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Author: Kirsty Moseley

"I'm just calling to tell you to stay the hell away from Riley, if you ever even look at her again I'm going to rip your head off" I growled, he laughed.

"Screw that, she's my girlfriend, and you need to leave her alone, I won't have you doing all that friends shit with my girl" he shouted angrily.

I jumped off the sofa at the word girlfriend, "You f**king broke her arm asshole, if you come near her again you're going to wish that they threw your ass in jail by the time I'm finished with you" I said gripping a hand in my hair tying to keep my voice down in case I woke her.

"The police can't do anything, they just said to back off" he said sounding a little smug, I could feel the rage building up inside I forced myself to stay on the spot as my body wanted so badly to jump in the car and go and finish this.

"I'm f**king telling you now, I don't give a shit what the police said, you come near her again and I swear I'll kill you" I spat down the phone angrily.

"I can't say away from her, I'm crazy about her, she's mine" he said.

"NO she's not! And you need to back the f**k off! We're together now and I wont let you hurt her, so you'll stay the f**k away if you know what's good for you" I said squeezing my eyes shut again.

"Together? You f**king can't be together, she's mine!" Blake roared angrily.

I smiled, "Trust me, we're together and I don't want you anywhere near her, you even think about calling or texting her again and I swear you'll regret it" I promised.

He laughed, "Thanks for the warning there Preston" he said teasingly, I could almost hear the sneer in his voice.

"I promise Chambers, I will bury you" I said slowly forcing the words to come out at a reasonable level. I snapped the phone shut, I couldn't talk to him anymore, if I heard one more word in his smug voice I wouldn't be able to stop myself from going there and that really wouldn't help the situation if I got myself arrested for murder.

I turned her phone back off and headed back up the stairs. She was laying in the exact place I left her, her beautiful n**ed body sprawled out on the bed. God she was so perfect, I never thought I'd ever be with her, I'd wanted her for so long but she never even looked at me that way. It had been killing me all these years to have her so close and love her the way I do, seeing her go on dates and stuff with other guys was painful. I was content to just be in her life, I was happy being her best friend as long as I got to be around her. But that month away was torture, everyday I would wake up and feel sick that she wasn't here, that I couldn't talk to her, that's what made me try.

I smiled as I slipped off my jeans and crawled into the bed, lifting her broken arm and moving the pillow out of the way. I pulled her to me and held her cast tight against my chest, she nuzzled into my neck her n**ed body pressing tightly against my side. I turned my head and kissed the top of her head, I can't believe this perfect girl loves me, she wants me, I honestly was the luckiest guy in the world. I felt happier than I had ever felt in my life. I would never let anything hurt her ever again. "I love you Riley bear" I whispered closing my eyes will myself to sleep and forget that asshole, he wouldn't come near her again, he wouldn't dare.

Chapter 12

Riley's POV

I got up early in the morning and threw on his shirt, I left him asleep in the bed and sighed contently as I made my way downstairs. I picked up the phone and dialled the doctors clinic and arranged an appointment for four o'clock. I needed to get on the pill fast, it wasn't going to be long before I convinced Clay to sleep with me, not that he would need much convincing but he really wanted to make it special. I wasn't sure when this would be possible though, he was right it would be more difficult for us to be together as my parents were due back this afternoon, I highly doubted that they would let him sleep in with me as usual once they found out we were a couple.

I was starving hungry so I thought I'd surprise Clay with breakfast in bed. Clay loved pancakes so I grabbed all the ingredients from the cupboards and started making them. It was difficult only having one good hand especially breaking the eggs but I managed. Once I'd made a huge stack of chocolate chip pancakes and two glasses of orange juice I plopped it all onto a tray.

I tried to pick up the tray, hmm maybe I hadn't thought this through properly. How the hell can you carry a tray with only one hand? I laughed and shook my head, two arms shot around my waist, I gasped and jumped spinning around quickly to see Clay standing there in his boxers with an amused look on his face. "What are you laughing at my beautiful girlfriend?" he asked kissing my neck.

I slapped his chest playfully, "I thought you were asleep, I was making you breakfast in bed but now you've ruined my surprise" I said pouting my lip out, he lent his head forward and bit my pouty lip gently making me giggle.

"I'm sorry Riley bear, how about I go back to bed and pretend I'm asleep" he said seriously pulling away and turning around.

