Audrey gave a sharp cry and a burst of wetness hit his tongue. Ah fuck, that was hot. Suddenly, he wanted to sink inside her and feel her clenching all around him. He sat up in a rush and grabbed another condom from his stash, tearing open the packet and shoving it on as quick as he could. He wanted her to keep coming, to feel that hot, tight pussy clasping him as her entire body trembled.

When he had the condom on, he turned back to her and noticed that her legs were back on the blanket, her breasts heaving with her gasps of air.

“Naughty Audrey,” he murmured, moving back to her and thrusting her legs into the air again. “Who told you I was done?” He bent to continue licking at her, wanting to drive her into that fever pitch once more.

She made a choked sound, and then she was moaning all over again. “Oh, fuck, Reese . . . oh, God. Oh, God! I can’t take it!”

He bet she could, though. So he continued to work her sensitive clit with his tongue, and when her moans became keening again, he slid a finger deep inside her and felt her pussy quivering all around him.

Ah, perfect. He sat up on his knees, put his hands on her calves and guided them to his shoulders, and then leaned in, burying his cock inside her.

Audrey gasped, her entire body jerking. He felt her clenching around him, the ripples continuous. It was like she was coming over and over again, and it felt incredible. He thrust hard into her, rolling her forward with the force of his hips.

She cried out as he sank deep and began to pump, her breasts quivering and swaying with every rough thrust deep inside of her. She was like a tight glove around his cock that kept clenching and getting tighter, and fuck all if he wasn’t going to last very long. He continued to pump into her, determined to make this last until he wrung a few more of those keening cries out of her.

“You coming, Audrey?” he gritted, though he knew the answer.

Her soft moan seemed to shoot directly to his balls, her eyes closed, head thrown back with pleasure. “Can’t. Stop. Coming. Reese. Oh, God, Reese.”

“Good girl,” he told her, thrusting hard and sinking deeper with every movement. Ah fuck, she was so good to sink into, those soft thighs bouncing against him, her big breasts moving with the force of his thrusts. “Tell me you want me to come, Audrey.”

She whimpered, her head thrashing on the blanket, nearly insensible.

“Tell me . . . you want me . . . to come . . . Audrey,” he gritted out, punctuating each pause with a rough thrust.

“Oh, fuck,” she panted, and then her lips parted and a wordless keening escaped her again. He felt the ripples in her pussy clenching around him anew. “Reese!” she finally panted, her words breathless. “Come. Please.”

That need in her voice broke his control, made his orgasm explode to the forefront. His cock surged and then he was coming with a groan, his own body losing control. He stroked into her again, once, twice, letting the aftershocks of pleasure ride through him.

And then he released her and rolled to the side, flipping to his back and trying to catch his breath.

They both panted in the silence, neither one saying a thing for a long time. Reese stared up at the tree branches overhead, pleased with himself. Sex was normally his favorite hobby, but Audrey seemed to enjoy taking it to new heights. He decided there was an intense pleasure in being conquered and then turning right back around and conquering her. Their familiar push-pull relationship continued in the bedroom as well.

Strange how much he enjoyed that.

With an idle hand, he tugged the condom off and tossed it back into the plastic bag, then rolled over to pull her against him. Her body was damp with a fine sheen of sweat, but she was curvy and warm and delicious to touch, so he pulled her close.

A small whimper escaped her. “No more. My vagina surrenders.”

Reese chuckled and pressed a kiss to her shoulder. “It needs to build up some stamina, I think.”

“It had stamina,” she protested. “You destroyed it.” She snuggled down against him, hugging the arm he wrapped around her waist. “Oh, my God. I don’t think I’ve ever come so much in my life.”

“Yeah,” he mused, unable to resist teasing her. “I’m pretty good at that sort of thing.”

Audrey’s disgusted little snort made him laugh. He pressed another kiss to her shoulder and couldn’t resist reaching out to idly play with one of her breasts. “Admit it. I was the best you ever had.”

“I will admit no such thing,” she told him in a pleased, sleepy voice, but she gave another soft sound of pleasure when he tweaked her nipple again.

That was okay. He was pretty sure he knew the answer anyhow. Reese grinned.

Chapter Eight

“Are you going to sleep all day?” Daphne prodded her shoulder.

Audrey rolled over in bed and pulled the pillow over her face, snuggling down into the blankets. “Yes,” she murmured sleepily. “Go away.”

“Get up,” Daphne told her again. “I need breakfast.”

“Cook your own damn breakfast,” Audrey retorted, hiding her face in the pillows.

“Nope,” Daphne said, a bit too cheerful. “You’re supposed to be taking care of me, remember?”

Audrey groaned and rolled over, staring at her twin. She frowned up at her, a smile cracking her face when Daphne wiggled her eyebrows. For a moment, she seemed just like Audrey’s old twin again—mischievous and demanding—and her heart melted. “Fine, I’m getting up. But just for you.”

“Perfect,” Daphne said with a grin.

