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Author: Kirsty Moseley

Oh shit, what the hell do I do? How do I get hold of Clay to come and help me? I patted my pocket hoping that my cell phone was in there, even as I was doing it I knew it was hopeless, my cell phone was in my purse which was back in the restaurant where I was sitting. Damn it I'm so freaking stupid!

I took all of this in within a couple of seconds even though it felt like forever that I'd been standing here thinking of ways to escape. Blake was just standing there smiling at me, a nice smile too, playful even. Wow he is seriously bi-polar or something. Has he forgotten he's not allowed to be near me and that I'm with Clay?

"Hey jailbait." he chirped stepping closer to me. I whimpered and stepped back bumping into the chain-link fence behind me. "Don't look so scared of me, I won't hurt you again I promise." he murmured stepping closer to me.

I could smell alcohol on his breath again, he actually looked a little rough, he wasn't clean shaven like normal he had a couple of days growth there. The clothes he was wearing were rumpled and creased like he'd had them on for a couple of days or slept in them or something.

"Blake, this isn't allowed. You're not supposed to be near me. Why did you follow me here?" I said breathlessly as I started to panic.

I just needed to stay calm and keep him talking or something. Clay would come to the bathrooms looking for me in a minute or two and when he realized I wasn't there waiting for him he'd check outside. Right? He'd try the fire door and look for me, wouldn't he? Oh please Clay help me I begged silently. Why the hell didn't I take my purse to the bathroom? I could have called him or something! Stupid stupid Riley, I scolded myself.

"I didn't follow you, I was here first." he smirked at me as he brushed his hand down the side of my face. I shrank back away from his hand and a look of hurt crossed his face. "Why are you so scared of me still? I told you I won't hurt you again." he mumbled looking at me apologetically.

"The last time I saw you I got slapped in the face twice and the time before that you broke my arm! How can I not be scared of you?" I asked acidly. Shit what on earth am I doing provoking him? I should just be talking to him calmly until Clay comes out for me. I needed to keep him talking, calm down Riley! My heart was crashing in my chest and my breath coming out in little shallow gasps making me feel slightly light-headed.

"And I apologized for that, are you going to hold it against me forever?" he asked cocking his head to the side giving me the innocent little boy look.

"Blake, it's just that we shouldn't be talking." I said looking around, where the hell is Clay?

"I just wanted to say hi seeing as you don't like to talk to me on the phone anymore." he pouted slightly as he pressed his body against mine, he linked his fingers through the fence either side of my body so I was now pinned against the fence with no way of getting past him at all.

"I" I stuttered trying not to cry.

He smiled, "I'm here having dinner with my sister and her boyfriend. They're a little worried about me apparently. I told them there was nothing to worry about that I was just missing my girlfriend." he said quietly.

I groaned internally, what the hell is he thinking? "Why are they worried about you?" I asked trying to buy some time and keep him talking so he wouldn't hit me again or kiss me. Hell maybe he'd even try for rape this time, we were down a deserted alley this was the perfect chance for him to do it.

"I'm not sleeping very well and I've been drinking a little lately, it's only to keep my mind off of you. I can't stop thinking about you jailbait, I've never wanted any girl as much as I want you." he said one of his fingers trailing up my hip and hooking in the belt loop of my jeans.

"Maybe you should see someone about it Blake." I mumbled. My voice was barely above a whisper, I kept my eyes glued on the fire door, someone must have realized I'm not back by now, right? How long had I been out here? It felt like forever, but had it even been a minute or two yet?

"I am seeing someone about it, I'm seeing you. A little time with you should do the trick." he smiled and inched his face closer to mine. I turned my head away and closed my eyes as I put my hands on his chest and tried desperately to push him away from me.

He almost growled as he grabbed my hands and moved them off of his chest pressing his body back to mine again. He linked his fingers through mine, he wasn't trying to hurt me, he was just holding my hands softly.

"What the hell is wrong with you jailbait?" he asked angrily.

I looked at him, he was frowning at me, clearly annoyed. I felt his fingers brush over my rings on my left hand. I swallowed loudly, "I just....Blake this needs to stop. I'm not your girlfriend." I mumbled nervously.

His fingers were still touching my wedding and engagement ring as he pulled my hand up to look at it, he frowned looking slightly confused. "These are pretty." he said ignoring my remark about me not being his girlfriend. It's like he has selective hearing and can only hear what he wants to.