I laughed and grabbed his hand, "Well actually I was having a bit of trouble anyway" I said sheepishly blushing at my useless cast.

"What's the problem beautiful girl?" he asked tenderly putting his arm around my shoulder.

"I can't carry the stupid tray with one hand" I said laughing and pointing at the tray with my bad hand. He didn't laugh he looked angry then quickly rearranged his expression into a smile.

"I'll get it" he said picking it up and nodding his head towards the stairs for me to go first, I smiled bless him he's such a gentleman.

An hour later I was ready to leave for school, Clay had been ready for forty five minutes, "Stupid boys having it easy" I mumbled. It took me longer to get dressed than normal with my cast. I'd remembered to put on easy trousers so I could go to the bathroom on my own at least so I pulled on green combat trousers that had a popper instead of a button and a simple black v neck top. I couldn't manage to do my sneakers so I slipped them on and left them undone, I'd have to ask Clay to do them for me I thought with a smile.

Eventually I made my way downstairs to see him watching sports channel. I cleared my throat behind him making him jump slightly, "Hey, you look amazing" he said turning the TV off and grabbing my waist pulling me in for a kiss. He pulled back and looked at me from my head to my toes, he started to chuckle, bless him he bent and tied my laces without me even asking. I smiled he is so sweet. "Are you ready to go?" he asked as he stood up and pulled me back in for a hug.

"Err Clay, I'm gonna have to drive myself today, I have somewhere to be after school" I said biting my lip.

He looked confused "No way, I'm not letting you drive yourself today, this is the first day of school that I have you as a girlfriend, I want to show you off" he wined kissing my neck, I giggled as he nibbled my earlobe.

"Clay I'll meet you there, I have an appointment at 4" I told him putting my hands in his hair.

"What sort of appointment?" he asked frowning slightly, I didn't want him to know he would insist on coming with me being the respectable boyfriend that he is and he needed to go to practice, if he knew I was going to see a doctor about going on the pill he would blow off his practice I know it.

"None of your bees wax Clay Preston" I said with a smirk, he hated secrets.

"I can drive you to your appointment" he said still kissing my neck, I moaned slightly as he sucked on my neck again making his love bite darker.

"You have practice" I said breathlessly, my body tingling for him again.

I heard him mumble "shit" under his breath. "Ok well how about this, we take your car to school then you can go to your appointment while I'm at practice then pick me up after" he said pulling back to look at me.

"I can't Clay, the place I'm going usually runs late with it's appointments, what if there's a hold up and I'm not back before practice finishes" I said shrugging, ha I win!

"Then I'll wait for you" he said handing me my car keys with a 'that's decided' expression.

I sighed "Ok fine but don't blame me if I'm late back" I said slapping his ass with my good hand.

"So what's the appointment?" he asked giving me his adorable puppy dog face, I quickly looked away if I stared at that face for too long I would crack and tell him. He let me get past him before he gripped my waist from behind making me stop in my tracks, he kissed down my neck nibbling on my shoulder, breathing down my neck sending chills down my spine. I moaned and bit my lip, "What's the appointment Riley bear?" he murmured against my skin, I shook my head. He ran his hands down the outside of my legs before trailing them back up on the inside of my thighs seductively all the time kissing my neck and shoulders, I could feel his erection pushing against my ass I shivered as desire shot through me again.

"Won't you tell me?" he whispered seductively, lifting my hair so he could lick the back of my neck, his other hand travelling up to grip my hip tightly. I lost the thought I was trying to have, I had no idea what he'd just asked. "Please tell me, I thought we agreed when we were little never to keep secrets from each other" he said convincingly.

"Oh ok fine, I have a doctors appointment" I said breathlessly turning around to wrap my arms round his neck.

He gasped "Oh Shit! Are you ok? Does your arm hurt? What can I do? You want to go back to the hospital?" he asked looking round frantically, I really don't know what he was looking for. I kissed him hard on the mouth to stop his freak out.

"Clay I'm going to the doctors to go on the pill" I said simply kissing him again, his body relaxed instantly.

"Are you sure your ok? I mean your arm" he asked worriedly, I kissed him again before he had another panic attack.

"I'm going to go on the pill, that's the appointment now stop stressing, jeez you've always been such a worrier" I said rolling my eyes and giving him a smile.

"Only about you" he said kissing me again.