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Author: Kirsty Moseley

"James Morrison, you make it real" Clay answered immediately. I gasped, holy crap he's right that is our song! He always makes me dance with him when that song comes on and he even has it as his ring tone on his phone for me. I swallowed a sob at how sweet he is as the man tapped on the computer and the song started. Clay laughed and pulled me into his arms as we slow danced to it, people were ooing and ahing at us but I couldn't focus on anything other than Clays eyes which were radiating love and passion. When the song ended he kissed me lifting me up off the floor slightly so he didn't have to bend and everyone clapped.

"So would you like to take the newlywed challenge?" the man asked thrusting the microphone in my face.

I looked at him confused, "What sort of challenge?" I asked quietly not willing to commit to anything.

"Well you've had your first official dance, now it's time for the unofficial first dance, if you do it here on stage you win 4 bottles of champagne" he said with a wicked grin.

Our friends were jumping up and down howling and chanting 'do it! do it!' loudly making me giggle. "Unofficial first dance? So what does that entail?" I asked sceptically, I could hear Clay laughing behind me so I turned and slapped his chest playfully.

"Well it's a lap dance" the host said giving me a wink.

Oh my God is he serious? "I'm not giving you a lap dance for 4 bottles of champagne! I just got married, are you crazy?" I cried outraged making everyone in the room burst out laughing.

Clay was almost on the floor laughing, "Not for me! For your husband" the host cried in hysterics.

I blushed, holy crap that's embarrassing. "Oh! Well if he wants one I will" I said giggling and looking at Clay giving him a flirty wink.

He looked more than up for it and nodded eagerly "Hell yeah" he said his eyes flashing with excitement.

The host disappeared and came back with a chair which he set in the centre of the stage and tapped on the computer, a couple of seconds later a song I had never even heard of came on, I giggled and blushed.

"You're not allowed to touch her the only rule, otherwise you lose the challenge" he said slapping Clay on the shoulder giving him a good luck smile. I pushed Clay roughly into the chair gave him my best sexy smile and began giving him a lap dance grinding on him and rubbing my hands on my thighs seductively.

I heard him groan, he quickly sat on his hands to take away the temptation as I ground hard on his now prominent bulge in his jeans breathing deeply in his ear. I bent over so my ass was near his face and rubbing my hands down his legs seductively. His face told me he was really enjoying it and to be honest so was I. I was so drunk I forgot everyone else was there and was quite happy grinding against his erection getting myself off in the middle of the bar. Luckily the song finished and everyone was cheering other wise I think I would have carried on until I cl**axed.

When I went to get up Clay jumped up quickly and pulled me to him to hide his erection making me giggle as I discreetly rubbed against him on purpose making him moan breathily in my ear. "Well you definitely won the challenge, I don't think we've ever had a couple get so into it before, you're a lucky man" the man said slapping Clay on the back with a chuckle. "Sam! Four bottles of champagne for this couple for the newlywed challenge" he shouted to the barman who just winked at me with a smirk.

"Thanks" I said blushing as I made my way off the stage to our friends who were rolling around in their seats laughing.

"I got that on film man, that was the hottest damn thing I've ever seen" Craig said giving me a wink.

"Yeah I'm gonna need a copy of that" Clay said laughing and squeezing my ass. He pulled me onto his lap as the champagne came over trying to cover up his still prominent arousal. I sat there deliriously happy drinking champagne chatting and laughing for about another hour before I fell asleep with my head in the crook of his neck.

Chapter 15

Oh my God my head is pounding I thought as I laid there with my eyes squeezed shut, I felt Clay tighten his arms around me so I turned my head in his direction making the room spin slightly. I opened my eyes but the room was so bright that I squeezed them shut again. Ahhh! How much did I drink last night? I rolled over and pressed my hands to my temples as another wave of pain shot through it making me groan. I heard Clay laugh next to me.

"Good morning my beautiful girl, are you suffering today?" he asked rubbing his hand on my back affectionately.

The sound of his voice was so loud that it made my ears ring, "Shhh baby please" I muttered groaning again and burying my face in a pillow.

He laughed quietly and climbed out of the bed, "Here" he whispered holding out his hand which contained two aspirin and a glass of water. I rolled over to look at him, he was still dressed in the same clothes as last night and looked so handsome. I took the pills he was holding out to me and swallowed them with a big gulp of water wincing as it burnt my dry throat. I looked down I was still wearing my dress, oh so we hadn't had sex. Oh thank God, I am so glad I thought I didn't remember it! That would have been bad not remembering my first time. I smiled excited that I still had that to look forward to.

