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Author: Kirsty Moseley

I felt the bed move slightly and his weight shifted I knew he was awake, I didn't move, I heard him sigh and then he traced his fingers from my temple to my jaw slowly. "You are so beautiful Riley, I love you so much" he whispered before kissing my forehead tenderly. I couldn't do it anymore, I wanted to kiss him to speak to him, but first I wanted to have a little fun with him. I cracked open my eyes to see him laying there staring at me with a contented smile on his face.

"Hi" I croaked surprised by how husky my voice sounded.

"Hi" he whispered with a smile.

Ok time to make him squirm, "Clay listen about last night, I think we should just be friends" I said trying not to smile. He didn't fall for it, he chuckled and rolled so that I was underneath him and pinned my wrists down either side of my head.

"No way Riley bear, you agreed to be my girlfriend now you have to deal with it" he said as he brought him mouth to mine and kissed me hungrily.

I moaned into his mouth, his kisses never ceased to amaze me, impossibly every one felt better than the one before. I couldn't move my hands as he was still pinning them down so I raised my legs and wrapped them tightly around his waist pulling him closer to me. Because of the new position his hard shaft was again pressing at my entrance, I moaned. "Riley" he gasped letting go of my hands, he pushed his arms down on the bed trying to pull away from me but I didn't move my legs.

"NO! Please just stay there, just for a bit, that feels so good Clay please" I begged wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him back down to me.

"God Riley, I can't! It's killing me not to push forward I swear, I want you more than I've ever wanted anything in my life" he whined looking pained and biting his lip.

"Please, just for a bit" I begged as I kissed him hungrily, he kissed me back so passionately my body was burning, my core was throbbing for him and everything in me was screaming to push my h*ps up and get him inside so I reluctantly unwrapped my legs from his waist.

He breathed a sigh of relief once I'd moved, "I want you so much Clay" I whispered as he kissed down my neck, across my collarbone to suck and my nipples.

"This will have to do for now" he said huskily as he slid one hand down between my legs and started rubbing me lightly. I moaned loudly and he continued to flick his tongue across my nipple and then blow lightly on it, my body was in heaven, I was already so close to my cl**ax when my phone rang. It scared the crap out of me and I jumped a mile making Clay laugh.

"It's ok answer the phone" he said nodding at it.

"There's no way I'm answering that phone Clay, I want you to finish what your doing" I said breathlessly. He pulled his hand away making me whimper and brought his face to mine for a quick kiss.

"Answer it, it might be important, I promise I'll finish this after" he said with a smile. I huffed and pouted grabbing the phone, answering it without looking at the caller id.

This better be important, "Hello" I said almost angrily.

"Hi Jailbait" Blake chirped, my eyes opened wide in shock, holy shit!

"Err hi Blake" I said looking away from Clay who stiffened and suddenly looked tense.

"Hey, so how'd you sleep last night? You never called" he said flirtily. I looked at Clay who now for some reason looked like he was trying not to laugh, I gave him my best 'what the hell' look and he just shook his head slowly with an wicked grin.

"Err, I slept great actually Blake, how about you?" I asked uncomfortably, suddenly Clay slipped his hand back between my legs, I bit my lip to stop the sound that tried to escape, and squeezed my legs shut clamping his hand there so he couldn't move it giving him a warning glare.

"I slept ok, I was thinking about you a lot though" Blake answered, I looked back at the phone, what is he talking about? Clay somehow still managed to get his fingers to move gently and I gasped.

"Oh" was all I could manage to say to Blake.

Clay was now kissing across my stomach and had used his other hand to unclamp my legs so he had better access. "So you were ok on your own last night then? I was really hoping to be able to come over and help you house sit" he said and I could hear the suggestion in his voice. Clay was kissing around my neck as he continued to rub me gently, I gasped as my body bumped up a gear. "What? What's wrong?" Blake asked worried, I clamped my hand over the phone as I moaned.

"Nothing, I just err...." I said, suddenly my body kicked up another gear as he rubbed his fingers a bit faster, pleasure was shooting through my body, I clamped my hand back over the phone and bit my lip as I moaned again, I really was close.

"What? You what?" he asked again.

"I just saw a spi-der" I said almost shouting the end of the last word as I bumped up another gear, I could hear Clay chuckle against my stomach, I squirmed trying to get away but he just clamped his free arm across my h*ps pinning me there.

