Author: C.J. Roberts

My wrists were tied together and held over my head. Within moments, soft feathery touches along the top of my silk panties assailed my senses. Despite my apprehension, a shudder ran through me. Those hands, those warm, trembling, and wonderful hands, activated something. A charge ignited within me as my panties slipped down and away. My head swam in the smell of lust, the taste of it. I suddenly wanted satisfaction. I needed it.

Muscular thighs, pressed between my legs. Palms pushed against both of my inner thighs, splaying my legs wide and opening my pussy. My hips rose off the table and a finger slid down and back up my crevice. My hips rose higher, begging. A moan and a sob fell from my lips. My hands were pushed harder into the table.

Hands cupped my buttocks from between my legs and lifted my hips higher, pushing the plug in my ass right against my throbbing sex muscle. Another moan left my lips. I was panting.

Without warning, a tongue, so masterful, thick, wet, and slightly rough, licked and lapped my nether lips. The mouth on my pussy, pulled me in, sucking until another moan left me breathless. The tongue spread me apart, laying me open. A gentle nip on my clit ignited a thousand flames within my body.

Other hands massaged my breasts, rolling my sensitive buds between fingers. Please be Caleb. Waves of fire begged to be released inside me, my body trembled with need. The concentrated sucking and licking on my swollen clit swept me over the edge. Panting turned into screams and a flood of sensation carried me away.

My butt was placed back on the table and I lie there spent, tears wetting the blindfold, my legs still trembling and splayed open. The room filled with applause.

“If this enthusiasm is any indication, I see no reason why we shouldn’t have a second course of dessert,” Felipe said, breaking through the applause in the room.

I’m dessert? Nice of Caleb to make me part of dinner. Bastard!

I struggled to raise myself, pulling my legs together and bending my knees up so my ankles hid my swollen sex. My back remained stuck to the linen cloth. My wrists stayed pinned to the table over my head.

Caleb’s voice filled my left ear, “It’s your turn to reciprocate, Kitten.”

What the hell does he mean?

My body was pulled up to sitting. Again, the plug shifted. A spasm shot through my pussy, making me gasp. My wrists were loosed, and my hands placed on Kid’s loin cloth. The blindfold remained in place. His upper body heat reached out to me. He smelled sweet, but unnatural, as though someone had covered him in something scented. I preferred the way Caleb smelled.

I moved one hand around to feel Kid’s position. His knees stuck out in front, his buttocks sat on his ankles. I slid my hand down his muscled arm to find his wrists had been tied behind his back. My fingers traced his chest and released the clamps from his nipples, tossing them away. His heavy exhale moistened my face.

So, this is what I’m supposed to do? Perform?!?

I was apprehensive in the extreme. I had only done this twice before, and only with Caleb. I couldn’t believe he was going to let me do this – make me do this. I could feel my lip tremble. I could feel the tears waiting in my throat, but then I thought about Caleb and his night with Celia.

I remembered my jealousy and my rage. I wanted Caleb to feel those things. I wanted him to watch me give to someone else what I felt in my heart had been reserved only for him. If he cared for me at all, I knew this was a sure way to find out. I took several deep breaths and prepared myself for what I was about to do.

“I guess you do want revenge,” Ruthless Me, whispered.

You bet your sweet ass, I do.

Kid’s chest pounded beneath my trembling right hand. His hardness throbbed against my left palm. I slid my legs underneath me and raised my upper body to meet his. I pressed my breasts against his chest and his breath caught. My left palm felt a shift, a thickening, his cock barely contained. I licked his chest, his nipples, as far up as I could reach on his neck, until he bent down to me.

Our lips touched ever so gently. The taste and smell of me lingered in his mouth as his tongue slid between my lips. I shuddered, and he pressed his chest harder into mine, our lips taking in each other.

We were only kissing for a few seconds before my head was snapped back by my hair and Caleb’s voice filled my head in a growl against my ear, “No kissing on the lips.” He pinched my buttocks so hard I couldn’t help but cry out.

I jerked into Kid and nearly tipped us both over. Kid’s strength steadied me. I paused, resting against him, before I slowly resumed kissing him. I let my mouth travel along his chest, shoulders, arms, and nipples before making my way up to his neck. I felt him bending his head down toward me and I pushed him back with both hands against his chest.

The kissing show is over, buddy!

Kid’s hips rutted against mine, his loin cloth totally deformed. My arms went around his waist, my fingers followed the thong of the loin cloth, and my breasts molded against his belly. It tied in the back, which only took seconds for me to untie. The thong immediately opened and released his penned-up cock. My hands felt its throbbing length and width. His balls rest against the pouch of the loin cloth. I carefully pulled the cloth away.

We froze. Am I really going to do this? I couldn’t believe how far I’d come. Over the course of a few months, I had gone from being afraid of sex, to performing a sexual act with a stranger in front of an entire room of derelicts. Kid groaned and pressed his warm cock against my hand in a wordless plea for me to set him free from his sexual purgatory. How well I knew the feeling.

Kid sucked in his breath when I kissed the tip of his cock. He tasted different than Caleb, but it probably had more to do with the fact he had been prepared. He tasted sweet, as if someone had covered him in some sort of spicy cinnamon concoction. It wasn’t unpleasant. I spread a bead of precome with my lips and tongue and he became both salty and sweet in my mouth. As I slid my tongue down the length of him, Kid’s body shuddered. He let out a deep breath and moaned. His hips rocked toward my mouth.

