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Author: Kirsty Moseley

I traced my fingertips down a little lower, following the line of muscle near his hips, the V shape that lead down to his groin. Damn that was my favorite part of his stomach, it was so damn sexy. As my hand went a little lower it brushed against his shaft that was quickly waking up too. I felt my breath catch in my throat as the lust started to build up inside me. Yeah I could wake him up now, we could maybe just come to bed early later if he's tired!

I shifted and straddled him pressing my body against his as I kissed him lightly on the lips. He looked so beautiful when he was asleep, so peaceful and just freaking perfect. He stirred a little in his sleep, his arm wrapping around me pulling me closer to his body. I smiled and kissed him again, he was fully aroused now and it was turning me on like crazy. He moaned quietly and kissed me back softly.

His hand moved up and tangled in the back of my hair. "You need to get off of me, if my wife catches you in here she'll kick your ass." he mumbled huskily as I kissed down his neck, he still hadn't opened his eyes.

I grinned against his skin, "I bet I could take her."

"I don't know, Riley's pretty feisty when she wants to be." he teased, his hands slipping down my back to cup my ass.

I pulled back and grinned at him. "Then we'd better be extra quiet so she doesn't hear us." I said raising my eyebrows biting my lip looking at him flirtily.

He grinned and flipped me onto my back making me squeak in surprise as he hovered above me. "You think you can be quiet?" he asked grinning at me knowingly.

I bit my lip as I wrapped my legs around his waist, I nodded trying to look confident. "Yeah. I bet you can't make me scream."

He laughed, "I'll take that bet." he crashed his lips to mine and I felt my heart skip a beat, I was so excited I could barely breathe. I knew I'd lose the bet, I always lost a bet against Clay.

* * *

Just after eleven the doorbell rang. I jumped off of the sofa to answer it but Clay grabbed my hand pulling me slightly behind him, he was worried about Richard hurting me I could tell by the way his jaw was set. We both walked to the front door and I saw his body stiffen as he opened it to show the three of them standing there. Richard was at the back and was looking extremely reproachful and apologetic.

"Hey." Clay mumbled opening the door and still holding me behind him slightly. My Mom walked in like she owned the place, she had an armful of old paint splattered sheets and was wearing a pair of dungarees that I only ever saw come out when she was decorating.

"Morning, not interrupting anything are we?" she smirked at me as she walked into the lounge dumping the sheets on the floor. We'd already moved a lot of the furniture into the middle of the room this morning after we got home from the store with the paint.

I grinned and looked back to Linda and Richard, Linda smiled at Clay gratefully as she kissed his cheek. She looked really uncomfortable and I guess was kind of in the middle of the two main men in her life. If they couldn't make it up then she would find it really hard.

"Hey mom." Clay nodded, I noticed that he put on a forced smile as his dad stepped through the threshold.

"Clay, Riley." Richard nodded in greeting looking at both of us apologetically. "I'm so sorry about what happened, I shouldn't have done that. I would never hurt you Riley, I can't believe I did that. It was just heat of the moment, I shouldn't have."

Where I was pressed against Clay I felt his body tense up even more, he was like a snake poised for the attack. "If another moment like that happens again you and I are going to have a problem." Clay growled angrily.

Richard shook his head, "It won't, I'm so sorry and thank you for letting me come and help today. I really appreciate it, I don't deserve you to forgive me."

"You're not forgiven." Clay snapped looking at him warningly. He still hadn't shut the front door, he looked like he was contemplating throwing his dad back outside and slamming the door in his face. I winced at how uncomfortable this conversation was and squeezed Clay's hand, he looked back at me and I gave him the puppy dog face. Please let this go I begged with my eyes. He sighed and turned back to his dad, "But thank you for helping with the painting." he mumbled grudgingly.

Richard smiled at me gratefully and I smiled back, he really was a good guy at heart and was like a second dad to me, I didn't want to lose him from my life either if I could help it.

"I'd better go see what your mothers doing, probably spilling paint on your floor knowing her." Richard said excusing himself sheepishly and heading into the lounge at the end of the hall.

I put my hand over Clays on the door and pushed it shut, he sighed and turned back to me. I was extremely proud of him, I know he didn't want to see his dad again and the fact that he was putting that aside made him even more of a man to me.

"That was the right thing to do." I whispered stepping closer to him.

