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Author: Olivia Cunning


He backed the car and headed in the direction Myrna had indicated. By the time they found the tour buses behind the stadium, it was nine-thirty.

They hurried up the bus steps and were confronted by Sed. “Where the fuck have you two been? The show starts in half an hour.”

“Get out of the way. I need a shower. You can yel at me later.” Brian shoved Sed aside and peeled his shirt off over his head as he headed for the bathroom.

“Wel , hurry up!” Sed cal ed unnecessarily.

Myrna fol owed Brian into the bathroom. If she was going to watch the performance, she needed a shower, too. She had sand in unimaginable locations and her once white dress was now a grimy shade of puce. Brian turned on the water in the tiny shower and unfastened his pants.

“Are you going to watch?” he asked.

“I’m going to join you.”

“I don’t have time for you to join me.” Now gloriously naked, he stepped into the shower.

“I need a shower, too. I’m filthy.”

Her dress and panties landed in a pile on top of her discarded sandals. She stepped into the shower behind Brian, who was lathering his hair with shampoo. She hadn’t planned on touching him, just sharing the flow of water, but when this man was naked and within reach, she couldn’t help herself. She kissed his shoulder and his entire body jerked.

“Myrna, please don’t. I’m already horny as hel . I don’t need to go on stage with a hard on.”

“It’s your fault for turning me down on the beach.” She pressed a kiss to the center of his back, the unpleasant taste of shampoo in her mouth. “And on the hood of the car.” She kissed his other shoulder. “And inside the car.” Her hands circled his body to slide up his bel y. “And every hotel we passed for 70 miles.”

“Can I help it if my girlfriend always wants my body?” She could hear the smile in his voice.

“Like you don’t contribute to my uncharacteristic, insatiable appetite.”

“What do you mean, uncharacteristic?”

“Do you real y think I usual y need hours of sex every single day? When I have a steady lover, thirty minutes twice a week is sufficient.”

“Real y?” He turned to rinse his hair, scrubbing with both arms above his head. Her hands moved around him to massage his firm buttocks. She kissed his col arbone.

“So do I not satisfy you, or what?” he asked.

He knew better, but that ego of his needed constant feeding. “You always satisfy me. Now that I know how good it can be, I want you al the time.”

He grinned down at her. “I feel exactly the same way.” She didn’t believe him, but now was not the time to cal him on his fib. He had to be on stage in twenty minutes.

They switched places so she could wash her hair while he lathered his body with soap and insisted on rubbing the bar over her breasts and bel y. They switched places again so he could rinse his body while she finished washing. Squeaky clean, he kissed her and left her to her own devices.

After hurrying through the rest of her shower, she wrapped a towel around her body and rushed to the bedroom. Brian was already half dressed. She watched him tug a T-shirt on over his head. He reached for a studded belt and laced it through his belt loops.

“What should I wear?” she asked.

“You look damn good in that towel.” The slight growl in his voice made her throb between her thighs. They were both worked up to a sexual frenzy. How would she ever get through watching his entire show without pouncing on him in front of a stadium ful of fans?

She grinned. “I don’t think that’s wise.”

“Wear a shirt with buttons,” he requested. “The rest, I don’t care.” He sat on the end of the bed to put on his socks.

“Stockings and garters?”

He glanced up. “Yeah. I like those.”

“Panties? Or should I not bother?”

With a growl, he grabbed her and tossed her onto the bed. He tugged her towel open and sucked one breast into his mouth. The other he squeezed firmly. The hard bulge in his pants pressed against her thigh.

“Don’t you have to be on stage in fifteen minutes?” she asked nonchalantly, though had he taken the time to explore the neglected parts of her body, he’d have found her hot, swol en and wet.

He lifted his head to look down at her. “You’re driving me crazy, Myrna.”

“You’ve been driving me crazy al day.”

He grinned. “I think my plan worked a little too wel .” He moved from the bed, his gaze roaming her body as he stood over her.

“I’ve got to go dry my hair, shave, and put on my stage makeup. Get dressed. And try not to look too sexy. I have to get through the next hour without touching you. If you decide against panties, please don’t tel me.”

She chuckled and climbed from the bed in search of clothes. She dressed as fast as she could. She wished she hadn’t mentioned garters. They took too long to put on. By the time she found Brian in the bathroom, he was ready to go. He wore a red felt replica of his discarded lucky hat instead of going for the messy, hairspray and gel look he usual y sported on stage. He didn’t have time to do his hair. The eyeliner he couldn’t do without, however. That was signature. She wiped at a smudge under his left eye with her thumb.

“I didn’t have time to paint my nails.” He gazed at the remnants of chipped black nail polish on his index finger. She hugged him. He trembled against her with a typical case of preshow jitters. “No one wil notice,” she said. “I just need to do something with my hair and face. I’l be right out.”

“You wore a suit? You know what it does to me when you look prim and proper.”

She grinned. “That’s why I wore it.”

He kissed her on the forehead and trotted toward the bus exit. “Don’t be late.”

“I wouldn’t miss it.”

Chapter 23

The crowd was restless and chanting, “Sinners. Sinners. Sinners,” at ful volume. As Murphy’s Law would have it, Brian needn’t have rushed so much. There was a problem in one of the video panels behind the drum kit. Their effects technician was working to get it back online as quickly as possible and the crowd grew louder and more restless with each passing moment. Brian pul ed Jace aside to talk to him while they waited for the signal to go on stage.

