“Teasing me isn’t smart.”

“I’m not teasing. I’m serious.”

His eyes glittered with a look she’d never seen before. A look that made her nervous. And very very hot. “Prove it.”

“How?” As if she didn’t know.

“By doin’ anything I tell you to do. Without question.”

Could she?


“I’ll do it. But no pain.”

“You don’t get to decide that. I’d never beat on you or make you bleed, but if you haven’t experienced the bite of pain that comes from pleasure games, how can you know whether or not you’ll like them?”

“You’ll stop if I tell you to?”

Abe stared at her steadily. “You either trust me, or you don’t. Choose.”

Wow. He wasn’t giving an inch.

That was really forceful. Fierce. Sexy.

She said, “Okay,” so quietly she wondered if he’d heard her.

But he did. Abe didn’t pounce, but gave her a very thorough kiss before he moved to rummage in his dresser.

Would he come back with a paddle? Or something kinky she’d never seen before? She’d browsed in sex toy stores, but she’d mostly stayed in the vibrator section.

When Abe turned around, she couldn’t tell what was in his hands. He sat on the edge of the bed. “Stand.” As soon as she was in front of him, he said, “Close your eyes and keep them closed until I say otherwise.”

His mouth latched on to her right nipple and he suckled strongly. Used his teeth to tug the tip into a rigid point. She loved the way he just knew how far he could push her. One last hard suck and she felt a sharp pinch. Then he focused that same precise attention on her other nipple, and again she experienced a pinching sensation.

Abe kissed the top of each breast and murmured, “You can open your eyes.”

Janie glanced down and saw a small rubber tube attached to each of her ni**les. He pinched the ends. She gasped at the sensation—like two mouths.

“I knew these’d be perfect for you.” He pinched them again. “And no, I never used these on anyone else. I got these specifically for you in the hopes . . .”

“That I’d come around?”

“Oh, make no mistake, darlin’, I would’ve brought you around.”


“This is a part of who I am. You understand that, right?”

Maybe not completely, but if she wanted to be with him, she’d have to accept it. “Right. Where’d you get these? Because I’m pretty sure the C-Mart doesn’t carry them.”

He grinned. “Gotta love online shopping.”

“What else did you order to get the free shipping?”

“You’ll have to wait and see, won’t you.” Abe kissed every inch of her br**sts, but avoided the nipple area. By the time he said, “On the bed on all fours,” the inside of her thighs were completely soaked.

She expected he’d stretch his big, hot body over hers and f**k her from behind. But he slid beneath her until his c**k was in her face. “Suck me, Janie, while I suck on you.”

The first hot swipe of his tongue on her slit made her gasp. When she didn’t move because she was lost in the thrill of Abe’s mouth exploring the folds of her sex, he whacked her on the ass.

Janie took the tip of his c**k between her lips. No deep throating in this position. Sixty-nine hadn’t ever been her favorite. Too hard to concentrate on blowing his mind when he was blowing hers. Even another sharp whack on her ass didn’t help her focus. Especially not when Abe’s fingers spread her pu**y wide, exposing every wet inch to his sucking mouth and eager tongue. Then that wicked tongue snuck back and painted wet swirls around her anus before plunging deep into her channel again. She let Abe’s c**k slip out of her mouth completely and moaned from the bottom of her lungs.

He stopped playing tease and retreat with her back door and focused all attention on her clit. His tongue rapidly flicked the little nub while his mouth sucked the flesh around it. He kept at it until that moment when the muscles spasmed and she ground her pu**y into his face. “Oh, God, yes,” as she spiraled into that black hole of pleasure.

When the blood stopped roaring in her ears, she sighed. “Sorry. I’m better at giving blow jobs when I’m not distracted by a tongue on my clit.”

He chuckled.

Janie kissed the tip of his cock. “Your turn.”

“Nope. Now I’ve got something else in mind.” He rolled from beneath her and brought them on their knees, back to front on the middle of the bed.

She closed her eyes as he ran those wonderfully callused hands all over her skin. Knowing all the right spots. Hitting them repeatedly. Until she seemed to float outside her own body.

“I love that purring sound you make whenever I touch you like this. It’s always driven me crazy.” Abe played with her ni**les and nuzzled her in the maddeningly erotic manner that turned her brain to mush. “Know one thing I never asked you to try when we were married?”

“Sounds like there were lots of things you never asked me to try with you.”

He nipped her shoulder. “Part your knees.” A slick digit probed her anus. She relaxed the muscle, allowing his finger to breach the opening. “You’re not a virgin to anal sex?”

She shook her head. “I was curious so I’ve tried it.”

“Me too. I like it. A lot. And I don’t exactly like it slow and sweet.” He licked the shell of her ear. “Grab the headboard.”


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