Author: C.J. Roberts

He seemed endlessly calm as he approached me. I remembered myself and looked away. He knelt next to me. I let out a sigh I didn’t realize I’d held when he reached out and traced my chin with his long smooth fingers. He cupped my chin and tingles spread throughout my body. I shivered in spite of myself. He turned my face toward his, and I could no longer resist looking into his eyes.

“Did you sleep well, Kitten?” he asked so softly, I ached.

“Yes, Master,” I whispered.

“Good. It’s time to go downstairs and introduce you to the rest of the guests.”

My stomach twisted, though at this point it had less to do with my hunger and more with my anxiety. I said nothing, and didn’t resist when he helped me to my feet. As I stood only inches away from him, his smell once again surrounded me. For a moment, I couldn’t help but close my eyes and imagine a situation different than this one – one where I could just be myself, and he would adore me for it. He smoothed my hair back, unraveling the snags formed in my sleep and working them through quickly and deftly.

“There,” he said, more to himself, than to me, “that looks a lot better.”

An awkward silence fell between us. I kept my eyes focused on the cleanly pressed shirt in front of me. He sighed, and I couldn’t help but notice it was the kind of sigh someone let out when they were preparing themselves to do something difficult. I knew it had to do with Rafiq, somehow, but I couldn’t ask him. I couldn’t accept my fate just yet. I had to hope the Caleb I had grown to love was thriving inside the version of Caleb in front of me. Hope was all I had left.

With no further ado, he turned me around and swept the bulk of my hair over my left shoulder. My entire body shivered. I heard him pull something from his pocket. I tensed when I felt the smooth band of leather circle my throat.

“It’s not the same collar you wore before. I like this one much better. It’s softer, and it won’t dig into you,” he whispered.

Were my hands free I might have reached up to touch the loop attached to the front, but they weren’t free – like me, they were bound by circumstance.

“I want you to know,” he said matter-of-factly, “there’s going to be a lot of people downstairs. These people are important acquaintances of mine. I expect you to behave. Do exactly as I say, keep your eyes lowered, and it should be an enjoyable evening for the both of us. Understood?”

I swallowed thickly and managed to whisper, “Yes, Master.”

“Turn around,” he said. “I have a little something to ensure your obedience.” As I turned, I couldn’t help but meet his eyes. He pulled me close, holding me in place by way of his hand at the small of my back. His other hand cupped my breast just inside my corset. He put his mouth on my nipple and sucked.

I couldn’t hold in a powerful sigh. I was wet, but his affection was to be short lived. Just as soon as his mouth released me, firm pressure took hold of my nipple. While I swooned, he repeated the perfunctory process on my other breast and then stood back to admire his work.

I looked down at my breasts through a haze of tears to notice the delicate clamps adorning my nipples. A thin gold chain joined them and led directly into Caleb’s hand. As I took stock of my predicament I couldn’t help looking up at Caleb with a pleading expression. He tugged gently, as if to say my pleading was meaningless. My body stiffened and a jolt of pain and sensation drilled down through my belly ending between my legs. The plug in my ass moved, exaggerating the sensation. In midstream, the pain changed to something pulsating, something near pleasure. Like a puppet, my body relaxed as Caleb released the tension.

“Are we clear on the rules of obedience?” Caleb asked, and then not waiting for my answer he continued, “This is a test of sorts, Kitten. Don’t disappoint me.” He turned his back to me. “Follow behind on my left, keep your eyes lowered and there should be no need to test the sensitivity of your nipples.”

“Yes, Master,” I replied, not able to keep the tremor from my voice. Tears clung to my lashes and my body quaked, but I followed Caleb as directed.

We walked the pace of a parade. A slight murmur of low voices reached the top of the stairway. Candlelight from the room below glimmered across the marble stairs, lighting our descent in living color. The warm glow eased some of my quaking, along with Caleb’s care of the chain joining us together.

At the bottom of the stairway, Felipe greeted Caleb, “Good to have you join us my friend. I see you have your lovely Kitten in tow. Everyone is looking forward to seeing her.”

“Felipe,” Caleb acknowledged. I couldn’t help but notice Caleb didn’t sound too pleased.

Our eyes met over Caleb’s shoulder, but he did not let on about my disobedience. In fact, he winked at me. We were sharing yet another moment, unbeknownst to my master. I flushed deeply.

“I thought you should know the boy is here with Mr. B tonight and will be part of the evening’s entertainment,” Felipe added in a whisper loud enough for me to hear. The statement had a mocking edge, as if he were poking fun at Caleb. I didn’t like it.

“Interesting,” Caleb replied, simple and abrupt. Caleb lifted his head and scanned the small gathering of people. Instinctually, I scanned the room as well, and promptly received a continuous tug of shooting pain through my nipples for the effort.

“Eyes down,” Caleb said over his shoulder to me, his voice riddled with undisguised anger.

“Yes, Master,” I said in a jagged whisper. I wanted to scream from the pain torturing my nipples, but the tension on the chain lessened, and my breath spun out in a heavy sigh of relief.

Caleb moved past Felipe. I followed, fearful of the damn chain he held. We stepped off the marble stairway onto carpet and crossed the room. The soft touch of the plush carpeting massaged the bottom of my stocking feet.

