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Author: Kirsty Moseley

He wrapped his arm around my waist and I immediately turned for the door walking quickly with him at my side. When I got to his car the tears were rolling down my face, I swiped at the angrily, why the hell did I have to be so freaking weak and crying all the time? He waited by my door just watching me looking slightly pained as I climbed in the car. He shut the door after me and jogged round to his side. He climbed in and started the car.

"Riley is everything ok? Has there been an accident or something? Has someone been hurt?" he asked desperately.

I shook my head, "No nothing like that. We just need to leave here, I'll tell you in a minute. Drive east." I said nodding down the road.

He frowned looking even more confused. I glanced out of the windshield, I could see Blake's car parked a couple of spaces down from Reece's. How the hell did I not see that when we pulled up? I guess I was distracted by my friends and wasn't exactly looking for Blake's car in the parking lot.

I prayed that Clay didn't see his car, if he knew Blake was in there then he'd go back in after him and I couldn't have that. Luckily he didn't notice because he was too busy shooting me little worried glances as he drove down the road.

"What's happened Riley? You're scaring me." Clay said taking my hand as he drove.

"Don't freak out Clay ok? We need to go to the police station." I said swallowing my sobs.

"Why?" he asked his face hardening slightly. "Did he call you again?" his other hand tightened on the steering wheel.

I gulped and shook my head, "No, he was at the restaurant." I whispered. The car swerved on the road making me clutch at my seat as he slammed on the brakes.

"What the hell? He was at the restaurant? Did you see him there?" he shouted angrily.

"Please calm down! You can't just stay stopped here in the middle of the road." I said wincing as I looked over my shoulder at the couple of cars who also had to slam on their brakes and were stopped behind us, honking their horns angrily. One of the cars pulled around us, the driver shouting profanities as he drove past.

Clay frowned angrily and pulled over to the side of the road so the cars could get past, all of them glaring at us angrily on the way past. "He was there?" Clay asked again.

"Yes." I whispered.

"Why didn't you tell me I could have gone and sorted it out." Clay said looking at me annoyed.

"That was the exact reason I didn't tell you, you can't just go and confront him Clay you'll get in trouble!" I cried shaking my head fiercely. I couldn't even think about him getting into trouble or even worse than that, getting hurt.

"Did he see you?" he asked quietly.

"Yes, can we go to the police station and report it please?" I begged. I didn't want to talk about this to Clay, he was one step away from driving back to the restaurant I could tell by his face. I'd tell him once we got to the station.

"There's something to report?" Clay asked looking at me intently as if trying to drag the truth from my eyes. I squirmed in my seat, I hated to lie to him but I couldn't tell him yet. When he finds out he's going to go crazy and it would be better if Blake was in custody when Clay found out.

"Yes, can you drive us there without getting us killed?" I teased trying to lighten the mood in the car, you could literally cut the atmosphere with a knife he was so tense.

"I think I can manage." he mumbled starting the car again and pulling out. I looked out of the windshield on the way there, I could feel Clay's intense gaze almost boring a hole into the side of my face so I kept my eyes firmly fixed out the front. How we didn't die on the way there I have no idea because he hardly looked at the road.

When we pulled up in the parking lot about fifteen minutes later I was calm again. Just being near Clay made me feel better, and we were about to report it. Hopefully they could do something about it now and he'd stay away from me.

Clay unbuckled my seatbelt and gripped hold of my waist pulling me onto his lap, wrapping his arms around me so I couldn't get away from him. "Did he hurt you Riley bear?" he asked his voice almost shaking from anger.

"No." I whispered pressing my face into the side of his neck.

"You spoke to him?"

I nodded, "He grabbed me while I was waiting for you near the toilets and dragged me outside through the fire door." I mumbled against his neck. I felt his body jerk in his seat as his muscles tightened all over his body.

"What did he say?" he asked gripping my shoulders and pushing me away from him so he could look at my face.

"Not much, he knows were married now. He saw my rings but he thought I was joking." I mumbled looking at Clay apologetically. He didn't deserve all of this hassle, I had so much baggage. We should just be like a normal married couple in the honeymoon phase, not heading off to the police station to report things like this all the time. Clay deserved better than me, he deserved everything.

"But he didn't hurt you?" he asked cupping my face in his hands looking at me worriedly.

