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Author: Kirsty Moseley

"Can I get a glass of water for my wife please" he asked the barman, he rubbed along my forehead pulling me into a hug. "It's ok, Riley, shit you're scaring me" he said kneeling in front of me. I reached out and took his hand pushing the chips back into his palm and closing his fingers around them, I'd been holding them so tight my fingers were aching.

"I told you that's yours" he said trying to give it to me, I shook my head and drank the glass of water that the barman was offering. I started to calm down, it was getting easier to breathe and my head was losing some of the fog. Clay just sat in front of me his forehead touching mine rubbing my hands looking at me worriedly.

"You won $172,000?" I whispered when I was in control again.

He nodded "We won, it's yours too" he said kissing my forehead lovingly.

"Is this a joke Clay because if it is it's not funny" I said narrowing my eyes at him, he smiled at me and I could tell by his face that he wasn't joking. "You really did didn't you!" I said smiling, he nodded and pulled me into a big hug spinning me round in a circle.

"Now we can definitely get a place" he said winking at me.

Holy shit Clay had just won $172,000 playing cards. He grabbed my hand and tried to put the chips back into my hand but I just clenched my hand into a fist. "I don't want your money Clay" I said kissing him passionately, he nibbled my lip and I opened my mouth eagerly, he slipped his tongue in and I forgot everything else the only thing that mattered to me was him. I looked around and saw the ladies toilets near by, I grabbed his shirt and almost ran for the door slamming it behind me and locking it.

"What are you up to Mrs Preston?" he asked looking round confused.

"I want you right now Clay" I said biting my lip as lust took over, a slow smile spread across his face as he stepped towards me. Damn I loved my husband so much.

* * *

When we were done he helped me dress and took my hand and led me out of the toilet, I saw Rachel and Jenna standing outside waiting to go in.

"Seriously? We've been waiting outside for like 20 minutes waiting for the toilet" Rachel said with a smirk.

"Sorry but when you gotta go, you gotta go, right Mrs Preston?" Clay said laughing. I shot Rach a wink giggling as Clay dragged me to the nearest restaurant to eat.

"So what do you want to eat? Steak? Lobster?" he said with a smirk, I laughed at him, he looked like a kid on Christmas morning.

"Cheeseburger with curly fries and no salad please" I told the waitress, she smiled seductively at Clay who didn't even acknowledge her.

"Err that sounds good I'll have the same with some coleslaw on the side please" he said taking my hand and playing with my rings.

The waitress looked at his hands playing with my rings then at me and she sighed in defeat, walking back to the kitchen to place our order. Poor woman, I know how she feels, looking at him makes me feel like that too.

"So I was thinking when we get back we need to really sort out money and stuff I mean, instead of opening a new account we could just add your name to mine" he said casually as if this happened everyday. I choked on my orange juice making him look at me weirdly. "You ok Riley bear?" he asked rubbing the side of my face tenderly.

"Clay what are you talking about accounts? You mean like bank accounts?" I asked shocked.

"Well yeah of course, we're married now, what's mine is yours, it's easier though if we just add you on, I could put that money in there straight away then" he said with a shrug. I stared at him with my mouth hanging open, "What?" he asked closing my mouth with one finger laughing.

I shook my head "Clay just because we're married doesn't mean I want half of your money" I cried.

He nodded "I know that Riley bear but what I'm saying is, it doesn't matter if you want it, we're married now half of everything I have IS yours, hell, you can have everything, all I want is you" he said with a shrug. Jeez this boy is so romantic, what a sweet thing to say.

"Clay, that's really sweet honestly, but I" I started but he cut me off.

"I'm not gonna argue with you about this, you're my wife now Riley, husbands and wives share everything. I don't know what we're gonna do about the whole moving out thing until we've spoken to our parents but that money will be great towards a flat or something, it'll pay your college fee's and there'll still be some left over for savings and stuff, in a month I'll be earning and you'll still be a student, whatever I earn will be yours too. So there is nothing to talk about ok" he said sternly.

I sighed I knew he was right, I had a feeling we would be moving out when we get home. I mean we were married we needed to live together and so we were going to have to get our own place and I still had another year of high school and then if all went to plan another 3 years of college after that so I wouldn't have anything to give him or share with him for a while.