“Well, look what the cat dragged in,” came a man’s Southern drawl, followed by a low whistle. “She’s a beauty. I’d love to test-drive her, especially if she handles anything like this one Felipe gave my wife to try.” The man moved back for Caleb to look.

I dared raise my eyes only a bit, my head still bent toward the floor. From the corner of my eye I saw a boy near my age standing on his knees. He was perhaps the most beautifully handsome boy I’d ever seen. Still, I could not shake the notion I knew him somehow. He raised his dark blue eyes, just enough to connect with mine. My breath caught and my eyes opened wide.

“Kid!” I exclaimed before I could stop myself. Pain quickly overturned surprise as my nipples burned from incessant pressure.

“Eyes down, Kitten,” Caleb snapped.

I was slow in my obedience. I’d known Kid had been captured, but I hadn’t seen him since the night Caleb and I had arrived at the mansion. I wondered where he had been all this time. His hair was longer, his body leaner, and his demeanor signaled just how deeply he’d been broken down. Despite everything, he looked healthy, perhaps even happy. I didn’t know how to feel about seeing him. Kid reminded me too much of what had happened to me with the bikers. I tried hard to remember he had been the one to stop his friends from beating me to death.

Caleb tugged again, this time with only as much force as was necessary to demand my attention.

“Yes, Master,” I finally whispered and Caleb held me still to untie my wrists.

“Keep your hands behind your back unless you need them for balance.”

Forced into close proximity, I couldn’t help but take in the sight of Kid dressed only in a loin cloth. His wrists were tethered and he had clamps on his nipples. Around his neck there was a collar with a leather leash attached. His body radiated heat against my legs. I wanted to cry out from the injustice of it all. I began to pant with anxiety, maybe even panic.

“Oh, she’s a feisty one. I think I’d like to play with her for a while,” Mr. B added, and a chuckle rumbled out sounding like it came from the bottom of his belly.

“That won’t be possible,” Caleb said. His tone was somewhat harsh and I couldn’t help but notice the way those near him stared at him. “Kitten is meant for other things.”

I raised my eyes slightly, looking through the fringe of my lashes as he led me toward a table dressed in white linen. Candelabras bathed a warm glow over the two couples at the table enjoying cocktails and conversation. They wore suits and gowns, aristocrats dressed up for an expensive night out.

A woman, dressed similar to me, sat on her knees near the table. Her body was poised, yet relaxed. Her eyes were cast down and her hands were folded over her thighs. Caleb stopped near her, dropping the chain into her hands. He pressed my shoulders down. I bent down to rest on my knees and the plug in my ass shifted. Sensations pulsed through my body, making me shake.

“I’ll be right back, Celia. Make sure Kitten remains here for a few minutes.”

I gasped, not recognizing Celia, but kept my eyes down. As soon as Caleb walked away, I raised my eyes slightly to get a better look. Celia looked exotic and beautiful. I knew, of course, she belonged to Felipe, but I had no idea she was subject to participating in anything like this. Last time, she had wielded the crop, but tonight, she was a prisoner, like me - and apparently, Kid.

Another couple, a tall woman and a short man, dressed in white, approached pulling a red corseted woman behind them. The woman wore nipple chains, red silk stockings, and a red lace thong, with a red ribbon weaved through her long dark hair. The couple settled at the table, and the woman in red sat on her knees next to the man.

The classic formalwear and respectful murmur of voices intertwined with a gentle tinkle of laughter. Theirs was a different world from the one I was used to. Men with smiling faces, women dripping with sparkling jewelry and long polished nails, tugging behind them corseted half-naked women. I noticed Kid was the only male prisoner.

“Everyone, please find a seat. We are ready to serve your first course,” Felipe announced from the end of the table. Gentle music began playing in the background and more candles were lit around the room. Caleb came to get me at the same time Felipe came for Celia.

“Come on Kitten, let’s have some dinner. I’m sure you’re hungry.” Caleb moved slowly so I could keep up crawling along on my knees the few feet to the table. He sat down at the table, positioning me next to him on the floor.

Servers dressed in scant uniforms, barely covering their breasts or backsides, placed platters of appetizers down the center of the table, some refreshed water glasses, and others refilled wine glasses.

On the other side of me sat Felipe, Celia close to his side on the floor. The woman in white sat next to Caleb.

“Kitten, you’re behaving exemplary tonight,” Felipe whispered, and gently touched my shoulder. I remained in position, though his touch sent a shiver of mistrust down my arm. I turned my head slightly to see if Caleb noticed.

“She’s had her moments,” Caleb added as if I weren’t there. His attention was drawn to the woman in white sitting next to him. From my position on the floor, I watched her polished fingers slide up the middle of his thigh and stop short of the bulge between his legs.

“So good to see you again, Caleb,” her silky voice purred loud enough for me to hear.

“Have we met?” Caleb asked and placed his hand over hers, preventing it from going any farther up his leg.

“Regrettably, no. I was here when you and your lovely girl first arrived. I admired you and I was sure to find out who you were,” she all but purred.

“I see,” said Caleb. “Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss…?”

“J,” she said, “Mrs. J, but don’t worry, Mr. J, is well aware of my extra-curricular activities.” She gave a short flirtatious laugh. Her fingers moved up to cup Caleb’s bulge.

I fought the urge to swat her hand away. Mine! You fucking, bitch.