“We take turns stayin’ in here. Too small for all of us.”

Colby flicked on an overhead light. He faced Channing, his blue eyes gleaming. “Take off your shirt, shug.”

Did she have the guts to do this? Even when she so desperately wanted it?

Inhaling a slow, quiet breath, her fingers trembled as she unbuttoned the white eyelet blouse.

Colby stood close, Trevor leaned against the back wall, watching.

Down to her white lace bra, she awaited further instructions.

“Good girl. Peel it off. Slowly. Tease me. Make me salivate to get my mouth on those big titties.”

Channing reached behind her back and unhooked the clasps. The white satin contrasted against her tanned skin as the straps slithered down her arms. She held the cups in place until the last possible minute and then let the bra drop to the floor.

Silence except for the sounds of heavy male breathing.

“Trevor?” Colby said.

“I’m here buddy.”

“You ever seen such a beautiful pair of tits?”

“Can’t say as I have.”

“Look at those nipples. Big and red as cherries.”

Unused to compliments on her body, Channing blushed.

“Touch yourself. Show us what you like.”

Channing closed her eyes. She skimmed her palms up her rounded belly, over her ribs, stopping to trace tiny circles around her nipples. She arched her back, lifting her breasts high, squeezing the soft flesh between her fingers. Plucking her nipples. Hard. Much harder than any man had been inclined to.

“What would you do first, Trev? Suck on them? Or slide your cock between them?”

Trevor chuckled. “Suck on them. Bite them. Make her squirm a bit.

Then I’d wrap that creamy flesh around my cock and thrust high and hard until the tip reached those pouty lips.”

Moisture gushed from her pussy like a water balloon had broken between her thighs. She’d never been so hot, so ready to be touched in her life.

Colby sidled in front of her, cupping a big breast in each hand. He kneaded the mounds, whispered husky, sweet words against her quivering skin, dragging his open mouth across the tops of her breasts.

He buried his face in the valley of her cleavage. Flattening his tongue, lapping at the bottom curves.

Locking his gaze to hers, he dipped his head and sucked her beaded right nipple into the wet heat of his mouth. He deftly twirled the left nipple between his fingers as if turning a dial. Hard. Like he noticed she liked it.

Channing clamped her thighs together. “Oh, man. Please don’t stop.”

“I think she needs more. You wanna help me out here, Trev?”

“Gladly.” Trevor latched onto her left nipple; Colby sucked on the right. She couldn’t help the keening moan that escaped from the intense pressure. Colby’s mouth was more aggressive. Trevor’s mouth seemed hotter, his tongue softer as he suckled.

“Can you come like this, darlin’?” Colby asked, his breath tickled her wet nipple making it harder. “Are your tits sensitive enough we can get you off this way?”

“I-it’s never happened before.”

“A theory we can test another time when you’re properly trussed up.”

He kissed a path up her neck, moving to the side of her body to allow Trevor access to both breasts.

Trevor crushed the globes closer, flicking his agile tongue back and forth between the tight, ruddy nipples.

Colby kissed her. She groaned against his lips. She loved kissing him. He twined their tongues together and lazily tasted the recesses of her mouth. His rough fingertips stroked her spine, sending goose bumps across her naked flesh. His lips slid to her ear and he whispered, “Are you turned on?”


“Is your cunt wet? Are you imaginin’ me slurpin’ all those sweet juices tricklin’ between your thighs?”


“Mmm-mmm, I can’t wait. We’ll take good care of you in a minute.

But for now, I’m dyin’ to see your lips wrapped around my cock. Unzip me, Channing.”

His buckle clanked as she unhooked his belt. Then he placed her right hand on the placket of his jeans. She scraped her nails along the hardened length. A quick yank and the button popped loose. She slid the zipper down a tine at a time.

Colby groaned.

Using both hands, she peeled back the jeans, delving her fingers beneath the stretchy waistband of his boxers and through the nest of springy hair. The damp, velvety soft tip greeted her palm. She squeezed his cock, mentally cataloguing its size and thickness. A fission of fear appeared. Talk about well endowed.

He hissed. “Come on, don’t stop.”

Trevor kept working her nipples. The soft kisses vanished as his teeth nipped the pebbled tips. She gasped at the spark of pain and sighed at the soothing lick of his warm tongue.

Channing arched toward Trevor, wanting to concentrate on the exquisite sensations of his talented mouth—her former lovers never paid long, drawn-out attention to her breasts, but Colby elbowed him out of the way.

“On your knees, darlin’.” He put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her to the carpeted floor.

