“Actually, I prefer it when they can hold their breath,” Reese said, returning to the table with a bowl. He dumped a ton of cereal into it and then reached for the milk when Daphne handed it his way. “Or humming. I like it when they hum. You know any good songs, Audrey?”

She nearly choked on her mouthful of cereal and gave him a heated look.

“No? Just a one note kind of girl?”

Damn it, now she was going to blush. She thought of the woodpile and the way she’d hummed a long, single note while she’d had him in her mouth. Clearly he was thinking of that, too.

“Okay, I’m officially out of this weird ass conversation,” Daphne said with a glance at Audrey. “You two carry on. I’m going to call Cade and tell him to bring some more cigarettes.”

“You do that,” Audrey said quietly. As soon as Daphne left the dining area, Audrey scooped a bit of cereal onto her spoon and launched it at Reese. “Oh, my God, could you be more obvious?”

“Me?” He laughed, batting away the bits of cereal with a grin, clearly enjoying himself. “You’re the one walking all bowlegged.”

“That’s because someone was a little too enthusiastic last night!”

His face sobered. “Seriously. Are you okay? You’re not hurting, are you?”

She rolled her eyes at him. “Will you be quiet? I’m fine. My muscles are just . . . sore.”

Reese gave her an interested look. “You sure do blush easily, too. You know when you blush, it goes all the way to your nipples?”

Oh, God, she could feel that blushing even now. “You’re going to kill me before this day is out, aren’t you?”

“I might. Does this mean if you get angry enough, we might have to meet by the woodpile again?” His voice took on a husky note.

That butterfly fluttered low in her belly again, warmth flooding through her body, and Audrey found herself imagining meeting him there again, tearing at each other with abandon. “Maybe,” she hedged. Though who was she kidding? All he had to do was crook his finger and she’d practically jump on him, eager for a second round.

Of course, she was pretty sure it was mutual, given the looks he was shooting her way. A peculiar sense of pleasure slid through her. To think that she, Audrey Petty, the boring twin, had one of the world’s most famous playboys ready to jump her at the mere sign that she was interested.

She had to admit, it was good for the ego.

There was a knock at the front door.

“Someone want to get that?” Daphne called from the living room. “I’m kind of hiding out here, remember?”

Audrey and Reese exchanged glances, and Audrey got up from the table, curious. Their cabin was in a remote location in the midst of nothing but the woods. This was private property. Who could possibly be coming out to visit?

She glanced at her twin, who was retreating to the kitchen, and then opened the door.

Camilla strolled in, tossing her long blonde hair over one shoulder. She wore an adorable fur-lined white winter coat, matched with a miniskirt and stockings over a pair of sky-high designer leather boots. Her makeup was perfect and her outfit sexy, and she looked right past Audrey as if she wasn’t there. Her eyes scanned the room for Reese, her face lighting up at the sight of him in his pajamas. “Darling! You’re still here after all.”

Audrey’s stomach clenched and she stood in the doorway like a statue as the beautiful heiress moved to Reese’s side. She was tall and slender and her appearance was perfect in contrast to Audrey, who wore a pair of ratty pajamas, had her hair twisted into a messy bun, and not a shred of makeup. Oh, and she was walking bowlegged, unlike Camilla’s perfect glide across the cabin floor.

And she watched through narrowed eyes as Camilla moved to Reese and wrapped her arm around his neck, leaning in and giving him a kiss on the mouth. She half-expected him to push her away, or maybe look over at Audrey and give her an apologetic look.

But he didn’t. He simply accepted Camilla’s peck.

Anger flared through Audrey. Well, wasn’t this lovely. No sooner did she sleep with the man than he forgot that she ever existed. She’d guessed as much, but it still stung her ego, just a bit.


Ah, fuck. Camilla had the shittiest timing ever. Reese wanted to put his hands around that slender throat and wring her pretty neck. Of course, Camilla had no idea why he was irritated, seeing as how she’d traipsed back to the cabin after abandoning him for days without a second thought.

Audrey, on the other hand, had stiffened up, her back going plank-straight and her entire body rigid. Gone was that soft teasing playfulness from this morning and the bright blushes. Instead, she was staring at him with something akin to loathing. That bothered him.

“Did you miss me?” Camilla asked, draping her lithe form all over him and kissing him repeatedly, as if they didn’t have an audience. “I wasn’t sure if you’d still be here, but when I heard you weren’t at work, I decided to come out and see for myself.” She gave him a pretty pout. “I figured it was either that or you were avoiding me.”

He detangled her clinging arms from his shoulders, finding himself a bit annoyed at her coy actions. “How can I be avoiding you, sweetheart, when I’m right where you left me? Without clothes, I might add?”

She gave a lighthearted giggle and clung to his arm. “But you look so sexy without clothes, Reese baby.”

