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Author: Olivia Cunning

She tensed.

He spanked her.

She gasped. Forced herself to relax.

His hands moved across her back to spread the liquid into her skin. The heels of his palms massaged her muscles while his fingers gently caressed her. He started at her shoulders and worked his way down slowly. When he reached her lower back, he straddled her thighs. She could feel the crinkly hairs of his legs brush the backs of hers. Was he naked? Did that mean he would take her soon? God, she hoped so. His hands moved lower, over her buttocks. After her spanking, his hands massaging her ass felt amazing. His thumbs brushed against her anus with each circular motion. She could feel the animal-like sounds coming from her throat, but she could scarcely hear them over the music.

She fought her arm restraints, straining towards him, lifting her hips off the bed as high as she could in the hopes that he’d penetrate her. Her muscles felt like warm butter, making the unrelenting ache between her thighs unbearable. He stopped massaging her. The sting of the paddle on her soothed ass cheek was a total shock to her system. She couldn’t take any more of this.

“Please, Brian,” she sobbed. “Please take me. Please.”

He moved away. The mattress rose beneath her as he left the bed.

“No! Don’t leave me like this, you jerk!”

She fought her restraints until she exhausted herself and fel stil , breathing hard from her fruitless exertions. He returned to her then, sitting on the backs of her thighs. She could feel his rock hard cock resting against the crack of her ass. So it turned him on to torture her, did it? See if she ever let him fuck her again after this was over. Or better yet, she’d give him the same treatment and see how he liked it.

Probably not half as much as she did.

She groaned.

His hands trailed lightly over the skin of her back. From what she could decipher, he wore two different gloves. One hand was smooth as satin as it brushed over her skin, the other rougher, more like a loofah sponge. His dichotomous gloves moved rapidly over her back and sides. A much different stimulation than his soothing massage. Invigorating. Maddening. When his hands dipped under her body to caress her hipbones and bel y, she shuddered violently.

“Ah God, you’re driving me insane,” she said.

She felt his lips against her shoulder and then he began to rub his cock up and down the crack of her ass while he stroked her skin—smooth touch one side, rough on the other. She dug her toes into the mattress and rocked with him, wishing he’d stop teasing her and just thrust into her. She was so hot and wet, she knew she’d come the second he claimed her.

“Put it inside me,” she pleaded. “Just for a minute.”

He moved away again.

She growled in frustration. A moment later, islands of cold spotted across her back. Ice again. But this time he just set the little cubes in various locations and left them there to melt. He placed them down the backs of her thighs, knees and calves as wel , and then took a cube and ran it down the crack of her ass, rubbed it over her anus, around her vaginal opening, and final y her clit. He slid it inside her, pushing it deep with his finger. He repeated the treatment with a second ice cube, and a third. Those stil resting on her skin formed cool pools and dripped water down her sides and the center of her back. The ice inside of her was melting as wel and dripping cold liquid over her hot, swol en clit. He unexpectedly shifted between her legs and then fil ed her with one savage thrust. She cried out. “Oh God yes, thank you,” she panted. “Thank you.”

He thrust into her more shal owly, once, twice, three times and then pul ed out. A gush of cold water bathed her aching genitals. She shuddered. He thrust into her again and rested his face on her back, rubbing it against her as if trying to control himself. He pul ed out again and left the bed.

“Okay, Brian, we can finish now. Let me loose.”

She felt one arm restraint come loose from the bed and then the other. She rose up to her knees and reached for him. He surprised her by fastening her wrists together again and stretching them above her head to hook her to the ceiling.

“I said let me loose. You promised you would if I asked.”

He put something minty in her mouth and then pul ed the blindfold up to her forehead. She blinked against the bright light in the room. She’d had no idea every light in the room was on. When her eyes adjusted, she decided she might climax from just looking at him in his present condition. His eyes were glazed, hair sticking to the side of his face with sweat. He knelt in front of her on the bed, his engorged cock jutting out between them. She spread her legs as much as she could, seeing as they were stil restrained to the bed at the ankle. She wrapped her hands around the chain and pul ed her knees off the bed. This would be an exciting position. She couldn’t wait for him to thrust up inside her.

He fil ed the palm of his hand with oil and rubbed it over his cock from base to tip. Apparently, he didn’t realize she was already dripping wet.

He continued to caress his cock, base to tip, tip to base, base to tip. Faster now. She couldn’t stop watching as he stroked himself. The throb between her thighs was painful. Agonizing. She released the chain and drew her legs closer together, squirming as she tried to stimulate her clit and give herself some much needed relief. It was no use. Her gaze shifted to his face. His head was tilted back, mouth open, expression taut with impending release. His chest rose and fel with heavy breaths.

His hand moved faster now. Faster over the head of his cock. Faster. He tensed and shuddered as he came—three glorious spurts splashed over her bel y and chest. It had to be the hottest thing she’d ever seen in her life. A spasm clenched her insides with a less-than-satisfying orgasm of her own.

Brian sat there for a moment, col ecting his breath, and then leaned forward. He licked the cum from her bel y and then rose up to kiss her deeply. She licked his tongue, greedy for the taste of him. He lowered her blindfold again.

“Brian?” she whispered when he broke their kiss.

