She moaned at his touch, raising a finger to her mouth and then biting down on it, as if she didn’t want to interrupt his exploration.

“You have an amazing figure, Audrey.” His finger stroked the wet seam of her pussy, appreciating the feel of her. He knew she wanted him to slide deeper, to seek out her clit and begin to arouse her again, but Reese was a fan of the tease as well as sex, and he knew the small brush of his finger over that enticing seam would drive her wild. So he repeated the motion, over and over, watching her face as the little shudders of pleasure and anticipation began to rip through her. “Do you like it when I look at you? Touch you?”

Still biting down on that knuckle, she nodded, her eyes wide and soft with need.

“Is it okay if I play with you a little?”

Again, she nodded, and he felt her nudge her thighs apart a little, as if coaxing his hand to touch her in the places she ached.

But he didn’t. Instead, he let his hand trail down her soft—so soft—plump thigh, then her knee, and then down her calf. She was pale all over, though there were more freckles on her legs, which he found adorable. Every moment that he looked at her, he seemed to find something new and enjoyable to focus on. Lovely. Just lovely. He could stare at her all night and never get enough.

But he wanted to play with her, too. So he took her hand and helped her sit up, and they pulled the last of her clothing off her and tossed it aside. Now she was as naked as he was. When she lay back down on the blanket, he settled back down next to her, on his side, and continued to leisurely trace his hand over her body. His hands were drawn back to her breasts. He was definitely a breast man, and hers were lovely. He reached out and cupped one again, plumping it in his hand. The nipple poked upright, the tip of it hard and practically begging for his tongue. Such a sweet little bud. He leaned over and licked it, gauging Audrey’s response, and was gratified when she sucked in a sharp breath. He rolled the nipple against his lips, then tongued it again. When she made no response, he began to gently suck on the tip, teasing it with his teeth and then alternately flicking it again.

She whimpered, and he glanced up to see that knuckle back in her mouth, as if she was trying to bite back her responses. That wouldn’t do at all. He wanted his firecracker to be noisy, to gratify him with her moans and to shake the woods with her response. So he reached up and pulled that hand away from her mouth, kissing the bite marks on her skin. “Why are you determined to be quiet?”

“What if someone hears us?”

“No one will,” he said. “You’re not going to make me bring rope next time, are you? To tie your hands?”

Her eyes simmered with that. “Fat chance.” But she let her hands fall to her sides, her gaze on him. “Better?”

“Much.” And he leaned down and bit that tiny nipple again, his fingers kneading the plump weight of her breast. She moaned a little, but it was enough to prompt him to keep going. He continued to suck and tease at the nipple in his mouth, and his hand moved to her other breast. His fingers teased and coaxed the other nipple, and that brought a response from her.

She cried out, her back arching, and then her fingers were in his hair, holding his head against her as he teased. “Please, Reese.”

“Please what?” he asked, brushing his lips over one tight nipple. He was fascinated by her pretty breasts. “I could spend all day nibbling on these. Don’t you want me to?”

A low groan of need escaped her and she clung to him. “I think you just like torturing me.”

“Oh, undoubtedly,” he said, and licked the stiff point just as his thumb swiped over the other, teasing it. “You’re a pleasure to touch, I have to admit. Soft and lush and gorgeous.”

The fingers in his hair stroked and kneaded, caressing him as he continued to tongue her nipple. But he was enjoying her reactions. He wanted more of them. So his other hand slid down her ribcage and stroked over her belly, enjoying the way her hips rose in response to him. Audrey might be cool to him in a conversation, but she loved his touch.

His hand continued down her rounded stomach, then slid down to her pussy once more. He rested his hand there, enjoying the small whimpers that escaped her and the way her hands tightened in his hair, as if unconsciously encouraging him. He ignored it though, continuing to lick and tease that delicious little peak against his lips, and his hand remained in place at her pussy, feeling the warmth and wetness of her against him.

When he didn’t make a move forward, she arched against his palm, her breath quickening. “Reese.”

“What do you want, Audrey?” He breathed the words on her nipple and then blew on the wet tip, appreciating the shiver that rippled through her. “Do you want to tell me?”

“I hate you,” she moaned, her fingers tightening in his hair until she was practically pulling it. “You want me to beg you, don’t you?”

“Mmm, I do love a fine round of begging,” he admitted, then nipped her breast to get her to moan again. “And I admit that I’d love to hear you begging me. Do you want me to slide my fingers through your pussy and find your clit?”

Her sharp intake of breath was gratifying. “Oh, yes. Do that.”

“Why don’t you tell me to?” His hand pressed down, ever so slightly, on her pussy.

She whimpered again and raised her hips, grinding against his hand. “Fuck you.”

“I think I’ll have you beg for that, too,” he said musingly.

She groaned in frustration. Her hands pushed at his head, trying to get him to travel down his body, but he resisted. “Ugh. You suck.”