Audrey rolled out of bed and was unable to resist a groan as her muscles protested. She felt sore on several levels, her breasts sensitive, her inner thighs sensitive . . . among other things. Stretching to shake out some of the kinks, she yawned and glanced back at Daphne.

Her twin hadn’t moved from the bed. Her head was tilted to one side, and she watched Audrey with narrow, suspicious eyes.

“What?” Audrey asked defensively.

“Why are you walking so stiff?” Daphne’s eyes widened. “Did you nail hot tub Romeo?”

“Oh, my God, shut up, Daphne.” She rushed back to her twin’s side and clamped a hand over her mouth. “Do you have to be so loud?”

Daphne wrestled out from behind Audrey’s hand and shook out her messy hair. “I’m serious,” she hissed. “Did you nail him? Last night? You little slut you!”

Audrey felt her face turning bright red. “Just be quiet, Daph. And don’t say a word to anyone.”

“Who would I tell? Cade?” She snorted. “What happened to your crush on him?”

Audrey shrugged, feeling a little guilty—but not a lot. She felt too good at the moment. “You told me that I could use a man, remember? Use him for my own needs and then not worry about it? Reese is the perfect no-strings attached playmate. We both know it’s not going anywhere, so why not have a little fun while we’re together?”

Daphne shook her head. “Well, yeah, but why do you listen to me? I’m the twin with bad judgment, remember? Why would anyone take my advice? You can’t sleep with one man and be crushing on the other while under the same roof. That’s not cool.”

Audrey’s jaw dropped. “You told me yesterday that I should go for it. What’s with the turnabout?”

Daphne shrugged. “I just don’t want Cade to get hurt in this, that’s all.”

“Yeah, well, what about your twin? Don’t my feelings count more than his?”

Daphne just gave her an exasperated look.

Audrey said nothing. If she wanted to be honest, she could have told her twin that she hadn’t given much thought to Cade lately at all. She’d been too distracted with constant thoughts of Reese. Reese and his playful smiles, his playboy attitude, the way he loved to get under her skin and make her explode . . . and then the way he’d make her get all fired up just so he could reap the benefits. Her lips twitched with amusement at that. He seemed to be the only person who liked seeing her naughty half come to the surface. Most everyone would rather have competent, ultra-composed Audrey.

It was nice to not have to be so perfect sometimes.

“Let’s just go eat breakfast, all right?” Audrey slid back off the bed and headed to the closet to get dressed.

The sisters dressed and headed down the stairs. Audrey had expected to see Reese in the kitchen, or hovering in the area, but he was nowhere to be found. There was a note on the fridge and Daphne grabbed it, reading it. “Gone to town to find a fax machine. Back soon. Cade.” She shrugged and glanced at the empty stove top. “No oatmeal today, huh? Guess he got tired of cooking for us. Or maybe you wore him out.” She gave Audrey a sly look.

Audrey ignored it and headed for the cabinet, pulling out a box of cereal. “Here. Breakfast is served.”

“Wow, nice to see the gourmet is in the house,” Daphne said sarcastically, but she took the box and headed to the table while Audrey got bowls.

They ate in companionable silence, Daphne smoking her first cigarette of the day and Audrey stifling yawns behind her hand. Despite her tiredness, she felt good. Really good. Incredibly good. So good that she was pretty sure it’d be obvious to anyone who saw her.

She and Reese had made love for hours in the woods last night. After that first mind-blowing round, he’d turned the tables on her and had licked and teased her until she seemed to be in a constant state of orgasm. She’d never experienced anything quite like that before, and by the end of it, she’d been totally wrung out. Reese, however, had quite a bit more stamina than her, and after a few rounds of cuddling, he’d rolled her onto her back and then made long, slow, languid love to her. And then he’d done so again a few hours later. And just before dawn, when they were about to head back to the lodge to crawl into bed, he’d pushed her back down on the blankets and given her a rough and dirty fucking that had left her breathless.

She’d been staggering with exhaustion by the time they made it back to the lodge, but sated. And she’d fallen into bed and slept for hours.

And she couldn’t stop thinking about it.

As if on cue, Reese descended down the stairs, scratching his bare chest. He yawned, wearing a pair of Cade’s sleep pants that were about three inches too short for him, and headed for the twins in the kitchen area, grinning. “Ladies. How are we this morning?” He snagged the box from between them and headed to one of the cabinets to get a bowl.

“Well,” Daphne said brightly, examining her cigarette. “One of us is fine, and one of us is walking bowlegged. I’ll let you determine which one is which.”

He paused, then glanced over at Audrey, who shot her sister a mortified look.

“I see someone’s feeling better,” Reese said.

“Yeah, she’s back in fighting form all right,” Audrey said, grateful for the distraction.

“Good thing. I like my women a little fiery,” Reese said, and when she glared at him, he winked. Oh, they were going to be like that this morning, were they?

“I thought you liked them breathing,” Audrey said in her best prim voice.

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