Author: C.J. Roberts

Caleb pressed her hand to him and then moved it back into her lap. “Thank you for the compliment, Mrs. J, but I think your attentions would be best spent on someone else.” Caleb’s voice carried down to me, even though it was a whisper next to Mrs. J’s ear.

“You’re not available?” She sounded disappointed.

Seething with jealousy and with the memory of Caleb and Celia in my thoughts, I inclined myself toward Caleb and rubbed my head against his thigh. To my surprise, Caleb’s hand landed on my head in a soft and reassuring caress, before he urged me away.

Caleb chuckled low and I watched his hand squeeze the top of Mrs. J’s thigh through her satin gown. Her legs parted and she pulled his hand toward her center.

“You’re hungry. We’ll make sure you get your fill.” Caleb caressed her deeply with his fingers then slipped from her grasp and moved his hands above the table. He grabbed a plate of the appetizers and piled a few on her plate as well as his own. “That should get you started.” His voice held a promise and I had to wonder what he planned for later.

Tears stung the backs of my eyes. Not that he noticed. My heart hammered in my chest and I swear the ringing in my ears blasted out for everyone to hear. My breath came in pants, and Felipe’s hand brushed my upper arm.

“Relax,” he whispered.

Caleb reached down with a succulent shelled shrimp in his hand. “Open, Kitten.”

My eyes automatically rose to his level. Before I settled an appropriate glare at him, my nipples received a burning tug that stole my breath. My mouth dropped open, quite by accident, but Caleb used the opportune moment to plop the morsel into my mouth. Mortified, I could do nothing but chew. My stomach appreciated the attention.

All of the chained ones ate from their Master’s hand. It appalled me, but I remained submissive. I promised obedience. It made Caleb happy and my survival ultimately depended on his happiness. I still hadn’t seen Rafiq, but I had come to expect surprises.

When the last course was finished, Caleb pulled away from the table. “You need to relieve yourself and freshen up.”

Felipe interjected, “Celia can take her to the slave quarters, if it’s all right with you, Caleb.”

“I’ll take her over with Celia. Then Celia can show Kitten what’s expected.”

Caleb helped me to my feet. The plug shifted, creating another tremble through my body. Felipe gave Celia’s chain over to Caleb, and he led us away.

He handed Celia my chain at the door. The room was shiny and sterile white. A row of tubs lined the floor to the right of me, some large, some small. To the left, were private rooms. Farther down, I saw a large mosaic featuring a young Mexican girl bathing outdoors and touching her nipples while a man watched in the distance. It provided the backdrop for the shower room, which featured a row of shower heads, drains in the floor, and a few toilet stalls.

“What is this place, Celia?” I whispered. My voice held both wonderment and trepidation. Unconsciously, I reached for her hand and she held it.

“It’s just a room, Kitten.”

She leaned in close to my ear and whispered, “Everything we say is recorded. Motion sensors – microphones.” I nodded.

“Go on and use the ladies. I need to grab some towels.”

After I relieved myself, Celia took me to a small, private and curtained room. There was a sink and a set of towels. A cabinet set next to the sink laden with toiletries.

“I’m going to freshen between your legs.” She slid my silk panties down, along with my silk stockings, and I let her. She’d cleaned me up so many times before I held no embarrassment. “Once I’ve done it for you, you’ll understand what you need to do the next time you are told to freshen up.” She lathered up a cloth with some special soap smelling of almonds and honey. “Stand on this towel and open your legs for me.” I did as she asked. She was amazingly gentle, as always. I could almost understand how women swayed over to women. Celia didn’t touch me inappropriately, but her demeanor was so gentle, it lulled me into relaxing.

It wasn’t long before we were back out to Caleb and he walked Celia over to Felipe, who then handed her off to one of the first couples I saw sitting at the dining table. Celia went without rebelling, even when both the man and the woman touched her breasts.

Caleb tugged on my chain, creating another shot from my nipples to my pussy. I closed my eyes and held back a plea. “Let’s not keep people waiting,” he said.

Caleb tied my wrists to the loops at the front of my corset. We moved close to another area in the same large room. Couches and low tables with candles and wineglasses were strategically placed in an area close to a stone fireplace wall. Flames licked the piled wood within the hearth.

We stopped beside the couple we’d met earlier. Their names for the evening seemed to be Mr. and Mrs. B. A cursory glance and I realized Kid sat on his knees next to them with his head bowed and his hands behind his back. I would have felt sorry for him, but I was too concerned with my own situation.

I wondered what Caleb had planned for the evening. So far, it had a very Eyes Wide Shut atmosphere. I wanted to be alone with him. I wanted to explain how much he truly meant to me. I wanted him to understand my feelings for him had nothing to do with manipulating him, or trying to gain my freedom.

I didn’t want to be Caleb’s whore, that much, I wouldn’t take back. I also didn’t care for revenge. I wanted Caleb. I knew it was stupid. I knew he was a terrible person, who’d done terrible things. I knew he didn’t deserve me or my love. I didn’t care. During the course of our time together, I’d fallen in love with my captor. I’d fallen in love with his smell and his taste; his smile, kindness, and yes, even his cruelty because I knew it was a part of him.

I wanted him to know. I wanted him to know everything and I wanted it to mean something to him. I wanted him to choose me and accept me. I wanted him to leave everything behind and love me.

“Kitten…” his forehead pressed hard against the nape of my neck, “you ask for impossible things.”