“Another thing you’ll have to beg for,” he told her in a coaxing voice. “Though I’m told I suck amazingly.” And he licked the nipple and grinned up at her.

To his delight, Audrey squirmed in his arms—squirmed—and moaned. “You . . . you . . . tease.”

“Mmm,” he said, and nuzzled the nipple again.

“Please,” she exploded. “Please give me more.”

“More what?”

“Your mouth,” she breathed. “I need it.”

“Mmm. Need it where?” He flicked the nipple with his tongue in a leisurely fashion. “I’m afraid I lack specifics.”

“My pussy,” she said in a low voice, her teeth gritted as if the words were being ripped from her throat.

Ah, his sweet little control freak. Reese chuckled and moved his fingers against her pussy. “You don’t want me to start with my hands? Impatient, aren’t we?”

“Hands are good, too,” she panted.

“You want to ask me for my hands?”


“Shame,” he said, enjoying her flustered breaths. “I’ve a mind to use them right about now.” And he dipped a finger into her hot, slick well.

She arched up, almost coming off the blanket. “Ah! Reese!” Her cry echoed in the woods and she clapped a horrified hand over her mouth.

“Now that sounded sweet,” he chuckled. “I think you deserve a reward.” And his finger brushed through her wetness, sliding back and forth in a teasing pattern, heading for her clit. She was soaking wet, her pussy and thighs damp with her juices. He circled the hard bud of her clit. “Does that feel better, sexy?”

She cried out, her eyes closed with ecstasy, and her legs parted even more for him.

Audrey was glorious in her need. He ran his finger along her clit again, then slid down deeper, circling her opening. He slid his first finger inside her, and when she whimpered, added a second finger, stroking her. She was so slick with her own juices that her body was making soft sucking noises, as if greedy for his fingers. And with every stroke of his fingers into her warmth, he’d reach up and brush her clit with his thumb.

Her cries grew more frantic, more frequent, and her hips began to roll against his fingers, adding to her own pleasure. He drove his fingers into her over and over, fucking her with his hand, watching her responses. She was gorgeous. Her head was thrown back, the white column of her throat gleaming in the lantern light, her breasts jiggling and bouncing with every roll of her hips. He loved that she went after her own need with a single-minded intensity. Some women he’d been with pretended to be enjoying things, but then would fake a tepid orgasm.

Audrey, on the other hand, would mount a man and use him until she got what she needed. He liked that. And he drove harder into that soft well, curving his fingers when he was deep inside her, wanting to give her as much pleasure as possible.

A spasm clenched around his hand, and then Audrey was coming, hard and rough, her small, wordless cries keening in the night air. Her pussy clenched over and over around his hand, her muscles contracting, and she gasped as if she’d just ran a marathon, breathing hard.

“Now that was pretty,” Reese told her in a husky voice. “It’s impossible to look away when you come, Audrey. The look on your face is incredible.”

She opened her eyes and gazed at him, her expression soft, her lips plump as if she’d been biting them. She looked so incredibly fuckable that it made his cock ache with need, but he forced himself to ignore it, intent on teasing the hell out of this luscious woman spread out before him.

Reese lifted his hand and licked his fingers, shining with her juices. “Taste beautiful, too.”

Her eyes widened and she inhaled sharply, watching him.

Her taste was indeed delicious, sweet and salty all at once. He wanted more of that enticing flavor. He moved and bent between her legs, pushing her knees until they were up in the air. That exposed her smooth bottom to him as well as her wet, gleaming folds. “I’m going to lick you until you come again, Audrey.”

She trembled, and he could feel it in the arm he had bracing her legs in the air. “I just came twice.”

“I don’t care,” he told her, moving down between her legs. “That’s not going to stop me. That just makes you juicier for my tongue. Like a peach.” He felt her quiver again and braced his hands on the backs of her thighs, keeping her legs spread in the air. Then he leaned in and gave her a long, slow lick. She was so fucking wet that she coated his tongue with her juices. Delicious.

Audrey gave a low, keening moan at the sweep of his tongue, and the trembles in her legs grew. “Reese,” she panted. “Please. I’m so sensitive—”

“Then that makes this more of a pleasure,” he told her, and buried his face in her folds.

He was gratified at her cry of delight and swept his tongue against her sex, tasting her, exploring her. He lapped at her core, enjoying the continual trembles of her body. But when he moved back to her clit and began to lap at it with his tongue, she jerked and moaned his name again.

“Oh, God, Reese, I’m coming again.”

“Then keep coming.” He continued to tease her clit with his tongue, then sucked and nibbled at it. All the while, she rocked her hips against his mouth in little motions, strangled moans escaping her throat as she came. And when the moans continued, he wondered if she was still coming, but didn’t stop to check. He just kept licking and sucking at that small nub of pleasure. He slid two fingers deep into her pussy and began to thrust in time with his tongue against her clit. Her pussy was quivering, muscles clenching spasmodically against his hand, and her cries were growing wilder.


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