“Can I borrow your restraints tonight?” Brian asked.

If Brian’s request surprised Jace, he didn’t show it. “Do you know how to work them? You don’t want them too tight or too loose.”

“If I can’t figure them out, I’l cal you.”

“The suspension chain should be in the case with them. Make sure her knees can touch the bed or you’l hurt her shoulders.”

“I was just going to tie her down, flat on her back.”

Jace shrugged. “I guess that’s okay, but then you only have one side of her body to work with.”

Brian glanced over his shoulder to make sure Myrna hadn’t arrived backstage yet. Trey was rocking up and down on the bal s of his feet, his energy level sky high. Eric was twirling his sticks and pointing them at people as if he were a gunslinger. Sed looked bored and slightly annoyed by the chick who was hovering around him. No sign of Myrna.

“So I should restrain her arms above her head? I wondered why you put that hook in the ceiling over the bed.”

“You’l both get more out of the experience that way. Don’t forget to blindfold her.”

“Blindfold her? Why?”

“So she real y feels what you’re doing to her. You’ve never blindfolded her?”

Brian shook his head.

Jace massaged the silver earring in his left lobe and then the one in his right. “You haven’t been working al of her senses then, have you?”

“What? You mean like sight and touch.”

“Yeah. Taste, smel , hearing, pain, hot, cold, vibration, pressure, smooth texture, rough. Al the senses.”

Brian felt a little strange asking a guy five years his junior for sexual advice, but he wanted tonight to be something Myrna would never forget. “Tel me more.”

“I suggest you blindfold her to heighten the senses she doesn’t use much. Let her watch you jerk off and come on her, but otherwise keep her eyes covered. And since she creams over your guitar playing, I’d get her some earphones and make her listen to our music the entire time. Then she won’t hear what’s coming at her either.”

Brian decided Jace knew what he was talking about. “What else?”

“Ice and candle wax. Keep her guessing on hot and cold.”

Brian felt like he should be taking notes.

“And put the shirt you wore on stage over her nose. Chicks like the scent of their man. I know it sounds weird, but trust me, she’l get off on it. You probably want to bring stuff to put in her mouth. Different flavors. I’ve got some samples in the case with my restraints, paddles, and stuff, but you’l probably want some extras that are specific to her.”

“Do you sit around al day and think up this shit?”

Jace grinned deviously. “Why do you think I’m so quiet al the time?”

The clicking sound of approaching high-heeled shoes drew Brian’s attention to Myrna. Ice. Candle wax. Paddles. Blindfolds. He must have looked suspicious, because she looked at him quizzical y when she drew to a stop beside him.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” she asked. “And why aren’t you on stage yet? I thought I was late.”

“Technical difficulties.”

“Okay, guys. We’ve got it fixed,” one of the roadies cal ed.

The stadium lights went down. The crowd roared.

“I’l see you soon,” he murmured close to Myrna’s ear. He adjusted his ear bud so he could hear himself and the band play without going deaf in front of the amplifier. He rushed up the stage stairs and trotted across the set to his normal spot: stage left. His heart thudded as it always did when his feet first touched the stage. Eric started the first song with several taps on his cymbal fol owed by a drum progression. By the time Jace entered the song with his base groove and Trey strummed the rhythm riff, Brian’s apprehension had vanished. A purple light bathed his body from above and he entered the song with a solo—his guitar a familiar friend. When his solo segued into the lead riff, Sed’s voice growled in his ear and the stage lit up al at once. He could hear the crowd roar over the music.

He looked out at the fans, but could only see the first few rows due to the stage lighting. A great crowd. Fists in the air, heads banging, mouths voicing the lyrics. When the crowd was pumped up, the band was pumped up and they always gave a better show. Too bad Brian kept getting distracted by Myrna in his peripheral vision. He probably should have let her interview the groupies tonight. As horny as he was, he would have had a hard time concentrating even if she hadn’t been standing there. Trey bumped up against him to gain his attention and nodded toward the end of the stage, opposite where Brian normal y played. Brian nodded in agreement. Over there, he couldn’t see Myrna, but she’d stil be able to see him. He headed across the stage. When it was time for Brian’s solo, Sed turned toward Trey, shook his head in confusion, and located Brian to his right side. He made a gesture as if to say “what the fuck are you doing over there,” but shrugged and moved to the back of the stage to stand next to Jace. Trey switched Brian’s amp for him with a pedal on the floor and entered the second half of the solo where they dueled. They met in the middle of the stage as they did every show, strumming each other’s guitars, which took extreme concentration. Tonight, Brian found himself facing Myrna directly. When she raised her fist in the air and cheered for them excitedly, he missed a long series of notes. Trey laughed at him and shook his head. Shit! Some fan with a video cel phone was sure to post that flub on the internet. Brian just had to pretend she wasn’t there and he should be able to get through the next nine songs. His plan worked fairly wel until the rest of the band left the stage so he could play his recently composed solos. The solos he’d written while making love to Myrna. He usual y tried to get the crowd pumped up at this point, but tonight, he decided to just play. They’d either respond on their own or they wouldn’t. Selfish of him? Maybe.


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