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Without a word, Knox gathered me in his arms, tugging me to his chest and lifting my feet from the floor. I buried my nose in the crook between his neck and his shoulder and inhaled the scent I’d missed so much. “God, it feels good to hold you, to have you back,” he said.

“You have me. And I’m planning on staying if you still want me here.”

He pulled back to meet my eyes, still holding me so my feet didn’t reach the floor. “For good?”

I nodded, a big dopey grin overtaking my mouth.

“I don’t know how I could possibly deserve you, but I love you, McKenna.”

“I love you,” I returned, “and your entire rowdy family.” We could hear the boys arguing over how to divide up the food in the other room.

He grinned down at me and kissed my forehead. “Should we go tell the boys?”

I nodded.

Back inside the dining room, I saw that the entire plate of sandwiches was gone except for stray pieces of crust, and only about an inch of soup remained in the pot. I guess I’d underestimated the appetites of three growing boys. I’d have to remember that next time I made them dinner.

“Guys, I have some news.” Knox’s hand found mine and he linked our fingers together, tugging me closer. “I asked McKenna to live with us and she said yes.”

Luke’s face immediately broke into a wide grin and all three of them looked surprised, but happy. I wondered if they’d ask deeper questions, like what this meant for the relationship between Knox and me, or logistical ones, like how we would divvy up bathroom time and share household chores. But the room remained completely silent and still.

Until Tucker passed gas.


Okay, so apparently they’re comfortable around me.

Everyone broke into fits of laughter, me included.

“I think you should consider yourself christened. Welcome to the family,” Jaxon said.

“Rule numero uno, no farting at the dinner table, dude.” Luke frowned at Tucker, who in turn stuck out his tongue.

“On that note, should we go upstairs?” Knox asked.

I nodded, not wanting to stick around and experience the smell that had already caused Jaxon and Luke to run for cover while Tucker laughed hysterically.

“I will feed you, but first I just need to be alone with you,” Knox whispered near my ear as we started up the stairs.

I wondered what he had in mind for this alone time.

“What do you want for dinner?” he asked, once we were all alone in his bedroom. Our bedroom. I wondered if c**k would be the wrong answer. My recovering sex-addict boyfriend was turning me into a raging sex addict. And I liked it.

“I’m not really hungry for food just yet.” I met his deep brown gaze and bit my lower lip. I had no idea if my sexy stare was appealing, but the low growl that rumbled in his chest and the way he stalked toward me caused my stomach to coil into a tight knot. I wanted him. I wanted everything—our future—all the pleasure he could give me, and I couldn’t wait another second.


I had a new addiction: loving McKenna. The fact that she was here at all, let alone telling me that she still wanted to be with me was amazing, and that she was moving in…well, she continually blew my mind with her willingness to forgive. She inspired me in so many ways. There would be no going back to that lost and broken man I was before her. I believed what she said was true. We were brought into each other’s lives at just the right moment.

McKenna secured her hands around the back of my neck, her fingers curling into my hair. I lowered my mouth to kiss her sweet lips, but held part of myself back. Sex wasn’t the right way to show her how I felt about her, but in that moment, I didn’t think she cared. She rubbed herself wantonly against my groin, causing my dick to harden, which wasn’t abnormal around her. My c**k had been in a semierect state since the day I met her. She’d become my everything. There was no turning back now.

I’d lived without the gentle, loving touch of a woman for so long, though, that I wasn’t about to stop McKenna. Her fingers continued toying with my hair while our mouths moved together.

I’d loved my mother so much. I wasn’t afraid to admit it. I was a momma’s boy growing up. Losing her took a piece of me that I wouldn’t get back, a piece that no woman could ever replace, no matter how hard I’d tried. And trust me, I’d tried. I fell into bed with girl after girl, looking for some kind of connection. But since my hardened heart believed that love only ended in pain, I never got my happy ending. It was something I thought I’d live without. Until I met McKenna. I had to love and forgive myself before I could open myself up to another. Opening my zipper wasn’t enough. I knew McKenna would give me some line about how it was normal, how sex addicts substituted sexual experiences for emotional intimacy, but it all finally clicked.

“Knox…” She breathed out my name, then inhaled against my neck. A jolt of desire shot straight to my groin, hardening me the rest of the way.

“Yeah, angel?”

Her hands found the tense bulge below my belt and she gave him a gentle squeeze. “Don’t make me beg.”

Christ, how could I say no to that? Big blue eyes met mine, urging me on, making me want to give her whatever she asked for.

“I need to say a few things first.” I fought to control my pounding heartbeat that I could feel pulsing in my cock. Damn.

McKenna waited, blinking up at me silently. God, she was beautiful. I didn’t think I’d ever get used to her natural beauty—to her blue eyes that showed her every thought and emotion, to the soft curves that swayed when she walked, to her too-big heart that caused her to take care of everything and everyone in her path.

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