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McKenna’s phone chimed from the bedside table and she reached for it, checking her text messages. The sheet dropped away from her chest, and though we’d already gone twice, my body didn’t fail to notice her luscious curves.

“Who is it?” I asked, trailing a hand along the curve of her spine.

“Brian.” She grinned.

“I just gave you three orgasms and you’re smiling about a text from Brian?”

She frowned and slugged me on the shoulder. “Hush. You and I both know there’s not a thing wrong with your ego.”

She had me there. I knew how to make my girl insane with desire.

“Amanda said yes,” she continued. “She’s moving in with him.”

“Wow. Those two? Really?”

She nodded. “They hit it off. And I guess when you know, you know.”

“Believe me, I know.” I smirked and gave her butt a playful swat. We’d had a bumpy ride, but I knew that would only make us appreciate the good times more. And something told me there were lots of good times in store for us.

McKenna was my addiction.

But somehow I knew that was an addiction she’d approve of. All-consuming need coursed through me and I hauled her over top of me.

“Again?” she asked, her voice rising in surprise to see I was already hard for her again.

“Never question my cock’s stamina when it comes to you, angel.” I nudged at her wet opening and a soft, whispery whine was her only response. “Not too sore, are you?”

“Not yet.”

I sank inside her slowly, knowing she was all I’d ever need.



Two years later

“See you tonight, buddy.” I kissed Tucker on the cheek and then watched him board the big yellow school bus waiting at the curb. I stood there for a moment too long, watching him pull away and enjoying the feel of the sun sinking into my pores.

It had been a long winter, made longer by the fact that Jaxon had been in jail for dealing drugs for the past several months. He’d been released last week and had spent the time at home with us, rediscovering himself and preparing for a new life—one away from drugs and gambling and girls. He would spend the summer at a rehabilitation ranch, working and learning to live as a better man.

Knox had been quiet and withdrawn when Jaxon had left. It had taken me some time to get through to him, to get him to see that we were all responsible for our own choices, and that Jaxon was going to make things right. I also had to remind him that we had a lot to be thankful for, the least of which were Luke’s achievements at college. He was doing phenomenally well. That seemed to soothe Knox. But I knew it wasn’t easy for him being the head of this household. He loved without regard, worried from time to time, and was fiercely protective. It was just one more thing to love about him.

I headed back inside, giddy at the thought that Knox and I were both off work today while Tucker was at school. One thing I never counted on since moving in two years ago was the lack of true alone time. I could count on one hand the number of times when Knox and I had the house all to ourselves.

I found him in the kitchen, sipping orange juice straight from the carton. I shook my head and made a tsking sound. Try as I might, there were just some habits I’d never break these boys of.

“Hey, Mama,” Knox said, stuffing the carton back into the fridge as if I hadn’t just witnessed his violation of it.

I giggled at the nickname. Tucker had started calling me Mama Kenna shortly after I moved in and Knox, who thought it was adorable, often used the nickname too, since he knew it always brought a smile to my lips.

“Did you get that boy off to school?” He leaned back against the counter, letting me take in my fill of his naked torso.

Momentarily distracted by the ridiculous six-pack staring back at me, it took me a moment to answer. “Uh-huh,” I managed.

Knox grinned at my reaction. “Over two years later and I still get her weak in the knees.”

“Do not!” I couldn’t let him know how easily he got me worked up. I didn’t want that knowledge going to his head. He already knew he was a complete sex god with command over my body, heart, and soul. Jeez, a girl needed to keep a few secrets.

He pushed off the counter and stalked closer. “What do you want to do today?” His gaze wandered down my body while his fingertips grazed my hip bone. A zing of electricity darted through my center.

Damn it. There was no denying I wanted him. I shrugged, trying to play it cool. “I don’t know. I was thinking of going to the mall, getting some summer shopping done for me and Tucker. He won’t fit into any of his shorts or T-shirts from last year…”

Knox’s gaze locked on mine and his fingers tightened as they curled around my hip. “You have exactly three seconds flat to get this fine little ass up those stairs and undressed,” he growled. “One…”

I swallowed heavily and met his intense gaze, loving this dangerous game I was playing with him.


I darted around him, but not before I felt the sting of his palm connect with my butt, and jogged for the stairs.


McKenna was breathless and fighting to push her jeans down her thighs when I entered our room. I struggled to keep the smile off my face as I watched her. My angel liked being told what to do in the bedroom; she loved it when I took charge. Which was good because I loved it, too.

Once she was stripped down to just a pair of blue cotton panties, McKenna stood in front of me. Her jog up the stairs had winded her, and her tits were rising and falling deliciously with each breath she drew. I approached and carefully circled one sensitive nipple with the pad of my index finger, rubbing the soft pink center until it pebbled under my touch.

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