"You saw a spider?" Blake asked sounding like he didn't believe me.

"Yeah, yeah a spider and I'm going to kill it when I get off the phone" I said breathlessly making Clay chuckle again.

He trailed his hand across my stomach tickling me as he continued to work his hand between my legs, "Riley? You there? I said can I come over?" Blake said sounding a little annoyed, oh shit had he been talking to me?

"It's not really a good time" I said breathlessly, clamping my hand back over the phone as I moaned louder again, seriously how is he not hearing this? I am going to kill Clay I swear, he is doing this on purpose!

Oh shit this was it I was going to cl**ax, "I've got to go, there's someone at the door" I gasped as I snapped the phone shut just in time to scream Clay's name as my orgasm exploded inside me, my body shaking. Clay laughed, full on laughed! He pulled himself back up to my face and I could see that he really enjoyed that. I raised my hands to his chest to push him off but he just pinned them back to the bed, "You asshole! I can't believe you did that!" I cried but my voice had lost a lot of its anger due to me hardly being able to breathe, he laughed again.

"I love you Riley" he said bringing his mouth to mine and kissing me passionately, ok now that's just not fair! How the hell can I stay mad at him when he is kissing me like that and my body is still burning from my orgasm? He's such a cheater! He pulled away with a big grin and I couldn't help but smile back. "So I'm forgiven?" he asked playing with a stray bit of my hair, smoothing it back from my face gently.

I nodded and rolled my eyes, "Yes, but you're still and ass" I muttered.

"Yeah but you love me" he said with a cocky half smile.

"Yeah I do" I said running my hands down his perfect back to squeeze his ass. God that ass! My mouth was watering at the thought of it.

The phone rang again and this time I jumped out of the bed to answer it. "Hi Blake" I answered pulling on my bath robe.

"Who was at the door?" he asked, I frowned, door? What's he talking about.

"What door?" I asked before slapping myself on the forehead, shit! that's what I said 'there's someone at the door'. Clay laughed and I made a shh action with my finger, "Oh the door right err it was Clay" I said sitting on the desk chair.

"Clay? So what you two made up now?" he asked sounding annoyed about it.

"Yeah we made up now" I said looking over to Clay who was pulling on his boxers and looking around for his jeans from yesterday.

"So can I come over?" Blake asked still sounding pissed off.

"Err Blake, that's not really a good idea, I've err got things to do" I said blushing as Clay stood there watching me, I squirmed in my chair.

"What things? Can I help?" Blake asked sounding frustrated.

"No Blake, listen I just don't want this ok, I'm really sorry, I am, but it's just not gonna work out between us" I said quietly. I hated to feel like this, I'd ended a few relationships before, never serious ones but I still hated to say the words, but Blake and I weren't even together. I mean we talked about being together but never actually agreed anything, we'd only been on two dates.

"What the f**k do you mean not gonna work out?" he said almost shouting, I flinched a little from the tone of his voice and turned my head so that Clay wouldn't know he was shouting, I had a feeling he'd go crazy.

"Look Blake I'm sorry but we never really started anything so......" I said trailing off not really knowing how to finish the last part.

"Screw that! We never started anything, I like you, I told you!" he full on shouted now, he actually sounded scary and I was glad we were doing this over the phone.

"Blake I know and I said I'm sorry, but at least you can go back to screwing random girls every night without the threat of jail hanging over your head" I said trying to cheer him up a bit.

"I don't want to screw random girls! Fucking hell Riley are you not listening?" he screamed, I flinched again.

"Blake seriously calm down, we went on like two dates, I'm sorry but it's not gonna work. I have to go" I said hanging up the phone.

I took a deep breath before looking at Clay who looked seriously pissed off. "Was he giving you a hard time?" he asked through his teeth.

"No he was just upset that's all" I lied, my phone buzzed and I looked at the caller id, Blake again, I rejected it and turned my phone off and smiling at Clay pretending nothing happened.

"So what shall we do today?" I asked getting up off the chair and wrapping my arms around him.

"Well we haven't been on an official date yet" he said with a smirk, a date? Wow a date with Clay Preston every girls dream.

I smiled, "Ok why don't you go home and change and pick me up in an hour" I said pushing him towards the door.

"What? Why? I've got clothes here why can't I just wait here for you?" he asked frowning and not liking the idea of being away from me, I smiled bless him he's so sweet.