He made a surprised sound, and then his hands went to her hair, holding her head against him, as if he wanted her to bite him again. So she did, taking the hard little nub of his nipple between her teeth and giving it a small, sharp bite, then flicking away the pain with her teeth. All the while, her hands went to his sleep pants and she jerked at the knot holding them there. It came free and she slammed his pants down his thighs, freeing his cock.

No underwear, again. She wondered if Reese even wore the things. Then she decided she didn’t care.

She pressed a kiss on his abdomen, her mouth urgent, and then slid the pants all the way down his legs. “Lie down,” she commanded him.

He did so without a word of protest, moving onto the blanket. She tugged at her own pajama pants, frantic with the need to get them off, and as she stripped them from her legs and divested herself of her panties, she heard the crinkle of a condom. She turned to look at him, and he patted the blanket next to him. As if she was going to lie next to him and let him take over.

Fat chance. She was still burning with an angry mix of rage and desire, and that meant that she was taking control. Ignoring the rest of her clothing, she moved, her bottom half bare, to the blankets and shoved at his shoulder until he lay on his back. Then, she straddled him and lay on his stomach, enjoying the way his eyes widened in the darkness.

“You going to ride me, firecracker?” His voice was a husky, pleased whisper.

Audrey didn’t answer him. She simply rolled her hips against his belly and enjoyed his muffled sound of pleasure. His hands went to her bare thighs, holding her against him. She leaned in and gave him another punishing kiss, this one all furious lips and pent-up desire, and when they were both panting with need, she raised her hips, grasped his cock, and guided him inside her, lowering until she was seated on his length.

And then she gave a small sigh of pleasure at that.

“Ah, fuck, Audrey. Damn, you feel good.” His hands clenched on her thighs. “I think I like it when you get all bossy and pissed.”

He wanted to see bossy and pissed, did he? She let her nails scrape over one of his nipples again, and then she bucked her hips, just a little. The resulting sensation that rippled through her nearly drove her mad, though. He was so big, so full inside her that it hit all of her nerve endings just right, soothing the ache that had made her crazed with need all day. That itch needed to be scratched, and it needed it right now.

So she began to rock, adjusting a little here and there to find a rhythm. It was surprisingly easy to find one despite the fact that she was almost never the one on top when she had sex. She was normally too self-conscious of her large breasts and how they jiggled. But they weren’t bare right now and she was too fired up to even care, so she began to bounce on top of him, her hips rising and slamming back down on the full length of him. He responded, flicking his hips up with quick, short thrusts to match her movements and to give them more power.

Soon enough, they were driving against each other, each thrust progressively rougher and wilder. A low ache began to burn inside her with each wild thrust, and she recognized it as her oncoming orgasm. It was an elusive, flighty thing without oral, though, so she closed her eyes, braced her hands on his chest, and concentrated her movements on making it happen. She was barely aware of him, lost in the chase of her own pleasure as she rode him, the roughness exciting her body and making her become even more wild, more abandoned on top of him. Each body-rocking slam brought her that much closer.

And then it was there, blossoming through her body and making her clench. She cried out in surprise at just how good it felt, her pussy spasming with the sheer pleasure, her thighs locking. She lost her rhythm, but it didn’t matter. Reese had her, and his movements underneath her took on a furious edge. He pounded into her, grunting with every hard, bracing thrust as she lost herself in the spiral of her orgasm.

Then he cussed, his body stiffening against hers, and she realized he was coming, too. His hips jerked one more time, and she felt the tremor that rolled through him.

And she collapsed on his chest, breathing hard and utterly pleased with herself.

She’d just used a man. And it was awesome.


Well, damn. That had worked out better than he’d hoped.

Reese ran a hand along the back of the woman collapsed on top of him and tried not to smile. Audrey was naked from the waist down, her pants discarded somewhere in the bushes nearby. She straddled him, laying over his chest, and still wore the zipped hoodie and shirt she’d started with.

She’d been in such a rush to climb on top of him that she hadn’t realized she was still half-dressed. Either that, or she simply hadn’t cared. Either one was a turn on.

He’d realized, when Audrey had been jumpy earlier, that she was having second thoughts. Lots of second thoughts. And that was disappointing to him. He’d been watching her all day as she cleaned the cabin from top to bottom, keeping busy. The seductive, wild Audrey he loved to coax out to play had disappeared entirely behind industrious, do-gooder Audrey, and that drove him batty.

Though he had to admit, the sight of that tight little bun she wore was starting to be a turn on for him. Maybe it was because he knew that underneath that perfect, no-nonsense exterior, she was a demon waiting to be unleashed.

He’d wanted that demon crawling all over him tonight, too. But when she’d been hesitant and snippy, he figured he had one chance to make her forget all about what was bothering her.

So he’d irritated her.

It had worked, too. She’d more or less pounced on him with bruising kisses and then torn the shirt right off his back. She’d commanded him to lay down, straddled him, and then rode him with an intense look on her face that told him that it was all about her in that moment, not him.