He tugged the ear bud out of her ear. “Yeah, baby?”

“If I wanted to restrain you, would you let me?”

He chuckled. “You know I would. Do you want to switch places now?”

She smiled. Jeremy would have never even considered al owing her to have total control. Brian was so different than that frigid bastard. That Brian would be wil ing to submit to her without any hesitation had her thinking of al sorts of things she wanted to do to him. But for now, she wanted him to continue. She was enjoying this far too much to want it to end just yet. “Maybe tomorrow.”

“I’l look forward to it,” he growled into her ear and then settled the ear bud back in place.

Chapter 25

The bus lurched to a sudden halt, sending empty beer cans scuttling over Myrna’s sandals. Something thick and gooey spil ed from one of the cans and trickled between her toes. She retched and jumped from the bench, slipping with her first step and sticking to the floor on her second. She’d had enough! She stomped over to where the guys sat perched on a pile of dirty clothes playing a video game in the living area. There was a sofa under that mountain of filth somewhere. Myrna planted her fists on her hips and glanced from one band member to the next. “Al right, guys. Some things need to change around here.”

Four pairs of eyes turned toward Brian. Control your chick, they seemed to say. She pointed to her foot. “Would someone like to tel me what just dripped out of a beer can onto my foot?”

“A loogie?” Trey guessed.

“As in phlegm?” Myra sputtered. “Oh. My. God.”

Brian tossed her a dirty shirt, which smel ed like ass, and she used it to wipe the slimy mess off her foot. It wouldn’t surprise her to see one of the guys wearing that very shirt the next day.

“This place is disgusting,” she said. “The five of you are going to clean this bus from top to bottom and it’s going to stay clean or I’m going to smother every last one of you in your sleep.” She kicked a beer can out of her path.

“Myr—” Sed began.

She lifted her hand to silence him. “We’re going to start with that disgusting refrigerator. Al that moldy takeout food has to go. And then I’m going shopping for some real food. I am sick of fast food.”

At the mention of food, the guys’ expressions shifted from abject horror to mild interest.

“Real food?” Jace whispered, as if they were speaking a foreign language he’d never heard.

“Yeah, real food. Meat, vegetables, pasta, fruit, liquid milk. I don’t mind cooking for al of you, and the roadies too, but you guys wil clean this bus and keep it clean. I can’t live like this anymore.”

“Yes, mommy,” Eric said. “Wil you spank my tushie if I’m a bad boy?”

He stood, turned around, and presented his butt to her.

“I’l only spank your tushie,if you’re a good boy, Eric Sticks,” she said, “which I think is pretty much never.”

Eric’s lower lip protruded in an exaggerated pout.

She pul ed a black garbage bag out of a drawer and tossed it at Jace. He caught it, blinking hard as he always did when something surprised him.

“Everything goes,” she said.

“Except the beer,” Sed said.

“Put your beer on the other bus. Keep your party pigsty over there. Over here, we’l have a peaceful, clean home.”

“This is bul shit,” Sed said. He looked at Brian. “Dude…”

“I think it’s a good idea,” Brian said.

“Me, too,” said Trey. “Wil you spank me if I’m good, Myrna?”

She smiled at him. “You’re always good, Trey.”

Everyone laughed at her false statement, except Jace. Jace was already braving the refrigerator. Without a hazmat suit. He tossed things in the garbage bag without even looking at them. Sed rescued the beer, setting bottles and cans al along the stained and cluttered counter.

Myrna touched Sed’s arm. “I hope you don’t mind me bossing your boys around.”

He grinned crookedly, showing a dimple. She’d forgotten he had dimples. He didn’t smile that broadly often. “They do miss their mommies sometimes. I’d love a home cooked meal, to be honest.”

“Then you get to pick the first one. Assuming I can cook it.”

“Pork chops,” he said.

“And mashed potatoes!” Trey cal ed, helping Jace empty the refrigerator. He opened the freezer, cringed and closed it again.

“Asparagus?” Eric asked hopeful y.

“Yeah, asparagus sounds excel ent,” Sed agreed.

“That I can do. I’m going shopping. Who wants to come?”

Al five men lined up in front of her. She grinned, deciding they probably just wanted to get out of cleaning. “My car is a coupe, guys. I only have room for one. The rest of you stay here and clean out that refrigerator. Come on, Brian.”

“Why does Brian automatical y get to go?” Eric complained.

“I’m her boyfriend. Duh.”

“We can take my bike,” Jace offered. “I’l fol ow.”

“I’l ride with you,” Trey said to Jace.

“And Myrna can sit on my lap in the car.” Eric snagged her around the waist and tugged her against his side. “I won’t mind.”

“I’m not fuckin’ staying here by myself.” Sed slammed the refrigerator door.

The five of them stared at her like puppies at a pound desperate to be adopted. Pick me. Pick me!

Like she could say no to any of them. “Fine. We’l find a way to fit, but when we get back, you’re cleaning. Al of you.” Her eyes drifted over her companions. They’d stand out more than usual in this podunk town. “Do you think you al need disguises? Otherwise we’l have to fight off fans.”

“We’re in The-Middle-of-Nowhere, Wyoming,” Trey said.


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