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Author: Kirsty Moseley

"Because boy's pick girls up for dates, now go" I said pointing at my bedroom door sternly, he chuckled.

"Mmm, I like masterful Riley" he said pecking me on the cheek giving me a sly wink.

Once he'd left I showered and pulled on a pair of black skinny jeans and a long loose fitting blue gypsy top. I added my usual tiny bit of makeup and some perfume that Clay had bought for me. I smiled when I sprayed it on, I'd smelt it on someone once and they couldn't remember the name of it, Clay had gone out that afternoon and smelt hundreds of perfumes in the shop before he found the right one and bought me a bottle, bless him he is so friggin sweet! How that hell did I miss that he was in love with me?

After about 45 minutes I was downstairs waiting for him when the doorbell rang, I jumped up excited, my first date with Clay! I skipped to the door and threw it open with a big smile on my face only to see that it wasn't Clay it was Blake and he looked angry and hurt. Oh crap! "Hi Blake, what are you doing here?" I asked quietly looking up the driveway to see if Clay was anywhere near, I think that if the two of them are together there will be a problem.

"I needed to talk to you" he said staring at me intently.

"Ok come in" I said stepping aside. He walked past me and I closed the door quickly, I needed to get him out by the time Clay came to pick me up. "Blake I'm sorry, honestly I am, but I just don't think that" I started but he span around and pinned me against the wall so fast that it knocked the wind out of me. I gasped and looked at his face, he looked so angry.

"Shut up Riley for f**k sake!" he shouted in my face.

Holy shit! What the hell is wrong with him? I could smell the alcohol on his breath, shit is he drunk? I only spoke to him like an hour ago! I looked around wildly for something anything, I really don't know what. "Why? Tell me why! I mean shit yesterday we were talking about going out then today, you want nothing to do with me?" he shouted in my face again, I flinched from the venom in his voice, ok DO NOT mention Clay! I thought wildly.

"It's the age thing and I feel rushed, I'm just not ready for an older boyfriend right now, that's all and I'm sorry" I said breathlessly, my heart was beating so loud and fast that I swear he should be able to hear it.

He looked at me for a few seconds before he spoke. "I want to be with you, I've not felt like this before" he said seeming to calm down a bit.

"I'm sorry Blake, really I am" I said quietly smiling a weak smile. He quickly brought his face to mine and kissed me roughly hurting my lips. I whimpered and tried to turn my head to the side, he gripped my chin roughly stopping me from moving, he forced my mouth open and pushed his tongue in. I squeezed my eyes shut as I brought my hands to his chest to try to push his off. I shoved as hard as I could but he didn't budge, he pulled his head back and pushed his body up against mine. "Blake don't please" I begged shoving on his chest roughly trying to push him off me.

He grabbed my wrists in his hands and slammed them against the wall, pain shot up my right wrist and I cried out, "Shit! Ow please Blake you're hurting me!" I said breathlessly, I was crying now but I could see his face soften.

"I....I'm sorry Jailbait I didn't mean to, are you ok?" he asked quietly kissing away my tears, I turned my head.

"Please don't" I said trying to squirm away from him again.

"Fuck it Riley! Why did you make me do that? I don't want to hurt you" he said moving back running his hands through his black hair roughly.

"Please just go, please, parents are upstairs" I said weakly trying to get him to leave.

His head snapped up to look at me, "No Riley, your parent's are away all weekend we're alone, why are you lying?" he said with a sneer stepping back to me again.

"I'm scared! You're scaring me" I sobbed, he stopped where he was.

"I'm scaring you?" he asked quietly looking at the floor.

"Yes" I whispered.

"I'm sorry Jailbait, I'll go, I'm really sorry but you wouldn't answer your phone, and I started thinking all these crazy things about you and Preston alone in the house and I needed to see you" he said wiping my face gently, my wrist was hurting so much that I felt sick.

I couldn't concentrate, all I could think about was the throbbing pain, his face was inches from mine and he was moving in to kiss me again. "Please Blake you need to go, I'll.....I'll talk to you later ok" I said smiling a fake smile, this seemed to make him feel better. He kissed me on the cheek and smiled.

"Ok, I'll talk to later, but answer your f**king phone when I call ok?" he said angrily, taking my hands making the pain shoot back up my wrist again, I flinched and bit my lip so I didn't cry out tasting blood in my mouth where I bit down so hard. I nodded, he turned and walked to the door, I stayed where I was pressed against the wall, once he was out of sight I ran to the door and closed it. I slumped down on the floor leaning my forehead against the wall sobbing cradling my wrist until I heard my favourite voice in the world.

"What are you doing here?" I heard Clay say outside.

