“Jesus!” Trevor said and jumped back.

“Come on, Channing. I’m so fucking close I can taste it,” Colby growled. “I want you to taste it, too. Trevor got his; now I want mine.”

With both hands free, Channing, curled the fingers of her right hand around the thick root and rolled his lightly furred balls with her left. Her mouth glided up until it reached the barrier of her fingers. On every downstroke she increased her suction, building a steady rhythm and she used her teeth on his sweet spot.

“Don’t stop. When I tell you, drop your hand and take my cock all the way in your mouth. Oh yeah, here it comes.”

His sac drew up; she unwrapped her hand and engulfed him completely, tightening her lips around the base of his shaft.

Colby growled, “That’s it. Milk it. Suck every goddamn drop.”

Breathing through her nose, she felt his cock twitching on her tongue as he emptied himself down the back of her throat. She swallowed the thick liquid as he kept coming and grinding harder into her mouth. Her eyes watered at the forceful grip he had on her hair, but his hold kept her gag reflex from kicking in. Finally, the pulsing stopped. She unlocked her jaw and released him slowly. And blew a stream of air over his shiny wet shaft.

Colby stumbled back.

Trevor laughed and steadied him. “Whoa, buddy, you okay?”

“Fuck no.”

Channing smirked and wiped the back of her hand across her smooth lips. “So, boys…did I pass the test?”

Chapter Three

Channing watched shamelessly as Colby tugged his jeans to his hips and tucked his spent cock back inside his boxers before he zipped up.

Trevor helped her off her knees and gently wiped the stickiness from her chest with a frayed kitchen towel. He slanted his mouth over hers and kissed her, not sweetly, but with fresh hunger and pure male heat.

She rubbed the inside of her thighs together to assuage the throbbing ache and Trevor retreated.

She sensed Colby closing in behind her. He lifted her hair and trailed his lips along the curve of her neck. “Shug, that was amazing. We’re definitely keepin’ you.”

“Definitely,” Trevor said.

“And you’ve been a good girl. A very good girl.” Colby’s palms skated down the front of Channing’s body, lingering to plump her breasts higher so Trevor could suckle the taut nipples. “Undo her pants, Trev,” Colby said gruffly.

Channing’s belly jumped with anticipation as Trevor complied, lowering the zipper and shimmying her skintight jeans down her hips.

The roughened tips of Trevor’s fingers followed the elastic band of her plain cotton panties. He seemed to want to dip his fingers into her aching sex, but he was waiting for something.

For a signal from Colby, apparently. It was obvious Colby was in charge.

Colby’s right hand trailed over her abdomen, straight through the short curls covering her mound. His middle finger separated the fold of her pussy lips and stroked her distended clit.

“Oh, God. Please. Don’t stop.”

“Ssh. We’ll take care of you. This go-around will be pretty quick since we gotta get on the road, but tonight I promise we’ll take our time with you. Spread your legs.” In between peppering the sensitive slope of her shoulder with moist kisses, he said to Trevor, “She likes it when you suck her nipples hard.”

Channing threaded the fingers of her left hand through Trevor’s hair and let her head fall back when Colby’s fingers penetrated her pussy. He thrust high, groaning in her ear when he found her absolutely dripping wet. Slow and easy he pumped in and out of her slick channel, sweeping his thumb side to side over her pouting clit. Trevor plucked her left nipple, pulling and twisting it as his mouth closed over the right one.

“Tell me what will make you come all over my hand, Channing,”

Colby urged against her throat. “I wanna smell that sweet cream.”

“Push your fingers in deeper. Faster on my clit. But, lightly. Yeah.

Like that. Oh, I’m so close. Yes. Yes. Right there.” Light and dark swirls of light exploded behind her lids as the orgasm burst between her thighs.

Colby murmured encouragement in her ear, his fingers continuing to plunge and Trevor’s rapid sucks on her nipple were synchronized to the blood pulsing in her clit.

She thrashed and squirmed but Colby and Trevor held her tight, keeping their attention entirely focused on bringing her every ounce of pleasure at their command. Shaking and spent, she slumped against Colby’s shoulder, breathing hard, dizzy, her body pliant with bone-deep satisfaction.

Trevor continued to lap at her pebbled nipples. Colby circled his fingers inside her, causing another set of tremors to trill through her internal muscles. “Look at me.”

She managed to force her eyes open.

Colby slipped his hand from her sex. As he lifted up his hand, coated with her juices, Trevor snagged Colby’s wrist and brought those glistening fingers to his lips, licking away every bit of her cream from his friend’s hand.

