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Author: Olivia Cunning

He stepped up to Sed’s mic in the center of the stage. “I’ve been writing a lot of new music lately,” he said. “I’m going to play a little for you now. You’l be hearing variations of it on the new album.” He paused. “Which should be out early next year.”

The crowd roared their enthusiasm. Brian closed his eyes and let his fingers find their own way. He al owed his mind to drift back in time to the moment he original y composed this solo. The memory was so distinct, he could feel Myrna’s warmth, smel her skin, and hear her uneven breathing in his ear. It wasn’t until he reached the end, and Trey appeared at his side, that he heard the crowd.

“Are you trying to steal the show, Master Sinclair?” Trey asked.

Brian put his hand over the microphone. “Actual y, I wish it was already over.”

Trey grinned at him and pushed his hand aside so he could talk into the mic. “I think Master Sinclair is more worked up than normal, don’t you? I mean, where the fuck did that come from? Amazing.” Trey paused, his eyes scanning the crowd. “The ladies are looking especial y sexy tonight, don’t you think so, Sinclair?”

“Lady Sinners are always sexy.”

“You know what I think he needs?” Trey said. “A couple dozen bras to work him up even more. What do you say, Lady Sinners?

Do you want to help him out?”

“I’m good, thanks.” Brian glanced over his shoulder at Myrna. She was laughing as the bras began to fly onto the stage. Within a minute, every size, style and color of bra imaginable littered the stage at his feet. Several young women, perched on the shoulders of their boyfriends, lifted their shirts to show off their bare breasts. He hoped Myrna continued to be okay with this. He had to play along now. Brian retrieved a red lace bra from the stage and hung it on the end of his guitar.

Trey picked up a leopard print bra. “Who does this sexy thing belong to?” he asked, dangling it from one finger. A girl situated several people behind the barrier started to scream excitedly and jump up and down. They couldn’t hear her on the stage, but her wild gesticulations made it obvious that the bra was hers.

“Can I borrow this, sweetheart?” Trey asked. He draped it on the end of his guitar. “You can pick it up after the show in person. I’l help you put it back on.”

The young woman unexpectedly dipped out of sight. People in the crowd lifted her, now unconscious, and passed her to the front of the crowd over the barrier.

“Damn, Trey, you made her faint.”

“Sorry about that. They just can’t handle my sex appeal.” He smoothed one eyebrow with the side of his finger. Brian snorted with laughter. “Apparently, they’ve never seen you passed out with your head in a toilet.”

The guys in the audience hol ered their approval.

Sed appeared between them and looped an arm around each of their shoulders. “Are you fuckers going to talk al night or are you going to play some music?”

“I guess we can play our new dueling solo,” Brian said. “Do you want to hear it?” he asked the crowd. “It’s up to you. We can col ect bras al night as far as I’m concerned.”

He glanced over his shoulder at Myrna again. She was stil smiling at his antics. God, he loved her. Perfect. She was absolutely perfect.

A few more bras landed on the stage. The girls flashing their breasts had the guys in the crowd worked into a frenzy. Brian leaned closer to Trey to speak to him without the microphone picking up their conversation. “I hope you’re ready to play the new dueling solo live.”

He shrugged. “I wouldn’t want you to be the only one to fuck up in front of ten thousand people tonight.”

Brian grinned at him. “Try to keep up.”

Sed hung several bras on his mic stand. “I’m saving these for later,” he said, and then moved to the side of the stage and stood next to Myrna. Brian saw him wrap an arm around her shoulders and plant a kiss on her temple. He also saw her deliver a wel -placed elbow to Sed’s ribs. Knowing Myrna could hold her own against Sedric Lionheart’s libido, Brian forced his attention back to the task at hand.

He started the solo and paused while Trey echoed him. He repeated the string of notes an octave higher and up-tempo. Trey fol owed him with no problem. Down an octave and faster. Trey stil kept up without missing a note. In reverse and faster stil . Every time Trey made it through a segment, the crowd’s noise level intensified. Faster and faster they dueled until Trey’s echoes were blending with Brian’s lead. Trey leaned against his back and instead of dueling, they played in harmony. When the last note rang from the speakers, the crowd erupted into cheers.

“I guess we’l cal that a draw,” Brian said. First time ever.

“I think you need some practice, Master Sinclair. You usual y smoke me in three rounds.”

“Maybe we’l have to start cal ing you Master Mil s.”

Trey grinned. “I’l beat you one of these days.”

Half the crowd was chanting, “Mil s. Mil s. Mil s. Mil s.” The other half chanted, “Master Sinclair. Master Sinclair.”

Eric’s pounding bass drum reminded them to get on with the rest of the show. When Jace returned to the stage, he snitched several bras from the floor to decorate the neck of his bass.

Trey had taken Brian’s mind off Myrna, but seeing Jace reminded him what he’d be doing in less than thirty minutes. In the future, he’d make sure to make love to her before a stage performance, not after. His entire body ached. Through the next six songs, Brian was glad his fingers knew the music, because his head just wasn’t in it. He scarcely moved from a three-by-three foot area of the stage. He crossed the stage occasional y to switch out his amps with the foot pedals on the floor in front of his regular location, but his usual showmanship was nonexistent. Strangely, Jace took up his slack. No hiding out by the drum kit for him tonight. He even talked into the mic at one point. The crowd loved it. Trey and Sed teased him for stepping out of his shel and he flushed, but Brian just played what he was supposed to.

