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Author: Olivia Cunning

“When she starts crying and begging, you’l probably want to gag her so you don’t give in to her pleas.”

Brian wasn’t going to gag her. “Crying and begging?”

“She’l break eventual y and be submissive to you forever.”

He glanced at Myrna, who was staring up at the chain and chewing a fingernail. “I like her not submissive.”

“Your loss.” Jace pul ed a candle out of the case and lit it. He set it on the dresser and pul ed a second candle from the case.

“Make sure you blow it out and let the melted wax cool a little before you pour it on her. You don’t want to burn her skin. You should probably avoid the flails. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’l draw blood, but there are some paddles in here somewhere.” He rummaged around in the case. There were al kinds of things in there that Brian didn’t recognize.

“I’m starting to think there’s more to this than I realized.”

“Don’t be afraid to experiment, but be careful not to damage her trust. If she starts freaking out, you should stop what you’re doing and do something you know she likes for a while. Push her, but not too hard. You guys haven’t been together very long.”

Brian took a deep breath and nodded.

“Once you get her bound, blindfolded, and unable to hear anything but the music in her ears…” He pul ed an MP3 player out of his pocket and pressed it into Brian’s free hand. “…cal for me and I’l show you some techniques. She’l never know I’m there.”

“I’l cal you if I need you.”

Jace winked at him and cal ed to Myrna, “Have fun.”

Brian showed Jace to the door, closing it behind him, and then headed for the bed, hoping Myrna was as open-minded as he thought she was.

Chapter 24

Wary, Myrna watched Brian approach the bed. Her eyes moved to the camel-colored leather restraints in his hand and then to the chain suspended from the ceiling above her. She’d never been restrained before. She was pretty sure she wasn’t going to like it. She was, however, open to new experiences and wil ing to experiment with Brian.

“Before you start,” she said, “I want you to promise me you’l stop if I ask you to.”

“Jace said I should gag you when that happens.”

Her eyes widened and her heart began to race.

“But I’m not Jace,” Brian continued. “I’l stop if you ask me to stop. Do you trust me?”

She hesitated, her eyes dropping to the restraints again. “I think so.”

He walked around the edge of the bed and placed the restraints and an MP3 player on the nightstand. Empty handed, he crawled onto the bed with her. They knelt in the center of the mattress, facing each other. He took her hands in his and stared into her eyes. He stil had his stage makeup on, which reminded her how sexy he’d looked wailing on his guitar earlier. He seemed to realize she needed a moment to col ect herself. Her heart rate slowly returned to normal as they stared at each other silently. She leaned forward to kiss him. He took it as a signal to begin his latest assault on her senses and turned her chaste kiss into something deep and passionate. Her heart rate picked up again, but not from anxiety. He unbuttoned her suit jacket and pushed the garment from her shoulders. His fingers worked at the buttons of her blouse, unfastening the first two before he lost patience and ripped it apart at the chest. He squeezed her breasts in his palms and then unfastened her bra’s front clasp. His mouth moved to her jaw, her throat, her ear. The fact that he was stil so worked up surprised her. He jerked her blouse and bra from her body and tossed the garments aside.

Brian removed her skirt next, fol owed by her garter belt and stockings. When he had her entirely naked, he reached for the restraints. Her apprehension returned. Maybe this wasn’t the best idea. He could do anything to her and she wouldn’t be able to fight back.

“Are you okay?” After much fumbling, he got the first cuff fastened. “Is it too tight?”

She shook her head. “Brian, I’m not sure about this.”

The fastening of the second cuff didn’t take him as long. “About what?”

“Being restrained.”

“I thought you trusted me.”

“I do.”

“And I thought you liked to try new things.”

“I do.”

“Then what’s the problem?”

She took a deep breath and released it slowly. “No problem.”

“Good.” He pecked her on the lips, then stood and pul ed her arms up over her head. He hooked the chain between her wrists to the chain Jace had suspended from the ceiling. Her knees touched the bed, but she couldn’t rest her buttocks on her heels. Brian jumped off the bed and stared at her.

“You look real y sexy.” He reached behind her head and released the clip holding her hair in a loose knot. The long strands were stil damp from her earlier shower and felt chil y against her bare shoulders and back. Brian careful y arranged a strand over her shoulder to encircle her breast. When his fingers brushed against her nipple, her hands, suspended far above her head, clenched. Brian retrieved something from Jace’s open case and returned to her side to slide a thick, black mask over her eyes. She twisted her head to the side trying to avoid being blindfolded. “Don’t.”

“Everything wil be okay.” His face disappeared from view as he slid the blindfold in place. “God, that looks sexy, too. I’m starting to think I’m going to enjoy this as much as you wil .”

Myrna wasn’t sure she was going to enjoy this at al . She didn’t like to feel helpless and that’s exactly how being restrained and blindfolded made her feel.

Next, he put something in her ears. The sound of Sinners music fil ed her head. He pul ed one of the ear buds out of her ear. “Is that too loud?”

“No. I like it loud.”

He kissed her lovingly. “I won’t hurt you.” He slapped her bare ass and she flinched. “Much.”

