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Author: Kirsty Moseley

He laughed sadly, "Riley, I've been waiting to marry you again since I was 8 years old" he said with a small smile that didn't reach his eyes.

"Again? What do you mean marry me again?" I asked confused, he laughed.

"We got married once before, don't you remember? I was 8 and you were 7, you made me marry you in your pink Wendy house with your dolls as witnesses" he said smiling. I burst out laughing, how the hell could I forget that? He'd held my hand all day and kept calling me his wife.

"I love you more than anything in the world Riley, I want to be married to you, I hoped we'd get married some day, it just happened sooner than I thought it would" he said laughing. I gasped, is he saying he wants to stay married?

"Clay, what are you talking about? You don't want to get divorced?" I asked shocked as hell, he shook his head.

"No I don't, but if that's what you want then we will, but I wish you'd give me a chance, I love you, I want you to be my wife" he said kissing my neck making me shiver.

The tablets were kicking in now and my headache was starting to dull so I could think a little clearer. I didn't speak, I had no idea what to say. There I was worried he would want to break up with me and he is actually pleased about it. "But how? I mean how can we stay married? We're both still in school, we live with our parents for goodness sake Clay, we can't" I said shaking my head.

"Riley, do you love me?" he asked looking into my eyes.

"Of course I do" I said honestly, that's such a silly question.

He smiled "Do you think you're ever going to want someone else?" he asked. I shook my head fiercely, no way I would want anyone else, I love Clay with all my heart.

He smiled again, "Do you want to be married to me one day? Have a nice house? Kids?" he asked. I thought about it, did I want to wake up next to Clay forever? Have little mini Clay's running around? I smiled, the answer was hell yeah I did.

"Yeah I do but, Clay we're so young" I said frowning.

He grinned, "Our age doesn't matter Riley, I'll be leaving school in a month. I've already been offered my apprenticeship, and in two years I'll be a fully trained engineer, I'll earn good money, I'll be able to take care of you" he said honestly.

I stroked his face tenderly "I don't care if we have money Clay" I said frowning, did he think I wanted him for the life he could give me?

"I didn't mean it that way Riley bear, I meant once I start my job I'll be able to afford to get a place, we could move out, live together, you'd be able to go to USC like you always wanted and we could get a place close so that we could both travel and then come back together at night, I promise I'd be the best husband in the world" he said giving me his adorable puppy dog face that I couldn't say no to.

I thought about it, looking at him it seemed so easy. Mrs Clay Preston, I mean it did have a nice ring to it.

"Give me a chance, please" he begged, I grinned, seriously having Clay as a husband sounded like a dream come true to me.

"Mrs Preston?" I said with a smirk, he grinned and his eyes lit up.

"Mrs Riley Jane Preston" he said pulling me tighter to him.

I shook my head frowning. "Who said I would take your name gorgeous boy? I mean Clay Thomas sounds good" I said trying to look serious.

"If you really wanted me to take your name I would, but I know you've always hated Thomas anyway" he said with a wink.

I giggled. ok he really does know me too well. "So you'll give me a chance? You'll stay married to me?" he asked seriously, his beautiful green eyes dancing with excitement. I nodded and he let out a excited whooping noise and kissed me passionately. My insides started to dance with excitement, Oh God I was married to him!

"On one condition" I said raising my eyebrow at him.

He smiled "Anything" he breathed nibbling on my ear lobe

"You have to tell our parents" I said with a shudder.

He grimaced but reluctantly nodded "Ok deal" he said kissing me again passionately.

"You know what I just realised?" I asked giggling.

"What's that my beautiful wife?" he asked looking proud as hell, I laughed.

"Well, we waited until after we were married to have sex" I said pulling at his buttons on his shirt trying to get it off of him, he laughed too.

"You're right, wow that's really responsible of us" he said kissing me and pulling his shirt over his head seen as I was having trouble because of my cast.

I ran my hands down his beautiful body, my husbands body I thought with a smirk. He ran his hands up my thighs and slipped his hands under the skirt of my dress with a small moan. "Mmm Riley bear, how about I order us some room service?" he asked pulling away. Ok does he just not want to sleep with me? Why is he always putting this off? "What do you fancy to eat?" he asked standing up. Looking at him standing there in just his jeans I bit my lip as my mouth started to water. "Take that look off your face Riley, you can't eat me" he said laughing.