I didn’t care.

I was lost in thought when Caleb’s hand, warm and reassuring, landed on my shoulder. I looked up at him and I let my longing for him show. He smiled, but it struck me as sad. Caleb’s sad smiles never boded well for me.

“Down,” Caleb said, gesturing toward the spot next to Kid.

I let myself sink into the command. I wanted to comply. I wanted to make Caleb happy in any way I was able, in the hopes he would never be able to let me go.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, dessert is about to be served,” Felipe’s low accented timbre silenced the small group. Chairs slid across the carpeted area near where I lay, the sound of people getting comfortable. I wondered why Caleb didn’t pull me up in preparation to eat.

Abruptly, Caleb’s hand was in my hair and pulled me close. He whispered in my ear, “I know how difficult this is going to be for you. It’s going to be difficult for me, too. That said, I expect perfection, Kitten. Do you understand?”

My pulse quickened, my vision blurred. “Caleb….”

“Shh, Kitten,” he reprimanded, “Obey.”

I pulled back when he let me go and our eyes met. He gave me another sad smile and then, for reasons I couldn’t possibly know, Caleb pushed my face down into Kid’s lap. My butt rose off the floor and Caleb pushed against the plug in my ass with his knee. Again, to my mortification, the plug shifted. Beneath Kid’s loin cloth, something else stirred.

Caleb, sounding strained, added, “I wondered how these two would respond to each other.” He removed his knee from my derrière, and I sprang backward, falling on my ass. My bent knees splayed open as I lie on my back unable to push myself up with my wrists tethered.

“Well, by the looks of the kid’s cloth there, I’d say he’s pretty pumped up.” Mr. B laughed out loud, carrying out over the quiet murmurs of the other guests.

I closed my eyes, embarrassed, and waited for the nipple pain. Guests shuffled around us, and I squeezed my eyes tighter, afraid of where to look in this position. Suddenly, a warm, trembling hand slid up my nylon stocking just on the inside of my calf, slowly over my knee, and up the inside of my thigh. It stopped, but then hesitantly burned a path back down the inside of my leg to the arch of my foot. The hand gently massaged my foot before moving to the inside of my other leg and sliding its way toward my thigh. Fingertips, ever so lightly, brushed the small patch of silk between my legs.

The persistent hand rubbing my leg became two hands, both brushed between my legs at once. Muscled thighs pushed my legs farther apart. I could no longer fight the urge to open my eyes. I dared to peek through the fringe of my lashes and saw Kid’s shoulder-length, blond hair. It was combed away from his boyish beauty. His cheeks burned with embarrassment, mirroring my own, as he positioned himself close to my center and continued rubbing my thighs.

His eyes remained closed as he assailed my body with his touch. I imagined Kid getting a tug on his nipples as reprimand for opening his eyes. The tip of his tongue slid across his full bottom lip and for some reason, a sensation rippled along my center.

I wanted so badly to see Caleb, my eyes opened wider. A searing pressure on my nipples told me he remained close. My eyes closed and the pressure subsided. It was proof he was watching me intently as another man touched me.

So, this is what will make Caleb happy. My heart pinched at the betrayal. Fine, he wants to pretend there’s nothing between us. I’ll give him a show to remember.

Kid definitely knew what he was doing. His hands created a burning desire not just where he touched me, but throughout my whole being. In fact, it was tough to keep control. Part of me strove to hold on to my pride, or what was left of it, and another part of me wanted to let go with reckless abandon.

Kid’s gentle and warm caresses stoked something deep inside me. I was breathless, tingly, and so wet between my legs the silk settled into my folds. His hands laid trails over my thighs, hips, and belly…damn corset. Suddenly, a different set of hands pulled me back and stood me upright.

There was another rumble of laughter from Mr. B. who took control of Kid. With a great deal of effort, I kept my eyes down. Caleb pressed me back into his erection. I was unable to stop a soft moan. To my shock and surprise, Caleb unbound my wrists and began unlacing my corset. My entire body tensed in a silent plea for him to stop. He pressed his lips softly to the shell of my ear, “Obey,” he whispered with enough intensity to almost stop my heart.

I remained still as he completely unlaced my corset. My breath caught with its removal, and I heard the heavy intake of breath from the others around me through the ringing in my ears. A blindfold was slipped over my eyes. Both clamps were released from my breasts and my nipples burned as blood rushed into the starved areas. Caleb released me and I stood feeling alone and exposed.

Where is Caleb?

My pride dropped away and my heart filled with sadness while my head filled with embarrassment. The stillness in the room was palpable, punctuated keenly by the lone sound of my anxious breath. There was a soft rustle, then the feel of smooth fingers rolling one of my silk stockings down my thigh. I desperately fought my urge to resist.

This is what he wants. Be brave.

My sex pulsed as my left stocking was rolled down my leg. I reached my hands out to feel and gasped when they were quickly gathered up between my breasts. My body was hoisted into the air. I kicked out with my legs, but someone grabbed them firmly. They placed me on a hard surface, which I knew instinctually to be one of the linen covered dining tables.

I panicked and at once Caleb’s voice was in my ear telling me to obey. “Steady, Kitten. I won’t let him inside you. I won’t let anyone inside you.” Through my panic, I almost missed the possessive nature of his words, but the part of me that thought of him as mine wanted to recognize it as an admission. I relaxed by the barest of degrees.