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We were fully clothed.

We were in a public place.

Yet the small space we were sharing smelled like sex.

Like pussy.

Ti’s pussy.

I groaned into her hair and my cock stiffened to the point of pain, but it wasn’t enough to make me stop.

I never wanted to fucking stop.

“Spread your legs,” I continued, my voice coming out strained and rough. Every inch of me ached to rip her shorts off right there on the picnic table and bury my cock so deep inside her she’d be able to feel it in her throat. “Show me your pussy.” I knew full well I was talking to her now, not repeating shit I’d said in the past.

Her lips parted and she turned her face upward toward the sky, her grinding became more fluid. Up and down she slowly dragged herself against me and even through my jeans and her shorts I felt the heat from her pussy up against my rigid cock.

It was the thought of how it would feel to be doing the very same thing, with Ti, without clothes in the way, that had me on the verge of blowing my load right then and there. I took a fist-full of her hair and I used it like reins, pulling her in as close as possible while I continued to talk against her prickled skin. “I’m going to make you come so hard, it’s going to fucking hurt.” She leaned back, pushing her tits out toward me. I tightened my grip on her waist.

She moaned again and this time my hips involuntarily jerked upward at the sound, my cock slamming against her with such force that pain radiated down my shaft. It was completely worth it, because the sound that came out of Ti’s mouth was downright animalistic. It was more of a roar than a moan, something so primal coming from somewhere so deep inside her it exploded in the form of a sound that had me shaking under the tremendous amount of need that kept building and building.

My little fucking cock tease.

I was blinded to everything around us and all I could see, all I could feel, all I could think about was fucking my girl again. “I want you,” I breathed. “I want to fuck you. So fucking hard.”

She put her hand over her mouth when she realized how loud she’d gotten, but I pulled it away. “No one can hear you,” I said, looking around to where the only other people in the park were a couple of teenagers at least ten tables away. “You can be as loud as you want. Besides, I like it when you scream.” The sun had just set but truth be told it could have been daylight with a thousand people standing around watching and I would have only stopped when the cops came to drag us away.

Bad train of thought.

“I want to taste you again. I’m going to make you scream my name until you go hoarse. And when you think it’s not physically possible for you to come again or you’re going to break…I’m going to make you come again…and I’m going to break you.”

Or I would fucking die trying.

“Bear,” Ti moaned, writhing against me. I was going to come if she didn’t stop, but when I opened my mouth to tell her to stop nothing came out.

I was so swept away in how she felt against my cock it took me a few seconds to register the rustling of the nearby brush.

I saw the barrels of their guns before I saw who was holding them.

I growled against her ear, “Pretend time’s over, baby.”



I knew the moment Thia registered we weren’t alone because her legs tensed around my waist. I turned around to face the threat and reached behind me, pushing her knees back together, keeping as much of her hidden behind me that I could. “Stay quiet,” I ordered.

I reached in the waistband of my pants for my gun, but I’d barely brushed the handle when the first gunman emerged from the bushes wearing a Bastards cut.

“I don’t fucking think so, Bear,” Mono said, with a big fat grin on his big fat face. “Hands off the fucking gun or I start firing now and chances are if I do that, that pretty little thang behind you is gonna be just as full of bullet holes as you’re gonna be.” He came to a stop about ten feet in front of us.

I released my gun and grabbed my lighter instead. “Just grabbing my smokes, man,” I said, lighting another cigarette. “You can tell Harris to come out of the fucking bushes,” I said pointing to the brush. “I know the Irish Twins never travel alone and besides, I can see the motherfucker’s shining bald ass head from here.” Ti’s knees shook against my back and I push back against her to ease her nerves, but her shaking only intensified.

Harris emerged from the brush with the same stupid grin on his red bearded face and joined his pseudo brother, his pistol raised as he approached.

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