She knocked back a fortifying drink and muttered, “I’ve never tried anal sex.” There. That hadn’t been so hard.

A secret sexy smile bloomed on his face. “And you want that?”

She nodded, glancing away from the gleam in his eyes to study the sawdust and peanut shells strewn across the floor.

“Then say it,” he demanded.

Channing remained mute.

Gently, Colby tilted her face up, placing his lips to her ear. “Say it, sweetheart. I ain’t being a jerk. I need to be perfectly clear on what you want.” He licked the shell of her ear and blew softly. “Besides. It’s sexy as hell to hear those naughty words comin’ out of such an angelic mouth.”

Channing rubbed her face against the rough stubble on his cheek, lost in the sharp contrast of his male hardness to her female softness. He smelled heavenly. She whispered along his jaw, “I want you to be the first man to take my ass, Colby McKay. I want to know what it’s like to be with more than one man. Doing whatever you want to me.”

He sucked in a harsh breath. “Whenever we want it?”

The outer door opened and a beam of light slanted across the bar, bouncing off the mirror and blinding her. She scooted away and nestled her spine against the Naugahyde booth. “Within reason,” she said. “I’m not into exhibitionism. I’ll do whatever you want as long as it’s not in front of an audience.”

“What constitutes as an audience? Because Edgard and Trevor and I share most everything.”

“An audience is any other cowboys on the circuit.” She frowned, remembering Jared’s description of Trevor and Colby’s saddle-breaking exploits.

“I know that look. What have you heard?”

Channing told him.

Colby swore. “That’s a damn lie. Jared and some fella from Canada did that, not me and Trev. We’ve done some crazy things, but never nothin’ like that. We’d never disrespect a woman that way.”

Right then she realized Jared leaving her was a good thing.

He shifted uncomfortably on the creaky bench seat. She could see the outline of his cock through his tight jeans. She squirmed in her already wet panties, imagining all the delicious things he planned to do with it.

“You object to bringin’ in another woman into our playtime?”

“Yes. Not something I’m interested in trying.”

He lifted a dark brow. “Can I ask why?”

She raised an eyebrow right back. “Besides the fact three cocks will be more than enough to keep me occupied?”

Colby grinned. “Homophobic?”

“Not at all. Girl on girl is just not for me.” She chomped a pretzel and pointed the jagged end at him. “And I don’t want to watch you fucking another woman either. Is that a problem?”

“Nope.” He brushed salt from her chin; his blunt fingertips leisurely traced the outline of her lips. “You’ve got the prettiest mouth.”

Everything inside her went hot and tight. “Then kiss me.”

“In a minute. Couple last things I need to know. You’ll suck me off, jerk me off, anytime I demand it?”

“Within reason. I’m not going to get on my knees right here.”

“Too bad. But sex toys and domination games are okay? I’m wicked good with ropes.”

An image arose. Her arms tied helplessly above her head, her legs spread-eagled. A blindfold covering her eyes. A bandana plugging her mouth to stifle the screams of raw pleasure. Powerless and begging under Colby’s towering body and punishing hands. She never would’ve dreamed that scenario would make her absolutely dripping wet. “Yes.”

“Would you let me spank you?”

Holy shit. That suggestion caught her off guard. People really did that? And liked it? “Umm. Would you hit me anywhere else?”

Colby frowned. “No. I ain’t that kind of man. But there is something about seein’ a rosy red ass that appeals to me. And don’t discount how sweet I can make punishments when you’ve been bad, shug.”

“This is starting to scare me,” Channing muttered.

“Nuh-uh. This is startin’ to excite you. So do we have a deal?”

She blurted, “Yes,” before she second-guessed herself and said no.

“Good. One more thing.”

She held her breath. She had a feeling this last question would be the most important one of all.

“Darlin’, pleased as I am that everything is up front with us, tell me why you’ve agreed to all my conditions.”

How did she explain without coming across as a desperate ho-bag?

But Colby wouldn’t judge her. And hiding the truth because she should feel embarrassed wouldn’t get her what she craved—this man, in whatever capacity he wanted her—if only for a week.

“Because I’m sick of worrying if I tell a man what I really want out of a sexual relationship that he’ll think I’m some kind of deviant. I’m tired of dating guys who see me as their mother, or the mother of their children. Or as a nice girl who’s happy with plain-old vanilla sex once a week and doesn’t want more. I want more. I want it all. I want to do things that I’ve only read about. And I want you to teach me.”

