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Author: Kirsty Moseley

"Take me home Clay and show me how much you missed me" I said teasingly, he groaned and put me carefully into the passenger side before going round to drive.

"So how did you get on then Riley bear?" he asked holding my hand as he drove the few minutes to my house.

"Good, I decided to go for the injection so I don't have to do anything at all apart from go back for another one every three months" I said with a smile. The doctor had convinced me to go for this one, apparently girls my age that went to parties sometimes ended up pregnant because they were sick with a hangover in the morning and their pills were brought out of their system.

"Injection? Seriously they do that?" he asked shocked.

I nodded "Yep, right in my ass, I'm probably gonna get a bruise or something" I said with fake hurt.

He squeezed my hand, "I can kiss it for you if you like" he said seductively.

"Mmm I was hoping you would say that" I said flirtily, he moaned quietly with a small smile on his face. "Wanna know the best thing?" I asked innocently.

"Yeah of course, I wish you'd have let me come with you, I wanted to be there for you" he said squeezing my hand again.

"I know and I love you for it Clay but you had practice, she would have made you wait in the waiting room anyway so there would have been no point" I said kissing the back of his hand.

He sighed "Yeah ok, so what's the best thing?" he asked curiously, he pulled into my driveway and I quickly climbed out of the car. My parents car was in the driveway so I knew they were home, I walked up to the door and waited for him to catch me up.

Once we were outside the front door I lent into him seductively put my hands on his chest and brought my mouth to his ear, "It only takes 48 hours to get into my system and then you won't ever need a condom again" I said biting his earlobe, he moaned quietly.

"48 hours?" he asked huskily, I bit my lip and nodded. He looked so lustful that it made the tingles shoot round my body, I pushed them away and grabbed his hand pulling him in the house with a giggle.

"Hey Mom, hey Brian" I chirped as I skipped into the room hugging them both.

"Riley what the hell happened?" my Mom asked tears welling up in her eyes, I gasped oh shit I forgot all about my arm!

"Oh Err I well I...." I started stuttering, ok how do I tell my parents this?

Clay stepped forwards, "We had a problem while you were away, maybe you should sit down" he said pulling me down onto the couch next to him.

My parents sat down shocked and scared, Clay explained the whole thing to them, Blake, what the police had said, the hospital. Brian looked murderously angry and jumped out of his chair, "That f**king asshole! I spoke to him, I thought he was a good kid, wait until I see him I'm gonna kill him" he spat. I just watched him with wide eyes I'd never ever heard him swear in all the time I'd known him, Clay stood up and put his hand on his shoulder reassuringly.

"Don't worry about it, he won't hurt her again I promise" he said sincerely, I winced slightly at the threat in his voice, I knew that if Blake ever came near me again Clay would have trouble controlling his temper and I prayed that would never happen. I never wanted to think of Clay getting hurt ever.

"So aside from the whole hot guy that turns out to be a psycho and the broken arm, did we miss anything?" my Mom joked with a glint in her eye.

Clay grinned and I shook my head quickly, "No Mom nothing" I said shooting Clay a quick glance, he looked a little hurt.

"Mom do you think I would be able to go to Vegas this weekend with some of the guys from school? All my new friends are going and I thought it would be really great to get to know them better, Clay will be there too" I said smiling at Clay who now looked like he understood why I didn't tell them about us.

"Vegas? No way Riley, I'm sorry but no" my Mom said shaking her head violently. I looked at Brian, ok time to use the soft stepfather routine.

"It's just that I don't know any of them properly and I've been finding it a bit hard to fit in and make new friends and I just thought that when they asked me to go that I would be able to feel part of the group that's all" I said quietly looking at Brian with my puppy dog face, he looked at my Mom with a pleading expression.

I know its bad to use the old heart strings but this is Vegas come on, a whole weekend alone with Clay! Mom sighed, "You're going Clay?" she asked looking at Clay who looked like he was having a hard time not laughing at my little speech.p>

"Well I haven't spoken to my parents yet but I think they'll say yes" he said honestly, and I believed him, they trusted him completely because he was completely trustworthy.

She sighed again and looked at Brian who gave her a small nod, "Ok well IF Clay is going then you can go but only if Clay's going" she said sternly.

I jumped up and kissed them both, "Thank you! Thank you so much" I cried jumping up and down excitedly.

"Don't get too excited I might not be allowed yet" Clay said with a smile but I could tell that he thought the same as me we would definitely be going. "Well I'd better go ask them then I guess" Clay said giving me a wink.