He nodded frowning, "I guess."

"Thank you for doing that for your mom, I know you didn't want to." I wrapped my arms around his waist and nibbled on his jaw lightly, Clay always seemed to like that.

"I didn't do it for her Riley bear. I did it because you wanted me to. It's killing me to have him in here after what he did to you." he mumbled.

I pulled back and looked at him, "Well then thank you for doing it for me." I kissed his lips lightly. He really was the most adorable boy in the world and I was so damn lucky to have him.

He sighed and nodded pressing his lips against mine for a second before pulling away and smirking at me. "Come on then Riley bear, my dad's right; you know your mom's going to be spilling paint on the floor."

I laughed and followed him into the lounge where they were busy arguing playfully over who gets the biggest roller and who has to paint in the edges. Richard smiled sheepishly as we walked in, he looked really uncomfortable and I actually felt a little sorry for him to be honest.

"Richard, do you think maybe you could help Clay move the rest of the furniture into the middle of the room before we start?" I asked patting Clay on the ass happily. Wow that is one perfect ass! I bit my lip as my slutty body started to react in the normal way to his, damn I was such a freaking pervert around him! Focus Riley, painting!

"Sure." Richard smiled happily.

I heard Clay groan quietly beside me so I gave him a little shove in the direction of the bookcase. I headed over to join the argument over who gets the rollers and who gets the paint brush, all the time watching Clay as he moved the larger pieces of furniture with his dad. They seemed to be making a little small talk, some of it about football and school. Clay seemed to be making a real effort and I was really proud of him for it.

The police called later that day to tell us that they had arrested Blake for breaking the terms of the restraining order but because he hadn't actually hurt me or threatened me that it wasn't a case that would be dealt with quickly. They'd let him out on bail and he would have to go to court in about a month but they said that the best outcome we could hope for with the court would be community service.

Clay was less than happy about it, well that's kind of an understatement, he actually smashed the glass he was holding against the wall in anger but there was nothing either of us could do about it. Hopefully now that Blake was actually going court that it would give him a little heads up that I wasn't interested. He wouldn't come near me again I was sure of it, if he did then the police would take him in again and this time they would hold him until his court case. They'd told him that too so he was very aware of the situation, he couldn't be that stupid so I relaxed slightly.

Clay and I finally started living like a married couple, we even had our first fight but to be honest it was kind of forced because we both found it funny. He moaned that I hadn't washed the dishes, I moaned that he didn't put his clothes in the laundry. We shouted for about a minute before we both burst out laughing and ended up making love in the dirty laundry still arguing back and forth; which was - in a weird way - kind of sexy, though I would never admit that to him because it made me sound a bit strange and perverted.

The apartment was incredible and I loved waking up to him knowing that he was mine and always would be. His parents and my mom had been over for dinner one night. Brian still refused to speak to me or Clay. My mom said that he would come round eventually but I didn't hold up much hope for it. I loved him like he was my read father and I would always think of him as my dad, but he was making me chose and I would chose Clay every time. Brian just didn't seem to understand the situation at all, all he saw was that his seventeen year old daughter had run off and got married in Vegas.

The decorating was finally finished and I swear Clay and I were on a paint fume high for a couple of days so I was glad that was over with. Clay's football team were doing great too, there was some sort of competition they were entered into and they had sailed through to the finals which was a week from tomorrow. He was training like crazy, everyday after school he would go to an hour and a half practice. I thanked my lucky stars that I'd arranged to volunteer at the library because that would kill me to see him tackled and taken out for an hour and a half everyday! Working at the library for this week had been like a godsend.

I couldn't wait for the football season to be over with, it was like a constant worry about him from start to finish but he just didn't seem to understand that. I hated to see him wince when he moved or be covered in bruises from a rough tackle, the sooner it was over and done with the better in my opinion. Other than that though we'd been living together for exactly two weeks and life couldn't be more perfect. Life as Mrs. Clay Preston really was like living a dream.

Today was Friday and I couldn't wait for the weekend to start. Last weekend we'd been painting and had his parents and my mom round so we couldn't just chill and spend time together. This weekend we were free to lounge around in our pyjamas eating ice-cream until it came out of our ears if we wanted to. Clay had been working so hard at practice all week that he deserved to be pampered for the weekend so I was going to do exactly that. I had lots of massages and bubble baths planned which I knew he would enjoy.