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“Chop put you dumb fucks on me? I thought he’d at least send someone with some fucking brains, but he sends the fucking twins to do his dirty work?”

Mono and Harris joined the MC around the same time I was patched in. The name ‘Irish Twins’ has nothing to do with them looking alike because they weren’t related and aside from their bald heads and red beards they couldn’t have looked more different. Mono was around six feet and stocky, while Harris stood around six five, but was much leaner. It was their personalities that were identical, from the ear bleeding music they were always blasting from their rooms at the club, to the dark and bitter beer that they chugged for breakfast.

Mono spit his dip onto the ground and smiled, his teeth coated in black tar. “You weren’t all that hard to find you know, you could have tried harder to run.”

I scoffed and took a drag of my cigarette. “I’ve been in town for weeks. I was right under your nose the entire time you stupid fucks.”

Harris chimed in. “Easier to take you out when King isn’t up your ass, although I’d love to take that pussy out as civilian collateral damage.”

“Only a handful of places you could go. Even had eyes on that fucking old lady you liked so much.”


“Surprised you two fucking morons even found me,” I said. “You two can’t find your fucking cocks half the time. There is no way you tracked me on your own.” Mono sneered and came forward until we were almost chest to chest. There were two trackers the MC used and I hoped to God that it was Gus because if it was Rage there was no way I’d survive the next few minutes.

Rage never missed a target.


“You’re about to die motherfucker,” he spat. “If you shut your fucking mouth and take your death like a man then maybe we won’t kill the pretty little thing behind you when we’re done playing with her.”

“You won’t fucking touch her,” I warned.

“Step to the side or you’ll die watching Mono face fuck her before we put a knife in her throat,” Harris said, moving to the side of the picnic table to get a look at Thia. He licked his lips and sucked on his upper teeth.

“No,” I growled, but then I felt a tug in the back waistband of my pants.

No. You stupid fucking girl. Don’t.

This is all my fault. Ti was going to die all because I lied to her when she was a kid. Because I had to keep her in my life once she crashed her way into it.

It was because of me that we were both going to die.

Mono and Harris didn’t seem to notice what Ti was up to and she didn’t seem to get my telepathic message so when I felt a final tug, freeing my gun I knew it was now or never. We would survive because we had to survive.

Because Ti had to survive.

No. Matter. Fucking. What.

“I’m moving I’m moving,” I said. Taking one wide side step toward Harris, obstructing his view of Ti.

Ti fired.

I lunged for Harris and luckily I’d already had my hand on his gun and was wrestling for it when it went off while aimed at the sky. I fell on top of him and the second I was able to get the gun from his hand I turned it on him, putting a bullet into his temple.

I turned back around and expected to see Mono laid out but he wasn’t on the ground. He was standing up. Blood was pumping out of his shoulder. His good arm was wrapped around Thia, his knife at her throat. “What the fuck did you just do!” Mono roared, his knife bit into her skin and trickles of blood spilled down her neck.

“Let her go or I’ll blow your fucking head off,” I warned, turning my gun on him. It was a bluff and he knew it. I didn’t have a clear shot. There was no way I could shoot him without risking hitting Ti as well.

Mono laughed low and evil. “I don’t fucking care.” He shrugged and locked eyes with me. “Eye for an eye and all.” Mono tightened his grip on Ti and white knuckled his knife as he began to drag it across her throat. I lunged for them, but there was no way I was going to be able to reach them in time.


A shot rang out and Mono’s eyes rolled back in his head and the side of his neck exploded. His stare went blank as he released Ti and fell sideways into the dirt.

“Ti!” I said, running for her and scooping her up off of the ground.

“I’m okay?” she asked like it was a question and not a statement. I examined where the blood was dripping from her neck. The slice was about a half of an inch wide. “It’s not deep.” I sighed in relief. Maybe a stitch or two.

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