Clay smoothed my hair away from my face with a smile, "You feeling ok?" he asked looking in my eyes, I frowned no way I was not feeling alright I had the hangover from hell.

"Not really, you?" I asked burying my face into his chest.

"My head hurts a bit but not as bad as yours by the look of it" he said laughing quietly and laying back down.

I laid down next to him putting my head on his chest, my face felt itchy and tight. I rubbed at it roughly, I felt something hard brush my nose, I frowned and looked at my hand, on my ring finger I had two rings. A beautiful gold diamond ring and a plain gold band next to it. What the hell? Why am I wearing two rings? Who's are they? Suddenly everything came flooding back, the jewellery store, the wedding chapel.

OH MY GOD, WE GOT MARRIED! I started to panic, crap, we got married? I'm only 17! Not that the thought of being married to Clay scared me but we were so young, and still in school for goodness sake and oh shit my parents are gonna go crazy! What If Clay is regretting this and thinks that I wanted to trap him or something, he could break up with me. My breathing was coming out too fast as the thoughts flew through my mind.

Suddenly Clay rolled on top of me and kissed me deeply, nibbling on my lip slightly, I opened my mouth and felt his tongue slip in and massage mine. I forgot everything I was worried about when he kissed me making my body burn with love and desire for him. But shit we were married! Did he know? I mean crap if he was as drunk as I was last night, which from what I can remember he was, he probably wouldn't remember.

I put my hands on his chest and pushed him back "Clay last night we" I said but he shook his head and interrupted me.

"No don't worry we didn't have sex, you were so drunk you fell asleep down in the bar, I had to carry you up here" he said with a chuckle. Ok that was good but not what I was trying to say. He kissed me again running his hands down my body slowly, I had to stop him before I forgot what I needed to say.

I pushed him completely off me and sat up, he looked confused "Clay seriously, we need to talk" I said rubbing my temples where the sitting up movement was making my head pound again.

He sat up next to me looking at me curiously. "What's up beautiful girl?" he asked rubbing my back gently. I looked at him, he had no idea what I was going to say, he definitely didn't know we were married.

I took a deep breath how the hell am I gonna say this? Direct approach is best I think. "Clay look" I said holding out my left hand, he looked at it, his eyes went wide and his mouth opened slightly, staring for a few seconds before some recognition came across his face.

"Oh shit! That's right we got married" he said still shocked but a smile pulling at the edge of his mouth. I didn't say anything I just watched as a smile slowly spread across his face. Ok what the hell is he smiling about? Does that mean he's not angry? Oh God please don't let him break up with me I begged internally.

He looked down at his hand and I saw that he had a gold band on his finger too. He started to laugh. Ok now I'm confused, what the hell is so funny about this? I mean damn we got married. We're teenagers who got married in Vegas whist drunk! But I started to laugh too. He pushed me back onto the bed and hovered above me, "Well then I should have said, good morning Mrs Preston" he said kissing me passionately. I kissed him back until we were both gasping for breath and he pulled away.

We just looked at each other not speaking, I don't know how this whole divorce things works, how the hell can we find out? I was thinking about how we could get a lawyer, do we need to do that before we leave Vegas?

"What are you thinking about Riley bear?" he asked smoothing my frown lines away with his finger.

"I was just wondering what we have to do, you know how do we get divorced?" I asked running my hands up his back still thinking.

He pulled back looking a little hurt, "Divorced?" he said quietly.

I nodded "Well yeah I mean we got drunk and got married in Vegas, we've only technically been together for a week" I said laughing again at how strange that sounded.

He didn't laugh he just sat up and turned away from me. "Right" he muttered. Ok what did I say? Is he upset?

"Clay?" I asked sitting up and touching his back.

"No you're right, I mean it's fine" he said still not looking at me. I moved around him and sat on his lap putting my forehead to his.

"Talk to me, what's wrong?" I asked gripping my hands in the back of his hair, he looked up at me with sad eyes that almost made my heart break.

"Is the idea of being married to me really that bad?" he whispered. I kissed him forcefully and he kissed me back pulling me closer.

"Of course not, don't be silly but it's just we're so young and I mean we were drunk, you didn't really want to marry me did you?" I asked looking into his eyes again.