"Yeah." I whispered. My heart was banging so loudly in my chest I'm surprised he couldn't hear it.

"Where did you get them? Have you always wore these?" he asked curiously.

Oh God I'm not going to lie about being married to Clay, even if he gets angry about it. I'd never deny my marriage, it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

"They're wedding rings." I said watching as his face snapped up to mine his eyes turning hard.

"Wedding rings?"

I nodded, "Yeah I got married in Vegas last weekend."

His hold on my hand tightened almost crushing my fingers making me wince slightly, "You got married? Is this some f**king joke? Because if it is it's not funny." he growled looking at me warningly.

"It's not a joke." I said breathlessly whilst trying to pull my hand from his hold.

"You married him? Preston. We're talking about that f**king punk Preston again right?" he shouted shoving me against the fence harder as he slammed his hand against it level with my face, missing me by mere inches. I whimpered and tried my best to stay calm.

"Clay and I are married now Blake, so you need to leave me alone." I said trying to sound more confident than I felt, I actually felt sick and my legs were shaking slightly, I wasn't sure how much longer they would support me for.

He laughed and shook his head, "This is some sort of sick joke. You can't be married, you're not old enough." he rolled his eyes, his face softening slightly. Wow he thought I was joking, I let out a breath I didn't realize I was holding.

I heard the door open behind him but where he was standing so close I couldn't see Clay yet. I smiled gratefully and waited for Blake to be yanked off of me. He wasn't. Instead a woman spoke.

"Blake what on earth are you doing out here? We were waiting for you, the food's here."

He turned back and looked over his shoulder, I saw a pretty girl with black hair standing in the doorway looking at him like he was stupid or something. This must be his sister, they looked a little alike.

"Hey Michelle, yeah sorry I was just talking to Riley." Blake said wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me forward towards his sister.

"Oh really? You're Riley?" she smiled politely. Wow he obviously hadn't told her anything about the police or the restraining order. "It's nice to meet you finally, I've been hearing a lot about you from Blake. You're the first girl he's ever talked about." she smiled affectionately at her brother.

I put on a fake smile and pulled away from Blake towards his sister holding out my hand to her. "Nice to meet you Michelle."

She grinned and shook my hand looking at my cast a little bemused, I moved so I could step past her into the building putting her in-between Blake and I. The warmth of the restaurant surrounded me and my body started to relax because of how close Clay was. He was just in the other room, I could scream his name and he'd be here in an instant. My heart was returning to normal just at the thought of him alone.

"Maybe you could come over to the house for dinner one night." Michelle suggested.

Blake smiled happily, "She'd love to, right jailbait?"

I smiled weakly, "I've got to get back to my friends. They're going to think I fell in the toilet or something." I nodded towards the restaurant.

"Ok well arrange a day with Blake. I'm glad you're back from your holiday. He's been a real grouch without you." she said slapping Blake's shoulder but smiling happily at the same time. He told her I was on holiday? Seriously he is so deranged!

"Nice to meet you." I mumbled as I turned and walked off as fast as I could.

As I got to the table I grabbed Clay's hand and pulled him to his feet, he looked at me guiltily. "I'm sorry Riley bear, I got caught sneaking into the girls toilets and the manager guy made me come back to my seat. What took you so long anyway?"

"We need to leave right now." I said stepping closer to him and pressing my face against his chest, I could feel the tears starting to build in my eyes.

"Riley, what's happened?" he asked hugging me tightly his voice sounding slightly panicked and stressed.

"Please we need to leave right now Clay, will you get my purse? We need to go." I said desperately. I was going to have a full blown meltdown any minute and I didn't want to do that here. I also didn't want Clay anywhere near Blake, I knew he would probably beat the crap out of him and he almost got into trouble with the police for that last time. I couldn't have him in trouble for defending me.

"Ok Riley bear." he pulled away from me and bent down under the table grabbing my purse from the floor. He pulled out twenty bucks and handed it to Tom, "Here pay for our food ok? We've got to go." he said quickly.

"Everything ok?" Tom asked sounding confused.

I kept my gaze firmly fixed on the floor trying to control my breathing as the tears started to fall down my face. "No idea, Riley wants to leave. I'll speak to you later." Clay said quietly probably so I couldn't hear what he was saying.