“What about me?” Trevor complained.

Colby caressed Channing’s face with such genuine affection a lump rose in her throat. “You’ll get yours. We’re gonna see how good our girl is at multi-taskin’.”

A wave of heat rolled through her belly. Her thighs were drenched and clenched.

“Here’s the plan. You’re gonna blow me while you’re givin’ Trevor a hand job. Gotta get used to sharin’, sweetheart.”

She nodded.

“That’s my girl. Trev, help her out. Unbutton your own britches.”

Colby had wiggled his Wranglers and boxers down to his knees.

Channing got her first peek at his cock. A little puddle of drool formed in her mouth. It was by far the biggest dick she’d seen outside of Playgirl.

Long. And thick. It curved up slightly. Pre-come oozed from the wide purple head. An angry blue vein pulsed on the underside and disappeared between his balls, which hung low, flanked by muscular thighs dusted with dark hair.

Without waiting for permission, the very tip of her tongue circled the weeping tip. Mmm. Colby tasted clean. Musky. Hot and salty. His cock twitched and he sucked in a sharp breath.

She turned and peered at Trevor.

Trevor gave her that killer bad-boy grin. He gently brushed a stray tendril from her damp forehead. “I’d never have pegged you as the kinda girl who’d do this, Channing.”

“Which is exactly why I’m here.” Her gaze dropped to his big hands, hesitating on his fly. Feeling bold, she challenged, “You shy, Trev? Or are you gonna show me what you’ve got?”

“I’ve got plenty to keep you satisfied.” He shimmied his jeans over his narrow hips. No underwear. Grinning, he placed his hands behind his head and wagged his dick at her. “Like whatcha see?”

“Mmm-hmm.” His cock actually looked longer than Colby’s, but it wasn’t as thick. The skin was paler, making the dark veins a bigger contrast against the lighter tone of his blond pubic hair. “Come closer.”

Trevor shuffled a couple of steps until he stood next to Colby.

Without preamble Channing sucked him into her mouth like she was slurping a noodle. Released him. Did it again.

“Hey! You’re supposed to be suckin’ me off,” Colby reminded her.

“I need some moisture so I can work him with my hand.” She wrapped her fingers around Trevor’s shaft and began to stroke. “Like that?”


Channing increased her grip, the twisting sensation echoed in her own body from her nipples to her throbbing cunt.

“Shit yeah. Just like that.”

She smiled and faced Colby.

He placed his palms on her cheeks, brushing the head of his cock across the seam of her lips. “Open up. Take me all the way in deep.

That’s how I like it.”

She parted her lips, opening her mouth wide. The broad tip passed over her teeth, rested on her tongue as he kept pushing into her mouth.

The cockhead hit the back of her throat and she gagged.

Colby held her in position. “Relax, darlin’, and breathe through your nose. You’re not gonna choke.”

She fought the urge to bite down. Instead, she let the saliva pool on her tongue and didn’t swallow.

“That’s it. Don’t arch your neck so much. You’re doin’ great. Oh, shug, you’re sexy as hell.”

The pumping action of her hand on Trevor’s cock helped her focus beyond the need pulsing in her pussy. She hollowed her cheeks, and released Colby’s dick an inch at a time.

“Jesus, that feels good.”

“Tell me about it,” Trevor said with a groan. “I ain’t gonna last long.”

Channing sucked Colby to the root again, burying her nose in his pubic hair. Inhaling his scent. Several more times she deep-throated him. Then her hand circled the thick base of his shaft and she concentrated on the sensitive head, flicking her tongue on his glans on every upstroke.

Colby grunted. “Oh, yeah. Get me soppin’ wet with that greedy mouth. It’s a fucking turn-on that your mouth is waterin’ for me, darlin’.”

No man had ever talked dirty to her or told her exactly what he wanted without sugarcoating it. It didn’t embarrass her; it inflamed her.

Her pussy was so wet her juices trickled down the inside of her thighs.

“Faster,” Trevor panted. “Harder. Like that. Goddamn. Yes. More.

There it is. God. I’m coming. Right…now. Ah. Shit!”

Channing pulled her mouth from Colby, twisting to watch come jet out the end of Trevor’s pulsating cock and splash on her breasts. She pumped him faster. More white spray arced through the air. The hot fluid dripped off her beaded nipples.

Trevor’s legs shook, his back arched and his handsome face was lost in bliss as she stroked him to completion.

She’d never had a man come on her. Not like that. A feeling of power built and her nervousness disappeared. She bent her head and suckled the reddened knob, relishing the different tastes of these two men.