Sex on the brain much?

“Well?” Janie demanded, her shrewd gaze zipping between them.

“I haven’t talked to Tierney about hiring Tobin, so I do believe you owe her an apology for that ass chewing.”

“Sorry, Tierney,” Janie said offhandedly and got right in Renner’s face. “Why haven’t you addressed this with her?”

“I was getting around to it. I’ve had other things to deal with.”

“Things you might not have had to deal with if you’d hired Tobin like I asked.”

His spine straightened, a sign Tierney recognized as Janie striking a nerve. “I wanna know if your husband is aware of how hard you’re pushing to have this good-looking young stud working for us.”

Janie sputtered, “Renner Jackson, you are such an ass**le. Abe is no longer my husband and you know it.”

“Coulda fooled me with the way you’re mooning around here all the time. Humming, for God’s sake. You’re acting like Harper. A newlywed in lurve.”

“Omigod. I cannot believe you just said that to me.” She railed on him, calling him every name in the book while he taunted her with kissing noises.

With irritation, Tierney said, “Break it up or take it outside.”

Janie whirled around. “That’s turning the tables. You breaking up an argument between me and Renner, not vice versa.”

“Funny. But thank you, for bringing the Tobin situation to my attention. Renner and I will discuss it.”

“You busy right now?” Renner asked.

“Ah. No.”

“Good. Let’s do it.” He pushed off the edge of her desk, turning to face her, blocking Janie from view. He mouthed, “I want to f**k you.”

Her entire body quivered. How Tierney managed not to launch herself across the desk at him made his eyes dance with delight.

“I really appreciate you guys taking care of this,” Janie said.

“You’re welcome.” Renner didn’t even turn around when he said, “Shut the door on your way out.”

Tierney’s body trembled at the ravenous look in his eyes, but she forced herself to discuss business first. “Why didn’t you ask me about hiring Tobin?”

“I don’t want to talk about Tobin.”

The sneering way he said Tobin’s name almost sounded like jealousy. “I thought you liked him.”

“What’s not to like? He’s young, good looking, educated, single, born in a ranching family and he probably knows more about stock breeding than I do.”

“You afraid he won’t follow orders?”

“No, I’m afraid he’ll follow you around like a lovesick calf.”

She flattened her palms on the desk. “And because he’s . . . what? Single? Young? Educated? Good looking? A cowboy? You think I might encourage him to follow me around? You think I might be attracted to him?”

“He’d be attracted to you, Tierney. Why don’t you see that?”

It’d be counterproductive to point out that in her past, men like Tobin were never attracted to her, so she honestly hadn’t noticed. “You think I’m the type of woman to switch horses midstream?”

“That’s awful folksy comin’ from Miz Two Hundred College Degrees, who mocks me for the barnyard references I use.”

“Do you think now that I’ve rid myself of my virginity I’ll start searching for other men to conquer?”

“No,” he said crossly.

“Why don’t you want to hire him?”

The muscle in his jaw flexed. Conflicting emotions flitted through his eyes and she feared he’d pull that incommunicative cowboy bullshit. But he didn’t. “I want to hire him, okay? I just don’t want you to look at him. Ever. I want you lookin’ at me.”

You sweet, stupid man. That confession turned her into goo. “You’re the only man I’ve ever looked at like that. I’m with you. Only you. Even though no one else knows it, I know it, you know it, and that should be enough.”

“It is.” He gave her a wolfish grin. “But an old guy like me ain’t opposed to hearin’ that kinda sweet talk from his lady once in a while.”

Old guy. Right. He had five whole years on her. “Mmm. I suppose to keep our cover after we hire him . . . I could even flirt with Tobin sometimes.”

Renner snarled, “Don’t make me kill him before you cut his first paycheck.”

Tierney put her hands on his cheeks. “This jealous side of you is pretty hot.”

“I’ll show you hot. Step away from the desk and take off your panties.”

That command... God. When he turned all growly caveman on her? She instantly went wet and she didn’t argue. Reaching beneath her pleated skirt, she freed herself of the plain white cotton.

He’d moved to rest on his haunches underneath her desk. “Pull up your skirt and sit on the edge of the chair.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“I’m dead-ass serious, Tierney. Do it. Now.”

The fabric scraped her bare butt as she shifted her balance forward. “Dammit, Renner, we didn’t lock the door.”

“I know.” He bestowed a depraved grin. “No one will see me under here as long as you keep ’em by the door.”

“And what if someone walks in right as I’m about to—”

“Come? Well, sweetness, you’d better come with a straight face, hadn’t you?”


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