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Author: Kirsty Moseley

"Ok so it's agreed then we'll take my car and I'll pick you up like you said" I said with a grin, he shook his head.

"No Riley bear, I'll come with you, I mean this is about me too you know, we should go together" he said happiness written all over his face.

I knew this would happen. "No way, and anyway how do you know it's about you? I'm not letting all my other boyfriends come so why should you get preferential treatment?" I teased.

"Because you love me more than the others" he said teasingly back.

"Hmm well that's true I guess, just don't tell them I said that" I replied, he chuckled and wrapped his arms around me tightly thinking he'd won. "But you're still not coming Clay" I said sternly, he looked at me again, "No! You have practice and I'm going on my own, that's the end of it" I said kissing his nose and turning for the door.

He sighed and I heard him follow me, as I picked up my school bag he cleared his throat, I looked up to see him with raised eyebrows holding out his hand for my bag. I sighed and handed it to him grabbing his hand after and dragging him out of the house to my car, he is so damn adorable. "You drive" I said as I tossed my keys to him and went to the passenger side.

"How come?" he asked smiling, he loved my car and I always let him drive it whenever we went out together, I could see the excitement in his eyes, he'd never told me he loved to drive it but I could tell. I shrugged and smiled climbing in.

He looked so excited he was almost bouncing in his seat, "Why the excitement Clay?" I asked, it couldn't just be the car he was never this excited.

"I can't wait for everyone to know that you're mine" he said beaming again.

When we go to school he made me wait in the car while he ran round to get my door. "Thanks" I muttered, for some reason I was a little embarrassed, I mean I was gonna be the object of all of the gossip today. The girls already hated me for being his friend they were gonna really hate me now! He held out a hand and I took it looking around shyly. He shut my door and pushed me lightly against the car, pressing every inch of his perfect body to mine and kissing me deeply, running his hands down my body, I vaguely heard gasps and cheers but they disappeared quickly and all I could focus on was Clay. My body needed him like air and I just couldn't get enough.

He pulled away and put his forehead to mine breathing deeply, his deep breathing made me horny as hell, "Mmm how about we skip school and you take me back to bed?" I whispered jokingly. He groaned, I saw him open my car door as he nodded in agreement. I laughed at him, he was serious, he wanted to go back home. I pushed him back off of me "Come on lets get this over and done with" I said rolling my eyes, he just moved back to me.

"I just need a minute" he said shyly trying to tell me something with his eyes, I looked down slightly to see his jeans bulging.

I shook my head, "You really are insatiable Clay" I told him as I dragged him along, he caught up with me quickly and pressed close to my back hiding his erection from view holding onto my hips.

I giggled as we got up to his friends and discreetly ground my ass against it making him moan and tighten his grip on my hips. "Stop that Riley" he whispered in my ear, holding me firmly in front of him but I don't know why, it wasn't really helping him if anything it was making it worse. I stifled a giggle as I shifted from one foot to the other on purpose brushing against it. "Riley" he warned and I laughed again.

"Hey man what's up?" Tom said slapping him a high five, I raised a sneaky eyebrow at Clay and brushed against him again, I knew exactly what was up.

"Hey guys, let me introduce you to my girlfriend" Clay said proudly kissing my temple.

"Girlfriend? Are you serious?" Tom said astonished, Ben and Craig smiled.

"Yep totally serious, I told her, finally" Clay said holding me tight and beaming. Their eyes shot to me, I nodded in confirmation and they all cheered and whooped slapping Clay on the back in congratulations. Some cheerleaders started to make their way over to us, I could see Zoë at the front of the group, I groaned as she laid her eyes on Clay with a predatory smile.

"Yep totally true, I finally told her I loved her on Saturday night" Clay said as he spun me around and kissed me passionately. When he pulled away he held me close and beamed at me, I blushed, ok I know he's just showing off but that is slightly embarrassing. I looked up to see the girls glaring hatred at me, I shrank back into Clay and looked away quickly. The guys were all beaming at us and I could tell they were pleased about it.

"Err Clay, I'm gonna go find Rachel ok?" I said starting to move away.

He grabbed my h*ps again "Ok girlfriend, I'll see you in first period ok" he said kissing me again until I was breathless. As I walked off he slapped my ass and whistled at me, I rolled my eyes at him and skipped off to find Rach. I'd text her yesterday to tell her to meet me at my locker and that I had something to tell her.