He’d felt a little used. And more than a little aroused. She’d gone after what she’d wanted and she’d made it happen. Reese had been worried for a moment that he’d have to deal with hesitant, cold Audrey, to whittle down her defenses until she’d been moaning under his hands.

He shouldn’t have worried. His Audrey was fierce and even though she was a bit of a dictator between the sheets, he had to admit he’d enjoyed every moment of it.

Then he frowned at himself. His Audrey? What the hell was he thinking? Then again, it did seem like there were two parts to Audrey Petty—one part efficient, buttoned-up assistant who didn’t know how to have fun if it bit her in the ass, and one part sexual glutton.

It was an enticing combination.

His hand slid over her ass, enjoying the feel of the naked, plump cheek under his fingers. Now that she was sated, he could enjoy leisurely exploring her. Seeing her naked. He’d gotten a good look at her lush figure on the dock when they’d been skinny-dipping, but touching and seeing were two different things, and he wanted to touch everything, explore with his hands.

So he reached behind him and felt around until he found the small bag he’d stashed in the roots of the nearby tree. He pulled out the small camping lantern and set it at his head, then clicked it on.

She squinted, sitting upright on his chest. The look on her face was half-sated, half-confused. “What’s that for?”

“That’s so I can get a good look at that delicious body of yours,” Reese told her, reaching for the zipper on the hoodie she still wore and easing it down. “Unless you’re not done using me.”

She flushed, the sight evident now that they had a bit of light. “You liked being used,” she told him stubbornly.

“Oh, no complaints here,” he said with a grin. “But the night’s young and I’m without a shirt, so I figured we might as well stay out here a bit longer.” And he eased the zipper down, not entirely surprised to see a matching dark blue nightshirt underneath. “Can I get you naked?”

She rolled off him and sat next to him on the blanket, curling her plump legs delicately underneath her. “I’m just warning you, I don’t look like a supermodel. I’m not your type.”

“I’m well aware of that,” Reese told her. He pulled off the used condom and tossed it into the trash bag he’d brought for such purposes. “You’re not a supermodel,” he agreed, moving forward and ignoring her warnings and beginning to unbutton her pajama top. “Ask me if I care.”

“I’m not going to ask,” she told him.

“Good. Then neither of us is going to care,” he said, and leaned in to kiss her lightly again. “Every time I’ve touched you, it’s been dark. I want to see if there are freckles on those pretty breasts.”

She responded to his soft, coaxing kiss, making a little mewing noise in the back of her throat that made his cock jump in response. “There might be,” she whispered.

“Then lay back and let me count them.”

Audrey did, and the sight of her laying back on the blanket, her passion-glazed gaze on him as he undid her buttons was causing his cock to harden all over again. It was like she’d let all of her defenses go in one big, fiery orgasm and now she was soft and pleasing and delicious in his arms. God, he liked that. She was like a present he got to unwrap every time he touched her, and this hadn’t gotten old yet. Not in the slightest. Her red hair haloed out around her head, gleaming in the light of the lantern and making the rest of her skin seem porcelain-pale in contrast.

Her gaze was on him as he slowly undid each button, until he finished the last one. Then he pushed the nightshirt apart, brushing it and the unzipped jacket to the side, exposing her torso.

And he drank in the sight of her.

He knew Audrey wasn’t reed thin. That didn’t bother him, and it didn’t seem to bother her for the most part, which he appreciated. Her body was a marked contrast from the women he normally took to bed, though, and he ran an appreciative eye over her. She had breasts, for one. Most of the models and starlets he dated seemed to run extremely flat, which was a shame, because he loved a gorgeous pair of breasts. And damn if Audrey’s weren’t two of the most magnificent breasts he’d ever laid his eyes upon. They were real, for starters, and very full due to the lushness of her figure. He reached out and cupped one, feeling the weight of it in his hand with appreciation. They were heavy with their own fullness, plump and tipped with a pale pink, tiny nipple that was utterly delightful. Her pale skin was dotted with a few freckles in the valley between her breasts, and then that milk pale, creamy color on the undersides of each breast.

“Gorgeous,” he told her truthfully. “I’ve seen a lot of breasts and these might be the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen.” He ran the back of an appreciative finger over one nipple, enjoying the way her body jerked in response, setting that deliciously full breast to quivering.

He let his fingers slide into the valley between her breasts, then traced down her belly. Most of the women he’d had in his bed recently were Hollywood thin, with visible ribs under the skin and concave bellies. Audrey was not. Her belly was smooth and slightly rounded just below her belly button, her waist dipping in and then flaring out at the hips again. Not his normal, but again, perfect. He found that he liked her softer curves quite a bit. His thumb grazed her belly button and then he moved lower, sliding that finger down to the triangle of her sex and the damp dark red curls there. A natural redhead. He’d known that, but he still found it fascinating and more than a bit erotic.


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