Channing almost came again.

“How does she taste?” Colby asked huskily.

“You tell me.” Watching Channing’s face, Trevor placed Colby’s hand flat on her belly, then layered his own big hand over Colby’s and slid both their hands down inside her damp panties, ramming four fingers deep into her wet pussy.

Her breath stalled as those slippery fingers twisted and plunged.

Colby brought his hand to his mouth and loudly sucked his fingers clean. Then he angled his head to capture Channing’s lips as he kissed her hard, sharing her taste in the most hedonistic, consuming kiss of her life.

With Trevor’s fingers still fucking her, and his teeth clamped on her nipple, another orgasm rocketed her body and she whimpered in Colby’s mouth.

Finally, Colby broke the kiss and a huge grin spread across his gorgeous face. “Oh, yeah, this is definitely gonna be one fun week.”

Colby loaded Channing’s suitcases in the horse trailer as Trevor and Edgard performed last minute checks on the horses. He tamped down the strange need to hold Channing’s hand or to constantly touch her in some manner. Talk about acting like a lovesick fool…but there was just something about the woman that brought out his protective instincts.

Edgard ambled to the truck cab. “Horses are loaded. We’re ready to roll.”

“Who’s drivin’?”

“Trevor. I’ll navigate if that’s okay. I figured you and Channing could sit in the back cab. If she’s sharing responsibilities, you’ll need to bring her up to speed on what she’ll be doing besides warming your bed, amigo.”

Colby nodded. “What’s our next stop?”

“Limon, Colorado. About six hundred miles. Good thing there ain’t no rodeo tonight, or we’d already be late for check-in.”

“Then let’s get on the road.” Colby glanced over and saw Channing leaning her elbows on the wooden railing separating the parking lot from the exercise arena, wearing a dreamy expression. He shouted, “Hey, Chan, time to load up.”

She turned and tucked the notebook in her hand into the gigantic camouflage messenger bag slung over her shoulder. Her turquoise boots kicked up dust as she hustled toward him, a secret smile tilting the corners of her full mouth.

Colby couldn’t help but grin at her and offer his hand when she finally reached him. He brought her knuckles to his mouth and rubbed his lips over them. “Ready?”


He swept a tendril of hair from her cheek. “You sure about this, darlin’ girl?”

She stood on her tiptoes and kissed his chin. “As sure as I’ve been about anything in my life. But one thing, Colby, I’m not a girl.”

“My mistake. You sure enough proved you’re all woman.”

Channing blushed attractively, captivating Colby completely. “Let’s start this adventure, cowboy.”

An enormous, beat-up, red Ford pickup pulled around the back end of the horse trailer and stopped parallel to the cab.

Colby smiled and tugged Channing closer to the rig.

The woman in the truck—Gemma Jansen—was a rough stock contractor from outside of Sheridan. Her husband had died a few years back and instead of selling off the livestock business, she’d taken over and was trying her hand at becoming a rough stock contractor for the Mountain and Plains Rodeo circuit.

Gemma was a true Westerner, a fourth generation Wyomingite, tough, gruff and knowledgeable about everything from land to horse bloodlines. Beneath her salt-of-the-earth persona, sometimes it was easy to forget she wasn’t an old grizzled woman. Somewhere in her forties, she was still a damn attractive woman. It was weird seeing her without her husband Steve. They’d been married forever. For the first time, Colby wondered if she got as lonely on the road as the rest of them did.

Gemma leaned over and rolled down the dirt-covered passenger window. “Where you boys headed?”

Edgard tipped back his hat and rested his forearm on the oversized mirror. “Limon. How about you?”

“Back home first. There’s a shortage of bucking horse stock in Cody so I’ve gotta get my foreman up there, see if they’re willing to look at any of ours.”

“They’d be damn foolish not to.”

“That’s what I said. My foreman ain’t so sure. And I ain’t so sure his reluctance ain’t borne out of laziness. So I gotta make sure he ain’t letting my business go to hell while I’m out workin’ this summer. He’s the third foreman I’ve been through in the last eighteen months.”

Colby said, “Too bad you can’t take Cash with you. He’d convince them guys in Cody to give you a shot. That man could sell wind in Wyoming.”

“Like we need more of that.” She scowled. “Shoot. One of them crazy tourist traps would kidnap that blowhard Indian, color his face with war paint, put him in buckskin and a feather headdress, trying to pass him off as ‘heap big chief’. Cash would surely like that.”

“Now, Gemma, that ain’t fair. I know you and Cash have your differences, but you cain’t argue that he don’t know his stock.”