When I got there she was waiting for me with a big grin, "I know I know, I've heard, you and the extremely hot Clay Preston were seen approximately 13 minutes ago making out in the car park now is that true or false?" she said with a huge smile.

I nodded "Yep true" I said with another smile, suddenly she gasped, ok it's not that hard to believe is it?

"What the hell have you done to your arm?" she said pointing with wide eyes.

"Oh I err..." I stuttered, what the hell am I gonna say? I can't tell her, what if someone hears and it goes round the whole damn school! "I fell, no big deal" I said sheepishly.

She giggled "Were you drunk?" she asked, ok that's an easy out.

"Yep wasted" I said with a grin. She linked her arm through mine and we trotted off down the hallway towards our classes, I tried my best to ignore the whispers and glares from everyone that walked past me.

The rest of the morning was the same, Rachel asked for every detail about how we got together, what we had done, if we'd had sex, was he a good kisser, everything. I answered almost everything with 'no comment' much to her annoyance. At lunchtime we were all sitting at the usual lunch table, "I think we need to have a road trip" Ben said with a big grin, everyone was agreeing and deciding where to go, when, who would want to go. It was decided that we would go to Vegas this weekend. Ben was going to get everyone that needed them fake id's. We were all to arrange with our parents tonight to see if this was even possible.

Clay grabbed hold of me excitedly, "Vegas Riley bear, that means slot machines" he said with a big smile, I could feel the excitement trying to bubble up in me but I pushed it down, there is no way that my parents are going to let me go on a road trip to Vegas.

"Clay my Mom and Brian won't let me go so I'm not gonna get excited about it" I said honestly, he just shook his head.

"You don't know that Riley bear, they might be ok with it if you're going with me" he said a bit proudly.

Hmm maybe, my Mom and Brian loved Clay they always have done, but I still don't think they'll let me go. I just nodded we'll see, I grimaced inside at the thought of a weekend without Clay, "What's wrong? I can tell you're thinking about something" he said nuzzling my neck.

"Nothing, I just don't think my parents will go for it, so I'm gonna miss you that's all" I said shrugging.

He looked a little confused, "What do you mean? Why would you miss me?" he asked wrapping his arm around me tightly.

"Because I love you silly, won't you miss me?" I asked looking a little hurt.

He shook his head, "Riley bear I think your confused about something" he said grabbing me and pulling me onto his lap straddling him, holding me tight. "I'm not going if you can't go" he whispered in my ear sounding so sexy I shivered.

I gasped shocked, he wouldn't go? That's just stupid, I'm not letting him miss out on the fun if I can't go, "Clay, if I can't go you are still going" I said firmly.

"Whatever, it doesn't matter lets just see what our parents say first ok" he said kissing me deeply, sitting on his lap I could feel a stirring in his trousers, I giggled and moved around on purpose. He chuckled and held me still, "You need to stop that little girl" he said narrowing his eyes at me playfully. I giggled again and lent forward sticking out my tongue and tracing his bottom lip slowly making him moan, he moved forwards to kiss me so I pulled back laughing making him groan.

I noticed that the table had gone quiet, I looked round and everyone was staring at us the girls with jealousy and the boys with lustful expressions. I blushed, "What?" I asked standing up and moving off his lap, the boys just laughed and slapped Clay on the back again. I shook my head, typical boys.

* * *

After school I went to the clinic and amazingly got in only 5 minutes late, I had to answer tons of questions about my sexual activity. She was very impressed that I was going on the pill before ha**ng s*x and we decided together that I should go for the contraceptive injection. It was a quick injection in the ass, it lasted 12 weeks and after three or four injections would actually make my periods stop all together which was great! She did it there and then and apparently it only took 48 hours to get into my system. She gave me a leaflet about it, apparently there wasn't very many symptom's I needed to worry about, maybe stomach cramps today or tomorrow as it worked its way around my system.

I went to pick up Clay and surprisingly I was on time. I pulled into the car park just as he was walking out of the locker rooms. I got out of the car and leaned against it waiting for him to come to me. He spotted me and ran up, I jumped into his arms and wrapped myself around him as he kissed me hungrily, "Mmm I missed you" he said against my lips, I chuckled.

"You missed me? It's only been an hour" I joked running my hands through his hair.

"Yeah but I've hardly seen you all day, I missed this" he said squeezing my ass pulling me closer to him as he supported my weight easily.