I sighed and climbed off the bed unzipping my dress and letting it slide to the floor, I heard him gasp and his lustful expression was back with a vengeance. I gave him a twirl, "Like my losing my virginity lingerie?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"Mmm I love it, but I really think we should eat something, a good fried breakfast will get rid of your hangover" he said looking a little pained as he picked up the phone to order room service.

"Will you order coffee too?" I asked going to the bathroom.

After I'd been to the loo I brushed my hair pulling it into a loose pony tail and washed my face. Looking in the mirror I hardly recognised myself, I had colour in my cheeks and my eyes were sparkling, I knew that it was because of Clay, I couldn't stop smiling. I pulled on one of the bath robes and went back to the room just as room service knocked on the door.

After we'd eaten Clay went and ran a bath, "Hey want to take a bath with me?" he asked seductively kissing down the side of my neck gently biting on the skin, oh hell yeah! I nodded and bit my lip. "Well you get in there then, I'll be in in a few minutes I just need to text the guys and sort out what time they want to meet up and stuff ok" he said giving me a little push towards the door.

I slipped into the bubble bath that he had made and soaked for a while being careful not to get my cast wet. After a few minutes he came in and climbed in behind me wrapping his arms around me and picking up a puff and starting to wash me, lingering on my br**sts and stomach. He kissed down my neck biting gently, making me moan and tip my head back to give him better access. I slipped my hand behind my back and gripped his erection, gently stoking him making him moan and breathe heavy down my neck. He slipped his hand between my legs rubbing me gently making my body tingle. I loved him so much, I wanted him now, I just couldn't wait any longer the suspense was almost killing me.

I pulled myself up and turned to face him straddling him, I could feel his shaft pressing at my entrance making me whimper with desire. "Make love to me please" I begged. He didn't say anything he just took a hold of my h*ps and moved me away from his shaft standing up and lifting me easily with him. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck tightly kissing him deeply. He walked to the wall and grabbed a bath robe wrapping it around my back probably so I didn't get cold knowing Clay. I was giddy with desire now, every part of my body was screaming for him.

He opened the bathroom door and I gasped. It was dark in the room as the curtains were shut, but there were hundreds of little tea light candles around all over every surface, casting romantic shadows everywhere. He'd sprinkled red rose petals all over the floor, bed and furniture. It was so romantic and perfect that I started to cry.

"When did you do this?" I asked breathless.

He smiled "I didn't need to text the guys that was just an excuse" he said kissing me again and carrying me to the bed laying me down and climbing on top of me with a moan.

"I love you Riley Preston" he said with a grin at my new name. It sounded weird and would take some getting used to, but I loved it, especially in his sexy voice.

"I love you too husband" I said pulling him closer to me kissing him with everything that I had.

This was it, this was the moment that we would finally be together. I thought I would be nervous, I wasn't. I wanted this more than anything, I wanted him more than anything. I loved him with all of my heart and I knew that he felt the same.

* * *

deleted scene begins

He ran his hands down my body tickling my sides and kissing my neck, I ran my hands down his back digging my nails in gently making him moan against my skin. He licked down my body biting my ni**les gently and kissing down to my stomach, he slipped his hand between my legs rubbing me gently before pushing two fingers into me gently making me gasp.

I ran my hands through his hair and he put his mouth between my legs rolling his tongue around in circles making me moan louder and louder as my body tingled and throbbed for him. He continued pumping his fingers until I cl**axed crying out his name, he licked his fingers and kissed his way back up to my mouth. I gripped his perfect ass and looked into his eyes.

"Are you sure you're ready?" he asked positioning himself between my legs at my entrance, I could feel the slight pressure where he was ready to push in.

I gasped at the feel of it, oh God is he kidding me? "Yes, Clay please make love to me now" I begged squeezing his ass gently.

He kissed me again passionately then pulled his head back putting his hands on either side of my face staring into my eyes. He thrust forward quickly and a pain shot out between my legs making me cry out and dig my fingers into his back, I heard him gasp 'holy shit'. Oh God it did hurt him too! I felt tears fall from my eyes, he bent his head and kissed them away "I love you Riley" he said as he started to slowly rotate his hips, at first the pain got a little worse but then it started to feel nice. It was a weird sensation him being inside me but the more he moved the more the tingles were returning.