When the final note of the last song rang out, Brian tossed his pick into the crowd and headed for backstage. He handed his guitar to a random roadie, plucked the ear buds from his ears, and grabbed Myrna. She gasped in surprise when he slammed her against the side of a speaker and covered her mouth with his. He fil ed one hand with her soft, ful breast. The other slid under her skirt to find the bare skin of her thigh above her lace-topped stocking. He pressed his cock, hard as stone, against her mound.

“Horny much, Brian?” Trey cal ed as he passed them. “Jesus Christ, dude.”

Brian removed his hand from Myrna’s thigh long enough to flip off Trey.

Trey pressed up against Brian’s back. “Don’t offer if you don’t plan to put out,” he said in his ear and gave its lobe a playful nip. Brian elbowed Trey in the gut and he backed off. Brian tore his mouth from Myrna’s and looked down at her flushed skin. Her glazed eyes. Swol en lips. She looked as turned on as he felt. They needed to get to the bus. Stat.

“Great show, Jace,” Eric said as the two of them passed.

Brian glanced over his shoulder. Jace was grinning ear-to-ear. “Thanks.”

“Someone else seemed to have their head up their ass tonight.” Eric swiveled his head to glare at Brian. “Yeah, I mean you.”

“I think his head was up something else,” Trey said. “Myrna, you need to escort Master Sinclair to the nearest bedroom before he humiliates himself and comes down his leg in front of his friends.”

Myrna grasped the hand Brian had squeezing her thigh and squirmed from between his body and the speaker. “Fol ow me.”

Jace caught his arm. “Should I stop by in about ten minutes?”

Brian nodded slightly and pul ed free of Jace’s grip to fol ow Myrna to the tour bus. She ran most of the way. He scarcely got the bedroom door closed before she was against him, kissing him feverishly.

His plans to make love to her evaporated. He could only think of one thing. He had to thrust into her body. Bury his cock in her slick, warm flesh. He couldn’t wait. She must have been of the same mind. Her hands were already releasing the fly of his jeans. When his cock sprang free of his pants, she gripped it in one hand and shuddered violently.

“Oh God, Brian. Do me hard. Please.”

She didn’t need to beg, but he liked it. He backed her into the bed and she tumbled backward. They both struggled to get her skirt up. He scarcely comprehended that she had opted against panties, and only found himself grateful that it made it easier for him to find her. She spread her legs wide, resting on her elbows to arch her back.

He guided his cock into her body, fil ing her with one violent, deep thrust. Her entire body spasmed as she came. Hard.

“Oh God. Oh God!” she screamed. She continued to shudder as he began to withdraw and thrust into her as hard as he could. He would fol ow her to bliss soon. The urgency to spil his seed inside her was already building. His breath hitched unexpectedly. He was closer than he thought. He didn’t have time to delight in his build-up toward release. His body stiffened and he erupted inside her. He rocked against her with a startled cry as he came, and then col apsed on top of her. He trembled uncontrol ably for several moments as he attempted to catch his breath.

“Jesus, I’m sorry, Myrna. Was that even thirty seconds?”

She touched his cheek tenderly and kissed him. “You never last long after a show.”

“Yeah, but that had to be some kind of world record.”

She shook her head. “You lasted longer than I did. I came as soon as you put it in.”

He chuckled. “You always make me feel better. Even when I’m terrible.”

She knocked his hat off his head and buried her fingers in his hair. “I wouldn’t say you were terrible. Just too excited before you started, but you can make it up to me. We’l try it again from the beginning.”

Before she could kiss him, there was a timid knock at the door. Jace. Brian smiled.

“I plan to make it up to you al night,” he said. “I hope you’re ready.”

“For what?”

“A special surprise.”

He pul ed out of her body, tucked his cock in his pants and fastened his jeans. He admired her exposed thighs for a moment before tugging her skirt down to cover her.

Jace knocked again and Brian went to answer the door. Jace carried a huge suitcase into the room, set it on the floor and opened it. He pul ed out a chain.

“I’l set this up for you,” Jace said. “It’s important to get the length right.”

Brian glanced at Myrna. Her eyes were wide as she stretched her neck to peer into the suitcase.

“Don’t worry, honey. I don’t think he’l use half that stuff,” Jace said to her.

Her frightened gaze moved to Brian. “What are you going to do?”

“Ask you to trust me.”

“I do trust you.”

Jace climbed up on the bed. “Kneel right here, Myrna.”

She looked at the chain in Jace’s hand. “What are you going to do?”


She turned her attention back to Brian. “What are you going to do, then?”

“It’s a surprise,” Brian said. “But I promise you’l like it. Jace is just helping me set it up, that’s al .”

She hesitated, and then went to kneel beside Jace in the center of the bed.

“Lift your hands above your head.”

She obeyed.

“A little higher.”

Jace fastened the chain to a hook in the ceiling and then whispered something to her that Brian couldn’t hear. She looked slightly less pale when she lowered her arms to her sides. Jace hopped off the bed and returned to Brian’s side. From his suitcase, Jace pul ed a pair of leather cuffs that were lined with fleece. “Make sure you leave enough room for blood flow, and take her arms down from the hook occasional y or she’l lose circulation to her hands.” Brian was surprised by how much experience Jace had with this stuff. Jace retrieved a gag—a leather strap with a rubber bal —from his case of wicked delights.


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