"Just seeing my girlfriend, you need to stay the hell away from her seriously Preston" Blake threatened.

"Girlfriend? Fuck you asshole, go spread your STD's around some more" Clay said closer to the door this time.

I was shaking, "Preston you better shut your f**king mouth or I swear I'm gonna shut it for you" Blake said.

I heard Clay laugh, "Yeah because that worked out so well for you last time" Clay said from right outside the door.

Please, oh God just come in please Clay. "Screw you Preston" Blake said, I heard a car door slam and a car engine, I expected Clay to just come in but he didn't he knocked on the door. I pushed myself up off of the floor, I wiped my face, took a deep breath and opened the door, what the hell am I gonna say to Clay?

"Hey Riley bear I got you these" he said holding out a bunch of yellow tulips, he looked at me then and dropped the flowers scooping me up into his arms.

"What the hell? Are you ok? Did he hurt you? Shit Riley what happened?" he asked, I could hear the worry and anger in his voice. I put my head on his shoulder and cradled my arm protectively sobbing on his shoulder, I couldn't speak. He lifted me over to the sofa and sat me on his lap. Rocking me back and forth stroking my hair. "What happened? Did he hurt you?" he asked tenderly, I nodded and held out my wrist, he took it gently looking at it, he hissed through his teeth, my wrist looked swollen and red.

Clay muttered something under his breath that sounded like "I'm gonna kill him" or something along those lines. He moved me off of his lap sitting me on the couch and walked off in the direction of the kitchen, I heard him banging around then he came back with a bag of frozen peas. He scooped me back up onto his lap and held the peas to my wrist.

"What happened?" he asked quietly kissing my forehead.

"He just showed up, I....I thought it was you, then he just went crazy, shouting and....and..." I said but started crying again.

He wiped my tears away gently, "It's ok Riley bear, I'm here now it's ok" he murmured over and over until I calmed down.

"He was so angry, he said he wanted to be with me, he was shouting at me and then he kissed me" I said, Clay sucked in a big breath, "I tried to push him off honest I did Clay but he grabbed my arms and slammed my wrist on the wall" I said trying to look into his eyes. I needed to know that was ok, that we were ok, he frowned and looked at my wrist with a tight jaw. "I tried to push him off I promise" I said quietly touching his face with my other hand. "Please say that's ok" I said quietly, his eyes snapped up to mine.

"Ok? HELL NO it's not Ok Riley! He kissed you against your will, he f**king hurt you! That's not ok" he said angrily.

"I'm so sorry, please forgive me" I said crying again.

"Forgive YOU? What the hell are you talking about? Why would I need to forgive you Riley bear you've done nothing wrong" he murmured stroking my hair again lovingly, pressing his forehead to mine. "Come on lets get you to the hospital, get this wrist checked out ok" he said helping me stand up.

"Wow this is gonna be a good first date Clay" I said jokingly.

He laughed humourlessly, "As long as I'm with you, I don't care what we do, and by the way, you look beautiful" he said kissing me tenderly. I kissed him back wrapping my arms around his neck, pain shot up my arm and I cried out making him flinch and gasp, he took my wrist and put the peas back on it wincing as I sucked in a breath.

"I think this might be broken" he said bending his head so he could kiss it.

"I think so too" I whispered. He led me out of the house grabbing my bag and locking the door.

We spent nearly five hours at the hospital and finally we arrived home I had a cast on my wrist, Clay was right I had fractured it and would have to wear a cast for 6 weeks. When we arrived back to my house Clay was fussing over me like crazy, being his usual sweet attentive self, getting me pillows and drinks, making me dinner. He even offered to come to the toilet with me in case I needed help, I'd declined laughing but as it turned out I couldn't do my jeans back up after with one hand so I had to ask him to do it, much to his amusement.

I'd told Clay everything Blake had said, and when I told him that I'd said I would talk to him later trying to get him out of the house he stiffened and went quiet, I don't know what he was thinking about he wouldn't tell me so I just changed the subject. I made a statement to the police but they said that there was not much they could do, there was no witnesses it would be my word against his and the fact that I invited him into the house from the street apparently looked bad on my part. Blake did have previous history so they were going to go and talk to him to tell him to back off, that was all the help they could offer.

We were now laying on the sofa together watching some crappy reality TV programme. I turned to him and kissed him passionately, he responded immediately kissing me with just as much passion and hunger he rolled onto his back and pulled me on top of him gently. He ran his hands down my back and pushed his hands into the back of my trousers making me chuckle as he squeezed my ass. By the time we broke the kiss I was breathless and tingling all over with the familiar burning need that he gave me every time he kissed or touched me.