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Author: Kirsty Moseley

I woke and hour later still tangled up with Clay, I was a little achy but I was so happy I could burst, Clay's face was inches from mine. He looked so beautiful I couldn't help the smile that spread across my face, this man was my husband. I get to keep him forever. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

"What are you looking at me for Riley bear?" he muttered with his eyes still closed.

I giggled, "Wow you really do know me well, how am I ever supposed to get one over on you?" I asked with a smile.

"You don't need to get one over on me, I'll give you whatever you want" he murmured tightening his arms around me.

"Mmm you know what I want?" I asked inching closer to him.

"What?" he asked with a smile tugging at his lips and rubbing his hands over my back obviously thinking I was going to say him.

"Slot machines!" I said jumping out of the bed laughing. He snapped his eyes open and started laughing too as he rubbed his hand through his messy hair.

"You and those damn slot machines" he said laughing and shaking his head at me.

"Brian gave me $1,000, want to help me spend it?" I asked jumping up and down excitedly.

"$1,000? Wow Riley we'll be back up here in 30 minutes the way you pump those machines" he joked rolling his eyes at me.

I jumped back on the bed and started tickling him and blowing raspberries on his stomach, he laughed but easily pushed me off pinning me to the bed. "I think I'll have to hold your money for you, give you maybe $200 an hour then that way you wont run out too quick" he joked tickling my sides making me squirm. He kissed me for a minute then pulled away sitting up helping me up, "Come on then Mrs Preston let's go spend some money" he said rubbing his hands together grinning.

Chapter 16

We got dressed slowly, Clay helping me with my jeans taking his time making sure he touched every part of my h*ps and stomach while he did so. I pulled my hair into a pony tail and we left to go downstairs to the casino. Clay phoned Tom when we were in the lobby to see where they were, apparently they were in the casino already so we agreed to meet them.

"Hey if it isn't the newlyweds! No regrets this morning? I mean you two do remember you got married right?" Ben asked laughing.

Clay grabbed my hand and kissed my rings, "Yep we remember and nope no regrets" he said pulling me into a hug. "I'm gonna get some chips and play some cards, want me to get you some change for the slots Riley bear?" he asked kissing my neck.

"Sure thanks" I said pulling out my envelope full of cash.

He pushed it back into my pocket "Don't worry beautiful girl I've got money" he said kissing my forehead and walking away with Tom to the change counter.

"I can't believe you two last night! That dance on stage was awesome Riley" Craig said with a smirk.

"What dance?" I asked confused, he laughed and so did the girls.

"What dance, are you kidding me?" Craig asked shocked. I shook my head and thought back to last night, I remember getting married and we started drinking again in the bar and then I woke up in bed.

"No what dance?" I asked, he's trying to wind you up Riley don't fall for it.

He was laughing his ass off as he pulled out his phone and fiddled with it before passing it to me. I looked at the screen, there was a video of a girl in a black dress doing a very sexy lap dance to someone. She walked round behind him and I gasped when I saw that the boy was Clay. OH MY GOD! Is that me? I blushed horrified but then I saw the look on Clay's face on the film, he was clearly loving this which seemed to make it ok somehow. I started to giggle quietly before it turned in to a full on laugh. I looked at Craig and the girls who were laughing too.

"That was seriously hot! If you ever want to spread those out I'll take one" Craig said.

I slapped him on the chest and waved my left hand in front of his face fluttering my fingers, "Hey less of that, I'm a married woman you know" I said with a smile. Just then Clay came back and I handed him the phone, he looked at it and his eyes went wide.

"Holy crap, I forgot about that! Damn Riley that was so hot" he said pulling me to his side, "I definitely want a copy of that" he said handing the phone back to Craig with a smirk.

I bent in close "You don't need a copy of that Clay, you ever want to see that again all you have to do is ask, maybe next time I'll do it without the dress" I whispered in his ear. I felt his body tense and he moaned quietly closing his eyes seeming to hold his breath. "Come on husband let's go spend some money" I chirped squeezing his ass and taking the pot of change that he got for me, Jeez there must be like $50 in this pot in change. Bless him he is so adorable.

He walked me to the slot machines where Rachel and I were feeding the slots like our lives depended on it, he kissed my forehead and went to find the blackjack tables.

"So you finally lost it last night then?" Rachel asked when we were alone.