He put the ear bud back into her ear. She waited, her heart thudding with apprehension. What did he plan to do to her? She couldn’t see him or hear him or touch him. And she had glimpsed some of the instruments of torture in Jace’s case. Something warm and damp draped across her shoulders and around her neck under her chin. The scent of Brian’s body assailed her. She groaned and burrowed her nose in his sweat-damp T-shirt. His fingers brushed against her lower back and her body jerked. Deprived of sight, her other senses were heightened. His guitar playing had never sounded so exciting, his scent drove her to distraction, and the gentle brush of his fingers fired a hundred pleasure sensors in her skin. Knowing she couldn’t touch him made her want to touch him that much more. Maybe she was going to like this game after al . Something brushed across the underside of her breast. Soft. Light. A feather? She concentrated on sensation, trying to understand what she felt. The feather brushed along her rib cage, down her bel y and then up the other side. She shuddered, a soft groan erupting from between her lips. Something clamped down hard on her nipple, bordering on pain, but definitely pleasurable. Now the other nipple. Her body trembled as the gentle brush of the feather contrasted with the pinching pain centered at both nipples. Clothespins?

The pinching device on her left nipple was removed, leaving it tender and aroused. Brian soothed the ache with his lips and tongue. She groaned and tugged on the restraints above her head. “Please, the other now.”

He moved away and clamped her left nipple again. She gasped in frustration. Something cool and smooth moved across her back between her shoulder blades. A piece of fabric? Satin maybe. The smooth material moved down her spine and over her buttock. A sharp sting assaulted her other ass cheek. She cried out in surprise. He spanked her again. Not with his hand. She decided he had a paddle. She wondered how he was able to remove objects from the case so fast. She started to suspect they weren’t alone. But who?

“Jace?” she whispered suspiciously.

Brian moved behind her, the length of his body pressing against hers. She could feel his naked chest against her back and the rough fabric of his jeans against her buttocks. He pul ed an ear bud out of her ear. “It’s just me. Are you stil okay?”

“Yeah. This is exciting. Don’t stop yet.”

“I won’t until you tel me to.”

He replaced her ear bud and released her nipples from their harsh pinching. A few seconds later, something cold and wet brushed against both nipples. Water dripped down the underside of her breasts as the ice melted between his fingers and her skin. He rubbed a frigid trail down her body, circling her navel and then moving further down. When he brushed the hot swol en flesh between her legs, she shuddered against him. He stimulated her clit only briefly before sliding the ice cube inside her vagina with his fingers. Her thighs clamped over his hand, holding it in place.

A moment later he spanked her with the paddle and, surprised, she released his hand. He left the ice inside her and backed away. Cool water dripped down her inner thigh as the ice melted. Something hot burned a trail over her lower back.

“Ah!” she gasped, twisting away from the heat. It was very hot but didn’t burn for long. The smel of paraffin alerted her to his current antics. A second splash of hot wax dripped over her thigh.

The bus rocked forward. They were on the road again. She wondered fleetingly if anyone had found her car, but lost the thought as another piece of ice trailed over her skin, beside the hardening wax on her thigh. Brian’s thumb touched her chin. When she opened her mouth, he put something on her tongue. A sweet square of chocolate melted in her mouth. She turned her head to inhale Brian’s scent on the T-shirt stil draped over her shoulders. One of Brian’s best solos now played in her ear. She protested when he tugged the ear bud out of her ear again. She enjoyed being completely immersed in the man’s musical genius.

“Are your arms getting tired?” he asked, his low voice next to her ear. His breath stirred the fine hairs resting against her neck and she shuddered.

Actual y, she couldn’t feel her fingers, but she didn’t much care. “If I say yes, wil you stop?”

“Do you want me to stop?”

She shook her head vigorously. “Not at al .”

His soft chuckle caused goose bumps to rise on her skin. She was so aware of him that everything he did was a turn on.

“I was just going to take your arms down for a few minutes so you can rest them. I don’t plan on stopping until the sun comes up.”


He wrapped an arm around her waist and helped her to rise off her knees. The chain suspending her hands above her head came free.

“Lie on your bel y.”

Disoriented, she felt the mattress in front of her with her hands so she didn’t do a face plant off the end of the bed. When she was lying face down, he pul ed her right arm out to the side and fastened it down by the restraint cuff.

“I’m not going anywhere,” she said.

He secured her other arm, and then clamped something around her ankle. She tried to lift her leg, but could scarcely move it. He secured her other leg, so she lay spread eagle on her stomach without an inch of play in any of her restraints.

“Uh, Brian,” she said, her heart drumming with a mixture of excitement and fear. “I can’t move.”

“That’s the idea.” He returned the ear bud to her ear.

He left her like that for what seemed like an eon, her nerves suspended on a knife’s edge. She turned her face into his sweaty shirt, stil tangled around her neck. She breathed in his scent and wriggled her hips, squirming to try to al eviate the throbbing between her thighs. There was a sharp sting on her buttocks and she went stil , panting for no good reason. The mattress sagged beside her. She could sense him near her left side even though he wasn’t touching her. Something wet trickled down the center of her back.


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