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“What happened? Why did it end?” she asked, looking up from where she’d just picked off a huge chip of paint, exposing a bright blue strip underneath the red.

“My best friend knocked her up. They’re getting hitched.” I said, and then I waited. But it didn’t come. The regret. The bitterness that usually followed all thoughts of my best friend being with the girl I thought I’d let get away.


“You mean King and…Ray? You and Ray?”

“No, me and Ray nothing. Never even started. It was an idea in my head. An idea that got snuffed out quickly. I never cared about a woman in my entire life and kind of confused my feelings for something it wasn’t.”

“I’m sorry,” Ti said and I genuinely believed she was sorry, any bitterness or jealousy was gone from her voice.

I shook my head. “Don’t be. I’m happy for them.”

I really meant it.

“Ti, are you jealous?” I teased, although I knew she wasn’t. I nudged her a little too hard and she almost fell off the table, but recovered quickly, using her hands to regain her balance.

I’d officially lost my god damned mind. Not only was I flirting but I’d resorted to pushing her around like a school kid with a crush.

“No, I’m not jealous,” she argued. “I shouldn’t have even asked. It’s none of my business. Besides, you don’t need to tell a girl that they are different to get them into bed, you probably just smile and say ‘Darlin’ and the panties start dropping,” Ti said, crossing and uncrossing her legs that made me want to spread them apart and sink my face down into her tight heat.

I put my hand on top of hers to ease her rambling, but when our hands met I didn’t expect the volt of static energy that sparked between us from a simple touch. Ti looked up at me and her jaw dropped open.

She’d felt it too.

I tried to take away my hand but I just couldn’t.

Better yet, I didn’t want to.

I clasped my hand around her much smaller one and yanked her onto my lap, she shrieked in surprise. I almost forgot what I was about to say when I noticed that my lips were lined up perfectly with that little indented spot where her neck and shoulder met. She struggled to get off of me, but I held her tight and leaned into the spot as close as I could without actually touching her. “You’re right, you know. I’ve never in my life said anything to a chick that wasn’t true to get her in my bed,” I said right against her skin.

Ti shuddered. “What would you say to them?” she asked, tilting her head to grant me more access to her neck. Her question took me by surprise.

“You want examples?” I asked with a small laugh. “Okay, I’ll tell you.” I grabbed a hold of her neck with one hand and held her tightly at the waist with the other. She smelled like some sort of girly shit that was making my dick even harder than it already was from her wiggling around on my lap. Every little movement of her struggle sent another surge of blood to my cock. The conversation we were having was doing very little to ease the strain behind my zipper. I knew then I’d have her dripping wet and leaking my cum before we made our way back out to the truck.

I ran my nose along her shoulder and up her neck toward her ear where I officially went crazy, because I whispered to her the words I really had said to women, before fucking them senseless, against the sensitive spot behind her ear. “I would just tell them the truth. What I wanted from them. What I wanted to do to them.” And then the words fell from my lips. “Take off your clothes and get on your fucking knees.”

“What?” Ti asked nervously, if not a bit breathlessly.

“That’s what I’d say when I want to fuck.” I moved her hair away from he back of her neck, brushing my lips and my words over her sensitive skin that was coming alive with goosebumps as I made my way from one ear to the other. “I’d tell them to fuck me. Suck me. Ride my cock. Bend over and lift up your skirt. Make me come.” She gasped and I knew my words were having an affect on her, especially when her movements became less of the struggling kind and more of the rubbing against me for relief kind.

“Keep going. Tell me more. What else?” she asked, closing her eyes, letting her head fall to the side.

Seeing Ti turned on was beyond beautiful.

It was fucking glorious.

I grabbed her by the waist, spinning her around on my lap to face me. Her legs wrapped around me like I hoped they would.

She opened her eyes and then her mouth to say something about our sudden change in position, but I ran the tip of my index finger across her collarbone, following up the touch with a feather light trace of my lips, letting out a breath I didn’t know I had been holding when she again closed her eyes and began slowly rocking back and forth on my lap, causing me to hiss between my teeth at the sensation. I didn’t want her to snap out of whatever the hazy reality was we were existing in, because in that reality, Ti had her legs wrapped around me and was grinding her pussy on my cock, and was turned on so badly by my crude words and simple touches that I could feel the space between her legs grow hotter and wetter as we continued on with whatever the fuck it is we were doing, and if I had my way, we would never stop doing.

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