We played the slots again for a little while after that and I managed to spend all of Brian's money easily. Clay just watched me amused with his arms around my waist happily breathing down my neck sending ripples of desire through me. When I couldn't stand it anymore I dragged him back to our room and made love to him again. I was quickly getting addicted to his body and I'm not ashamed to admit it, I love him so much.

We all decided to take it easier than last night and only went out for a few drinks and a show before heading back to our rooms just before midnight, we had to leave at 9 tomorrow to get home. Our parents had consented to let us all have Monday off school so we could make the trip longer.

I honestly didn't want to go back, there were a couple of reasons, Blake and the police, school which would mean I wouldn't be able to hang out with Clay all day and the most obvious one, telling our parents we got married. Clay had promised he would do it and whatever happened we would be together but the thought of the anger or disapproval that we were going to get made me feel sick to my stomach.

I woke in the morning with Clay spooning me from behind, his erection poking me in the small of my back, I smiled as I nuzzled into the crook of his arm that was wrapped around me.

"Clay?" I whispered,

"Mmm?" he mumbled sleepily, I'd kept him awake half the night as I couldn't sleep for worrying about going home so I had made him distract me, I giggled at the thought.

"I love you" I whispered to him smiling, he kissed the back of my head.

"I love you too" he murmured waking up now.

I reached my hand behind me and grabbed his shaft squeezing it gently, "Jeez Riley bear, are you trying to kill me?" he asked nibbling on my ear.

"Yep, then I get everything, death by sex though, I'm being kind it's a pretty good way to go" I joked making him laugh.

"You're right that's a pretty good way to go" he said kissing me until I was almost dizzy.

After we both laid there panting looking at each other, I was so happy that I could cry, I can't believe I get to spend the rest of my life with this amazing boy.

"That was......" he said trailing off still breathing hard,

"Awesome?" I asked finishing for him, he smiled and shook his head, "Incredible?" I asked smiling now too, he shook his head again, "Brilliant?" I asked, he rolled on top of me kissing me deeply.

"No Mrs Preston, that was mind blowing" he said kissing my nose, my forehead, and my cheeks before making his way back to my mouth.

Chapter 17

We were almost home now and I felt sick with nerves, Clay had literally just hung up the phone from his parents asking them to meet us at my house as we needed to talk to them. "So were they ok with that? I mean did they think something was wrong or?" I asked wringing my hands together.

He took my hands in his and looked at me. "Breathe Riley, everything's going to be fine, and if it's not well then we'll just check into a hotel or something until we find an apartment ok, don't worry" he said kissing my forehead, all the girls were looking at me with sympathy.

We pulled up outside my house and Clay grabbed our bags from the back of the van, I stood there shaking. "Call me later ok? And if you need a place to stay you can stay at mine, my Mom won't mind, I don't think she'd let Clay stay but he could stay with one of the guys ok" Rachel said hugging me tight.

I nodded, Clay grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the house, I waved at the guys before turning to look at his angels face making me feel better instantly. "You ready Mrs Preston?" he asked wrapping his arm around me tightly, I nodded and took a deep breath as we walked in the door.

They were all sitting in the lounge chatting, as we walked in they all looked up expectantly. My Mom obviously thought we were going to announce that we were together because she had on her gloating 'I know something you don't know' face.

"Hey Guys how was your trip?" Brian asked jumping out of his seat and hugging me then holding out a hand to Clay who shook it firmly.

"It was really great" Clay said, I stiffened as we hugged and exchanged pleasantries.

"So what's so important that we had to come over as soon as you get back?" Clay's Mom Linda asked smirking at my Mom.

I glanced between the two of them, my Mom had obviously let slip that we were together. I looked at Clay who was smiling like crazy, ok he is just weird! We are about to tell our parents that their teenage children got drunk and married in Vegas and he's having a good time. I couldn't control my body, I was sweating like a pig, I pulled Clay's arm off of my waist and held his hand pulling it across my body so I could shrink behind his shoulder slightly.

"Um guys we have something to tell you, we wanted to do it with everyone together, it'll be easier that way" Clay said still smiling happily. I held my breath waiting for him to say it. "Riley and I got married while we were in Vegas" he said simply.

I pressed myself closer to him and watched their reactions, our Mom's both looked shocked as hell, Brian looked confused and Clay's Dad Richard burst out laughing. Ok I wasn't expecting that. Everyone looked at him and he just laughed harder and harder, Brian started to chuckle too.