"Clay, thank you for looking after Riley this weekend, you really are a good lad" Brian said holding out his hand to shake Clay's, Clay shook his hand and they did the typical man shake/hug thing.

Clay came over after dinner, he'd spoken to his parents and as expected they had agreed to the trip, he had already text Ben to get me a fake id, he already had one. I was currently laying on my stomach doing my homework on my bed. As soon as he shut the door to my room he grinned "So then Riley bear, lets see this sore spot you want me to kiss" he said rubbing his hands over my ass.

I giggled and pushed him away and handed him the leaflet I was given at the clinic about being on the pill. "I have homework to do boyfriend, here you can read this" I said turning back to my English essay.

He laid on the bed next to me and bless him he read the leaflet from cover to cover, once he was done he rolled onto his side and patiently played with a lock of my hair silently while I scribbled my essay. When I was done half an hour later I rolled onto my side too facing him, I smiled, he really was so sweet, what 18 year old boy would lay there on a bed with their girlfriend, patiently waiting while she finished her homework?

I kissed him tenderly, when I pulled away he looked at me thoughtfully, I touched his face smoothing his frown lines away with my finger, he smiled a small smile. "I was a little worried when you didn't tell your parents about us but then I realised that if they knew they wouldn't let me take you to Vegas" Clay admitted.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and rolled onto my back pulling him on top of me, "I know I saw your face, I'm sorry" I said kissing his chin and nibbling on it gently.

"Hmm your forgiven" he said kissing me and running his hands down my whole body making me squirm with desire.

"I am so looking forward to this weekend" he said kissing me again, hell yeah me too, a whole weekend with Clay in a hotel and I planned on not wasting a second of it. I pulled his t-shirt off over his head and ran my hands over his incredible body, he kissed down my neck and pushed my top off over my head kissing my stomach and breasts, just then there was a knocking at the door.

I gasped and we quickly threw on our tops and tried to lay down innocently, "Err yeah come in" I said pretending to be doing my homework.

My Mom stepped in and gave us both a smirk, I blushed and Clay hid a laugh by turning it into a cough, "Finally huh?" was all she said looking between the two of us.

I know what to do, I swallowed "Finally?" I asked pretending to not know what she was talking about even though she made it glaringly obvious. She nodded and gave another smirk, ok this is starting to freak me out, why is she not telling us this was stupid and shouting at Clay to get off of my bed?

"Yeah, finally, I just wanted to say I think it's great and I'm really pleased for the two of you" she said giving me a wink. Ok time for the bad acting to come out!

"Mom seriously, I don't know what your talking about, Clay's just helping me with my homework and then we're gonna watch a movie" I said. I looked at Clay who just looked a mixture between amused and confused, it was actually a really good look for him, it made him look really hot. Ok focus on the Mom situation I told myself dragging my eyes away from Clay.

"Right" she said sarcastically shaking her head, her eyes fell on something on the bed and she stepped forward to pick it up.

I noticed a split second too late that it was the leaflet I'd given to Clay. Shit! She scanned the front. "You're on the pill Riley?" she asked, ok game over no more lies, I nodded and bit my lip.

"Yeah Mom I went today" I said honestly, I sat up and Clay did the same but I refused to look at him, I kept my gaze on my Mom's face who actually was starting to tear up. "Mom? You ok?" I asked quietly, she sat on the bed in front of me and pulled me into a hug, ok shit this is just getting weird, why the hell is she crying?

"I always thought I would come with you for this, I was waiting until you were ready and then you know, I thought you would come to me, I wouldn't have been mad" she said in a small voice, ok really wasn't expecting that. "I know that you wouldn't but I didn't need anyone with me I was fine" I said trying to reassure her. I glanced over at Clay who now looked really uncomfortable and confused and this too was a good look for him.

My Mom pulled back to look at me, "I am so proud of you, this is really responsible" she said cupping my cheek, she reached over and grabbed Clay's hand "You too Clay" she said giving him a smile. "I think it's best we don't tell your stepfather about this until after Vegas, I don't think he'd like the idea of you two together alone like that" she said shaking her head frowning at the thought. "Oh but Clay you should tell your Mom, Linda will be so pleased" she said bouncing on the bed slightly, I smiled uncomfortably, ok what the hell? My mom knew we were together and didn't care, well actually she did care, she was pleased about it?