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Taking her left hand, I guided her to my bed, lowering us both onto the edge. I stroked her naked ring finger, dreaming about the day I’d make her mine. I wanted to be the one to tuck her into bed each night, the first one to see her sleepy smile in the morning, the only man to listen to the gentle sounds of her breathing as she fell into a deep sleep. I wanted to be the only man to make love to her. And I told her all that and more, the words rushing out from me as I watched her eyes grow teary.

“Shhh, don’t cry. Just tell me you want all that, too.”

She nodded, her misty blue eyes looking happy despite the tears. Using my thumbs, I brushed the dampness from her cheeks.

“Will you marry me, angel?”

McKenna’s voice broke in a tiny whisper and she flung her arms around my neck, repeating the word yes again and again. Never had one little word sounded so good.

I felt like pumping my fist in the air, but settled for squeezing her tight in my arms and peppering her neck with kisses while she continued to sob quietly. Actually, I wasn’t sure if it was crying or laughing since her mouth was curled up in a pretty smile.

“Say something, baby. Is this too fast for you?”

She shook her head. “It’s perfect, Knox. I want to be with you always.” A crease pinched her brow.

“What is it?”

“I just…I don’t want a big wedding. With my parents gone…”

I understood completely. Big events and holidays were hard without a family around you to celebrate with. But I knew we would make new traditions as the years passed. “Whatever you want.”

“Maybe just the courthouse—with the boys there, too.”

“Whatever you want,” I promised again. “But you will wear a pretty dress for me, and we will celebrate.”

She nodded, her smile blossoming wider.

Knowing I couldn’t stave off my raw need for her any longer, I pressed her back against the mattress, bringing my mouth to hers in a searing kiss.

Removing her clothing piece by piece, I trailed my mouth down her body, licking and biting her succulent flesh. My teeth grazed her rib cage, earning me a tiny shriek as I moved lower, leaving damp, sucking kisses along her belly. McKenna squirmed, her hips undulating, and her chest rising and falling rapidly. Pushing her panties to the side, I swept my finger along her silken center, earning me a small whimper of pleasure. My own groan of satisfaction followed. I loved making her feel good. She didn’t even have to touch me. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. If I didn’t come soon I’d probably have a massive case of blue balls later.

“You want me to kiss this sweet pu**y?” I murmured, my lips just millimeters from her smooth core.

A helpless groan and her fist in my hair were apparently the only responses I was getting. I pressed an innocent kiss against her pu**y lips, before spreading her apart so I could run my tongue along the length of her. Her fist tightened in my hair, holding me right where she wanted me. With my mouth curling into a smile, my tongue found her clit and I licked her over and over, timing my tempo to the sounds of her moans. It was easy to read just what she liked.

When she was close, I pushed my index finger inside her, pressing against the spot deep inside on her front wall, and I felt her body contract as she started to come. Adding my middle finger, I continued f**king her with my hand while my mouth latched onto a nipple. “You like when I kiss your sexy tits, huh, baby?” She rode my fingers, pumping her hips as her eyes locked onto mine.

The force of McKenna’s orgasm caused her to clench around my fingers and cry out in bliss. Fuck, I needed to think about soundproofing my bedroom. I loved how hard I could make her come, though. Watching her cheeks and neck color with blush as the blood rushed to the surface of her skin was a huge turn-on. I loved the effect I had on her.

Stripping myself of my clothes in three seconds flat, I gripped my eager cock, stroking it slowly and moved alongside her. “I need to be inside you so bad.”

“Yes…” she said and groaned.

Her pu**y was still hypersensitive from her orgasm, and not to mention incredibly tight as I tried to penetrate her. “Relax for me, baby,” I reminded her. McKenna drew a deep breath and worked at relaxing her muscles, allowing me to slip inside several more inches. She felt like a hot molten fist squeezing me. It was a testament to my control that I didn’t immediately come.

Tensing my muscles and clenching my ass, I pumped into her hard and fast. The next time I would go slow, but I needed to spill myself inside her. I couldn’t explain it, not even to myself. But I needed to give in to this raw, primal connection we had to show myself it was more than sex. I loved her and I knew she felt it, regardless of whether the sex was sweet and slow or hard and fast.

I met her eyes and kissed her again, unwilling to break our connection in any way. With her blue eyes on mine, her tongue lightly stroking my bottom lip, and my c**k buried deep inside her, I found the meaning and connection I’d been looking for all along. Sex with the woman I loved was better than I ever could have imagined.

Forcing myself to slow, if only to draw out her pleasure and mine, I felt her begin to contract around me again. I dragged my c**k in and out slowly, grinding my groin against hers to put pressure directly on her clit. Her tight little pu**y clamped down hard around me as she climaxed. Fuck it. I was going to come.

My own release hit me like a punch to the gut and I cried out her name, burying my face against her neck as I spilled myself inside her.

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