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Audrey roll her eyes and make a disgusted face, heading into the kitchen.

“That’s nice,” he told Camilla in a dismissive voice, pulling her clinging hands away from him. “I probably need to head back into the city at some point anyhow.” Especially since the main reason why he’d stayed here had disappeared into the kitchen, no doubt to stick pins in a Reese-shaped voodoo doll of some kind.

“Don’t bother,” Camilla said, unzipping her coat. “I talked to Daddy for you about the cruise line. He says we can do whatever I want, as long as it makes me happy.” She gave him a flirty smile. “I’m in charge of whether or not things fly.”

That was exactly what Reese had been hoping for when he’d begun to court Camilla’s attention. He knew her father was looking for a project to put the young heiress on to keep her busy and to test her business acumen. He also knew that Camilla liked nothing more than going on vacation and spending money. This was perfect for his plans.

But for some reason, he found himself annoyed with her and her timing. He wanted to go to Audrey and explain why he couldn’t push Camilla away, and why he had to keep her focused attention on himself when all he really wanted to do was drag Audrey against him and kiss her again.

But his company needed the cash influx that Camilla’s business could bring in, along with the prestige. Camilla herself was a media figure, and if she started to push the cruise line to all her celebrity friends, word would get around and their luxury cruises would soon be the premier vacation for the rich and famous, and those wanting to vacation with the rich and famous.

She just had shit timing was all.

So he clasped her hands and forced himself to put on his best flirty smile. “I’m staying here with friends this week, Camilla. Cade’s here and he’s the owner of the cabin, so we’re going to have to share space. And I’m afraid all the rooms are taken.”

“Oh, that’s okay.” She looked unconcerned. “I’ll just stay in yours. You want to go get my suitcase out of the car?”

Daphne’s eyebrows went to her forehead and she gave Reese a disgusted look that reminded him so much of Audrey that he did a double take. Of course it did; they were twins despite Daphne’s wasted appearance.

Camilla noticed at that moment the new person who now stood in the doorway of the kitchen. Her jaw dropped. “Daphne Petty?”

Daphne gave a wan smile. “Hi.”

“Oh, my God!” Camilla’s hands flailed with excitement and she did a little hop, which was not an easy feat in her stiletto boots. “I am your biggest fan, for real! I love you!”

“Thank you,” Daphne said, giving her sister a ‘Help Me’ look.

“What are you doing here in the woods?” Camilla’s eyes widened. “Oh, my gosh, are you writing your next album? I could totally help you with that! I’m really great with lyrics.”

“Super,” Daphne said, keeping that cheerful smile on her face through great effort. She looked over at the others in the room for help. “Reese?”

“Just a minute,” he told her. “I need to check on something. Why don’t you wait here in the kitchen with Daphne, Camilla?” He turned and gave Daphne his most brilliant smile.

Like a charm, Camilla turned and squealed with delight, clapping her hands. “I am just your biggest fan,” she gushed, sounding like a schoolgirl. “You have no idea. I had front-row tickets when you were in Prague for the White Lightning concert tour, and—”

While Daphne shot him dirty looks, he slipped into the kitchen.

Audrey was still in the living room, straightening magazines and books on the coffee table and dusting with a small, checkered rag. The place was spotless, but she continued to go over the furniture as if cleaning would somehow ease the turmoil in her mind.

“Audrey, we need to talk,” Reese began.

She gave him a scathing look. “What’s there to talk about?”

“You and me. Camilla.”

“You and me and Camilla are not an issue,” she told him in a stiff voice. “You and I had no sort of agreement together, remember? It was just flirtation, nothing more. I just happened to forget that you flirt with everything that has tits.”

He sighed. “Look. I don’t want Camilla here, either, but I can’t send her away. She’s a big part of a crucial deal that I need for a potential business venture to succeed.”

The look on her face turned even more wintry. “So you mean to tell me that you don’t like the fact that a beautiful, wealthy socialite is draping herself all over you? Because I saw your face and it didn’t exactly seem like much of a hardship, if you ask me.”


“No, that’s fine, Reese, honestly. My feelings are not hurt.” She gave him a wide-eyed look that seemed calm despite the heated flush rising on her cheeks. “You and I had a bit of a fling in the woods. It’s not a big deal. No one suggested any sort of commitment, least of all me. Remember, I’m in love with Cade. Seeing Camilla here just made me realize that I’ve been pursuing the wrong sort of thing with you here, but I’m glad that my head’s on straight now.” She gave him a little smile. “Last night was fun, though. I suppose I should say thank you.”

Jesus. She made it sound like they’d had a tea party instead of blisteringly hot sex. “So is that all you’re going to say to me?”

“What would you like for me to say, Reese? That I’m hurt and furious at you? The only reason we got involved was because you blackmailed me over my crush on Cade. I’ll just focus on him now.”

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