Is this what you want, Caleb? I hope you’re watching you son of a bitch. I want you breathless with want. I want you to see how I please a man. Will that make you want me?

The blindfold made it easy for me to imagine Caleb in Kid’s place. I imagined hearing his ragged breath in my ears, his body trembling with desire and need for me. My body responded, my beaded nipples yearned for attention, and my sex pulsed to the rhythm of Kid’s thrusting hips.

My lips surrounded the head of Kid’s cock, and my tongue played with both the underside of its rim and the slit at the top. Kid panted heavily, his hips thrusting harder, until his cock slid further into my mouth and my tongue touched it everywhere. His body stiffened, his breath sucked in, and so did the breath of the room. For a moment, time suspended. Then, he moaned.

I made my move. I squeezed my fingers around his cock low, and pumped him in time with my mouth, drawing him in and out. He gasped and I heard hands kneading and rubbing his chest. He thrust into my mouth faster, my mouth sucked, my tongue stroked, my pussy screamed for its own release. My hips gyrated against the air, until someone splayed my legs apart and slid a hand through the back of my thighs, squeezing my nether lips.

It stopped me for a nanosecond, until a couple fingers found my clit and began rubbing. My hips thrust to match Kid’s. His cock pulsed, he thrust a final time, and spilled into my mouth. I milked him dry as waves of heat spun through me. A palm pressed against my ass, shifting the plug and I screamed with my lips still around Kid’s cock. The wretched fingers continued rubbing my swollen clit.

Oh god, Caleb! Yes. Please, keep going.

Wave after wave of sensation touched every part of my body, but Caleb’s fingers on my clit and his palm against my ass were relentless. My body heated up again, as did Kid’s. He heard me, felt my tongue, my breath, and my moans of ecstasy against his still throbbing cock. His hips thrust a little more, and I squeezed and sucked a little more, imagining Caleb in front of me, as well as behind.

Kid moved his cock in and out of my mouth. I could barely hold it with my hands, he moved so fast and rough.

I rocked against Caleb’s hand, matching Kid’s rhythm. My breath came quick and hard. I was barely able to breathe, but I didn’t care. My mouth was full. My ass was full. My clit was ready to explode. Caleb’s fingers were skilled. They knew my pussy. I came in a fit of tears.

Chapter Nineteen

There was no applause. Just the sound of Livvie’s broken sobs and Kid’s muted pants.

Caleb felt…well, he didn’t know how he felt. He only knew he wanted Livvie. He wanted her close and away from all the prying eyes around them. Rafiq had not arrived and Caleb was overwhelmed with anger and regret in addition to an influx of emotions he had no time to analyze.

“I’m taking her upstairs,” Caleb said, gathering Livvie’s naked and quivering body into his arms. He noticed Kid’s eyes, glazed with unshed tears, and harboring a more than guilty expression. If Caleb didn’t know better, he’d say the boy was smitten in the worst way. The very idea seemed to incite his anger and yes, his jealousy. Caleb was teeming with jealousy. If he didn’t get away from Kid soon, Caleb worried he’d be unable to control himself.

She kissed him, he screamed in this head.

She’ll kiss Vladek, too.

Caleb couldn’t think about it. His thoughts were too dangerous. His emotions were too raw and logic was quickly fleeing. Devoid of reason, he could find no cause to keep him from taking Livvie upstairs and fucking her senseless. He wanted to scrub every trace of Kid from her body and clear every memory of him from Livvie’s mind. Caleb wanted her to think only of him, to be, with him.

You can’t do it, can you? You can’t let her go. Find a way, Caleb. Find a way to make Rafiq understand.

Caleb’s thoughts ran wild as he held Livvie to his chest and walked toward his room. His heart pounded a sharp tattoo he could visibly see shifting her in his arms.

Once upstairs, Caleb gently placed Livvie onto his bed. In the short time it had taken him to get to his room she had somehow managed to sob her way into a kind of sleep. Her eyes were closed. Every so often, she would take in a deep breath and her chest shuddered before she exhaled. Caleb looked down at her sleeping form and wondered what she dreamed about in her passed-out state of slumber. Her body jerked, twisting her over onto her back, her nakedness open for the taking. He wanted to take her. His erection pressed into the zipper of his pants, begging for release.

He closed his eyes in order to relax, still standing next to the bed. Her smell permeated his senses, a fragrance light, musky, and all her own. It had pulled him to her earlier tonight. Like a sea siren calling to a sailor, her need compelled him to act. Without thought, he had rolled his sleeves up and dived in with both hands to quench her thirst.


The word was a declaration. It rocked him to his very foundation. It was a truth he’d kept hidden for far too long. Caleb didn’t know anything about love, or loving anyone, but he knew…Livvie, was his. He owned her. He possessed her and he knew, with everything he was, he couldn’t give her away.




Rafiq will understand. I’ll make him understand.

Caleb was far from rational. Deep down, he knew Rafiq wouldn’t understand. He would see it as the deepest betrayal. He would demand the impossible of Caleb. Rafiq would try to hurt them both. Caleb pushed those thoughts away.

Before common sense could return, Caleb gently raised Livvie’s hands and untied her wrists. Livvie sighed, and Caleb lied down on top of her in time to watch her eyes flutter open. He stared into her deep, chocolate-colored eyes and saw himself reflected in their depths as she focused on him. A myriad of feelings passed through him, jealousy and possessiveness at the forefront. He needed to make her his: unequivocally and irreversibly.

Livvie’s expression turned inscrutable. She lay under Caleb, her arms limp at her sides, her expressive eyes cold and distant.