I shook my head and bent forward pressing my lips to his softly. "He didn't hurt me, I promise. Come on let's go report it and then get some food, I'm starving." I said trying to change the subject from the crazy guy who was harassing me.

We were at the police station for almost three hours; they had no one to take our report so we were waiting for almost two hours for an officer to be free. I sat there munching on a packet of chips that Clay had bought from the vending machine. When we were finally interviewed I had to run though everything again and again. The whole time I could almost feel the hatred coming from Clay in waves, his hand a tight fist on his leg. If he saw Blake at this exact moment in time I was pretty sure he'd kill him.

Finally after what felt like forever and a day we were done, once I signed my report we left and headed back to the car. I settled back in my seat, it was almost midnight now and I was starving and tired, I just wanted to curl in a bed with my husband and have him hold me.

"You still hungry Riley bear?" Clay asked as he drove towards our apartment.

"A little but I can wait until breakfast." I shrugged, I didn't even really have the energy to eat now anyway.

"Ok, we'll go straight home then ok?" he said taking my hand and stroking the back of it with his thumb. It didn't take very long to get home, there was no traffic around at that time of night to we were home within ten minutes. I followed Clay wearily up to our apartment and sighed and I plopped down on the edge of the bed. I couldn't even be bothered to take off my clothes.

Clay smiled and pulled my shirt off over my head throwing it on the floor before pushing on my shoulder making me lay down on the bed. His hands trailed down my body to the waistband of my jeans. He unbuttoned them and slowly pulled them off before hovering above me his green eyes burning into mine making my stomach flutter.

"Promise me that he didn't hurt you." he whispered.

"I swear." I nodded, I gripped my hand around the back of his head and pulled his mouth to mine. The damn boy was so stressed his whole body was tense. I kissed him hard, showing him how much I loved him and needed him, he responded kissing me with the exact same intensity making my heart speed up in my chest.

I ran my hands up his back under his t-shirt and gripped his shoulders, "You're a little tense Clay. I could help you with that you know." I whispered flirtily. I wasn't tired anymore, my body was definitely wide awake.

"How are you gonna do that beautiful girl?" he whispered kissing down my neck and across my collarbone leaving a burning trail across my skin.

"I have my ways." I rolled so I was on top then sat up on his stomach straddling him. "Let's get these clothes off and see what I can do to loosen you up." I teased as I unclasped my bra pulling it off and throwing it over my shoulder.

He moaned as his eyes flicked down to my breasts, his hands reaching for me. Before he could touch me I caught his hands and pinned them to the bed shaking my head teasingly. "No way husband, you can help me take your clothes off if you want to, but if there's any touching to be done then I'll be the one doing it." I teased. He grinned looking at me so lustfully that it made my body feel like it was on fire, my whole being was screaming for him.

"You are so hot Riley bear, I swear one of these days you're going to kill me." he mumbled as I pulled his t-shirt off over his head.

"Mmm Hmm." I breathed, kissing across his chest trailing my tongue across his abs making him moan quietly. I could feel how aroused he was through his jeans and I swear the anticipation was actually like pure pain. I grinned against his skin as I unbuckled his belt preparing myself for a long time of teasing him before I would finally give in and make love to him. I needed to take his mind off of Blake, and I knew just how to do that.

Chapter 23

I woke early the next morning so freaking excited I wanted to jump up and down. We were decorating today but first we needed to go and buy the paint. My mom and Clay's parents we coming over at about eleven so we needed to get everything ready by then. I was a little nervous about Richard coming as I know that Clay really hadn't forgiven him at all and didn't want to see him. Hopefully they would be ok today, I guess I'd need to keep them separated or something and keep the peace. Maybe I could bribe Clay using sexual favors to give his dad another shot, it would kill his mom if they didn't speak again and Richard was actually a really great guy. It was just a shock for him I guess, us just announcing we were married like that. At least he wanted to work things out with Clay, not like Brian who still refused to even acknowledge that we were married.

I turned slightly and looked at the clock, it wasn't even seven in the morning. I sighed, I guess I should let him sleep for a little longer, we were fooling around until well after one o'clock this morning so he was bound to be a little tired. I rolled back over to face him and buried my face in the crook of his neck as I traced my fingers across his chest and abs slowly, making my mouth water. Damn my husband was seriously yummy! Should I lust after him this much? Should I just want to jump his bones all the time or was I a little perverted?