Colby’s fingers stroked her chin, then his hand slid up her jawline to cradle her face. “Believe it or not, I understand wantin’ to break free of expectations. I can be the lover who fulfills those desires, Channing. I can push you to the limit. But I’ll warn you: I am demandin’ and I like to be in control.”


“I’ve got to know you aren’t just sayin’ this. That you really mean it.

That you can handle what I’ve got planned.”

She angled her head and kissed the inside of his wrist. “How can I prove it?”

“Come with me right now. Don’t ask questions and don’t argue.”

“Only if you kiss me again.”

“Why you so intent on me kissin’ you?”

“Because, shug, when we were dancing you made me so wet and hot from that kiss I nearly came all over your leg.”

Colby growled and enclosed his mouth over hers. His hot male taste filled her as he forced her lips open and thrust his slick tongue in and out. He gifted her with a grinding kiss that stole her breath and fogged her senses. He sucked her tongue, followed it up with erotic little bites of her lips. Then he retreated, making her chase his tongue back into his greedy mouth.

The kiss softened, sweetened. He explored her reactions, licking her teeth, teasing the roof of her mouth with a fleeting flick of the tip of his tongue. He slid that rough, wet velvet along the inside curve of her cheek and nibbled on her bottom lip. Pulling back to let his breath drift over the dampened spots he’d created, as he brushed soft, yet insistent kisses on the corners of her trembling mouth.

Channing whimpered. Never in her life had she been kissed like that.

Her pussy flooded with cream, her nipples were hard as granite, her head spun like a tornado and he hadn’t really touched her yet.

What would happen when he did? When they all did?

He stared in her dazed eyes with male heat and pride. “I cannot wait to fuck you.” His hungry gaze zeroed in on her cleavage. “And those. But first, I’ve got a little test for you to pass. Come on.” Colby dropped ten bucks on the table to pay for the beer.

Holding his hand, she trailed behind him as they crossed the highway and into the arena parking lot. The rodeo grounds resembled an Old West ghost town. He led her to a dirty, white Dodge quad cab hooked to an enormous silver horse trailer.

Edgard and Trevor sauntered over from the corrals.

Her breath caught. Man, they were gorgeous. Edgard Mancuso, Trevor’s roping partner, was a darkly handsome Brazilian with the face of a god and the body of a gladiator. And Trevor, an all-American god in his own right, wavy blond hair, rugged looks born of his Nordic ancestry.

Her nerves kicked in. What if they didn’t want her?

“Channing. You’re lookin’ mighty fine today.”

“Thanks, Trevor.”

“What’s up, Colby?” Trevor asked.

“We’ve got a bit of a situation. As you’ve heard, Jared abandoned this little lady. She wants to stay on. I’ve agreed she can travel with us until Cheyenne…on a few conditions.”

“Which are?”

“She becomes our personal buckle bunny.”

Trevor grinned. “Sounds good so far.”

Edgard scowled at him. “We can get any woman, any time we want.

Why do we need just one?”

“Because she’s agreed to do whatever we want. And I know you guys have shied away from askin’ some of the fillies warmin’ our beds to do…certain things.”

Edgard glanced away.

“How do we know she ain’t just saying she’ll do it?”

“Good question. I thought we could test her intentions. If she agrees, and if we’re all satisfied, she’ll be goin’ with us today.”

“All three of us? Right now?” Edgard asked skeptically.

“Yeah, we’ll start with something easy. She’s new at this sort of thing.”

Channing’s blood began to race through her body with anticipation—pounding and throbbing in some places more than others.

“Whatcha got in mind, Colby?” Trevor asked.

“Let’s head into the horse trailer and I’ll tell you.”

Edgard shook his head. “I’ll sit this one out.”

The compartment in the horse trailer was bigger—and cleaner—than she’d imagined. A small living area comprised of a two-burner cook top stove, a mini-fridge, a microwave, a sink, and a table and bench seat which sat four. A metal ladder led to an area with a low hanging ceiling and a king-sized mattress. An angular tiny bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet was crammed in the far corner. The space smelled like horseflesh and leather and men.

“Do you live here?” she asked.