both settled, Abe gathered her in his arms, keeping her pinned to his chest, as pleased with her total surrender to him, as she was that another barrier between them had fallen. A barrier she hadn’t known existed.

Chapter Twenty-two

Annoyed, Tierney snapped, “Come in,” at the ten billionth knock on her door. No wonder she had to burn the midnight oil at her cabin after Renner left. She never got anything accomplished here.

Janie burst in and slapped her hands on Tierney’s desk. “I’m confused on why you won’t hire Tobin Hale permanently. He’s local. He’s a hard worker. He’s got a damn master’s degree in reproductive science! All he wants is a chance. Are you so set on the bottom line, on some numbers on a spreadsheet that you don’t see Tobin is a great long-term investment?”

Coolly, Tierney said, “My understanding was Tobin applied for jobs at the Forest Service and the Wyoming Department of Natural Resources and his employment here was temporary.”

“He received notification from both organizations last week that those positions were filled in house, from current employees, so he’s still in the market for a job.”

She muttered, “More nepotism at work.”

“Which is why I have to ask if you have someone else in mind?”

Tierney blinked at Janie. “Have you been drinking? Because I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Renner and I discussed this three days ago. He promised he’d talk to you and get back to me. He hasn’t. He blows me off when I’ve asked.” Her eyes narrowed. “I assume this issue has come up in all the meetings you’ve been having lately?”

Shoot. They really had to quit using this office for a quickie. Or for a not so quickie, like yesterday when Renner kept her on the edge for almost an hour. Teasing her with his cunning mouth, then switching it up, using a super-charged vibrator on her until she begged. Only then did he pin her to the floor and f**k her without mercy, wringing two outstanding orgasms from her before he came so wildly he sank his teeth into her breast to keep from roaring like a beast.

Renner had confessed that last part afterward, while he was untying her jaunty little paisley scarf that he’d secured around her wrists. The man had certainly taken his responsibility to further her sexual education to heart.

“Tierney? Are you going to answer me?” Janie asked.

Damn. She couldn’t even remember the question.

“I’ll answer for you,” Renner drawled. He strolled in and sat on the corner of her desk. A desk the wicked man absolutely gloried in bending her over at every opportunity.


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