"This morning actually, apparently I fell asleep in the bar and didn't wake up till this morning so" I said with a shrug, I could tell by her expression that she wasn't satisfied with that.

"So...." she said trailing off.

I chuckled, "I'm not gonna give you any details Rach, but I will say this, Clay is very talented" I said giving her a wink.

She opened her eyes wide and smiled "Really? Damn I knew I should have tried for him last year" she said slapping her forehead with her palm laughing.

I threw a coin at her laughing "That's my husband you're talking about girlie" I said pretending to be annoyed.

"I still can't believe you two got married last night, he is so sweet Riley and he loves you so much, and damn he is so hot! You're so lucky" she said looking really genuinely pleased for me.

"I know I am, so what about you? Any action with the best man?" I asked waggling my eyebrows, she bit her lip and nodded.

"Oh yeah! And let me tell you what Tom lacks in skill downstairs he more than makes up for with those sweet hands of his" she said with a dreamy sigh. I burst out laughing causing people around us to tut and give us funny looks.

I bit my lip and we went back to feeding the slots. Finally I ran out of money so I decided to go find Clay see if he wanted to get something to eat I was getting a little hungry and could really go for a cheeseburger right about now. I phoned him to see where he was, he was still playing cards and asked me go meet him in the bar so he could play another hand.

Finally I spotted him sitting at a little table with three other men, I waved and he smiled at me, "Hey beautiful girl, I'll be done in a couple of minutes, then we'll go eat ok?" he called with a big smile. I nodded and sat at the bar watching him, I ordered a coffee and added my usual three sugars, I didn't even get half way down before he finished and came over.

He grabbed me off the stool and span me around in a little circle. "Wow Riley you were gone for over an hour and a half with that money, you really made that last. I was expecting that to be gone within 30 minutes" he said. I laughed thinking he was joking but actually he looked serious.

I slapped his chest "Hey I'm not that bad" I said pouting and sticking out my bottom lip. He laughed and lent forward and bit it gently sucking on it making me forget how hungry I was.

"You are that bad. How much money do you think was in that tub?" he asked with a smirk.

"I don't know $50?" I asked looking guilty that I had spent 50 bucks of his money, he laughed again and kissed my forehead. "How much?" I asked confused when he didn't tell me,

"There was $250 in there Riley" he said with a shrug, I gasped.

"You're f**king kidding me" I shouted and then realised where I was and put my hand over my mouth, he put his hand over mine laughing.

"No I'm not f**king kidding you, did you have fun?" he asked looking into my eyes, yeah of course I did I loved the slots. I nodded as he was still holding my hand over my mouth.

"Well good that's all that counts, besides I did well at the blackjack table" he said with a smirk letting go of my hand.

"You did?" I asked smiling, he was beaming his eyes were dancing with excitement.

"Yep, hold out your hand" he said digging in his pocket for something, "I had to spend $1500 on my stake but, what's mine is yours now Mrs Preston" he said dropping four little poker chips into my hand. I pulled it back to look at them, I had no idea what they were. They had numbers across the middle, I shrugged and looked up at Clay who was watching me waiting for my reaction, he raised his eyebrows and nodded back down to the chips.

I looked at them again, there was a red and black one, a blue and black, a yellow and black one and a green and black. I turned them and looked at them closer, the blue one had $50,000 written on it, I gasped.

"Holy shit Clay! you won $50,000?" I almost screamed looking at his face. He clenched his jaw and looked around quickly, oh crap ok should not have shouted that in the middle of the bar! He won fifty thousand dollars and only spent $1500?

He shook his head "No Riley" he said chuckling. I let out a breath, ok I knew that was wrong, you can't win fifty thousand in an hour and a half. He moved the chips around in my hands, separating them. He pointed to the blue one "This one is worth $50,000" he said, my breath caught in my throat, he really had won $50,000! Then he pointed to the yellow one, "This one is worth $20,000" he said, holy shit he won seventy thousand? "The green ones two thousand" he said grinning. "And this one" he said touching the red one, "This red one's worth $100,000" he said with a chuckle.

I closed my hand tightly around the chips in case I dropped them or something as my breath caught in my throat. He won a hundred and seventy two thousand dollars? This is some kind of joke right? Is that even possible? I couldn't breathe, my heart was beating fast and I felt a little dizzy. "Shit Riley! Sit down, are you ok?" he asked desperately pushing me into a chair.