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Author: Kirsty Moseley

"This" I said as I reached over and wiped the chocolate across his abs, he jumped and looked down at it in shock.

"That's supposed to make it taste better?" he asked looking at me confused.

I bit my lip and nodded "Uh huh" I said as I pushed him onto his back and licked the chocolate off of his stomach, he moaned. Wow this was a good idea and sweet Jesus it did taste ten times better too!

"Riley you are really good at all of this for a virgin, I mean that was seriously hot" he said breathlessly, raising his head so he could watch me spread some more on him before licking it off, I could see a bulge in his jeans and I smiled as I started to undo the buttons. I slipped a hand in and pumped him while I carried on cleaning his chocolaty body he was moaning my name and breathing heavy.

I still couldn't get used to the idea that this boy was mine, that he loved me and wanted me. "Mmm I want to try it" he said suddenly pushing my shoulders so I had to roll onto my back. He unclasped my bra and wiped banoffi pie over my br**sts and stomach, it was cold so I giggled slightly but the giggling stopped as soon as he brought his mouth to me licking all over, lingering on my ni**les and sucking them, making me moan loudly.

After all the desert was used up we were just having a passionate make out session, I was still in my panties and he was in his boxers. We made no move to take them off, we had all night there was no rush. He kissed across to my ear and chuckled, "What?" I asked my voice sounding husky from all the kissing.

"You have cream in your hair" he said with a smile, I smiled too. I'd just had another idea which I knew he was sure to like.

I put my hands on his chest and pushed him off me, I stood up and took a couple of steps away and slipped off my panties threw them at him, he looked a little shocked as they hit him in the chest and fell into his lap. I turned around and walked off, "Where are you going?" he asked confused, I smiled over my shoulder seductively.

"I'm going to take a shower wash this out of my hair, want to come and help me?" I said raising my eyebrows. He closed his eyes and moaned breathily then opened them back up to look at me with a hungry lustful expression clear across his face. I giggled and walked off in the direction of my bathroom knowing that he would follow.

* * *

I had the best shower I had ever had in my life, we washed each other and he even conditioned my hair, bless him he combed it through and everything. After nearly an hour we both booked a bit prune like so we decided to get out. I wrapped my hair in a towel and reached to get another for my body but he beat me to it, he proceeded to dry every inch of my body thoroughly, I just watched him the whole time, watched as the water dripped from his hair and trailed its way down his body before it soaked into the towel he'd wrapped around his waist, I envied that drip of water I really did.

"There you go Miss Thomas I think you are officially free from traces of banoffi pie" he said standing up and kissing me, I giggled as he trailed his hands down my sides making me shudder.

"Hmm I'm pretty tired I think I'm gonna go to sleep now, unless you can think of anything else we can do Clay?" I said seductively trailing my finger down his chest and hooking it in the towel at his waist tugging slightly making it fall to the floor. "Oops silly me" I said raking my eyes over his body.

"You're a friggin pervert Riley, my eyes are up here" he joked chuckling.

"I've been looking at your eyes for 12 years Clay, I'm just trying to give the rest of you a chance to catch up" I said with a wink. He grinned and grabbed my waist and lifted me easily, throwing me over his shoulder and slapping my ass gently, from this angle I had a perfect view of his perfect ass, he carried me to the bedroom and threw me gently on the bed.

"Lets watch the movie" he said putting the DVD in and pressing play, he switched off the light and got into the bed naked. I saw the opening credits and that was it before he turned to me with an expression so lustful that it sent shock waves through my body.

"Are you sure your not gonna freak out in the morning and tell me you just wanna be friends? Because I really don't think I can take that again" he said looking sad.

I cupped his face and looked into his eyes, "I'm sure" I said honestly. There was no way in this world that I was gonna change my mind, but part of me was terrified. What if we did this and it didn't work out? Would we be able to stay friends then? But I just don't think that there is anyway either of us could not try, it was definitely worth the risk, I mean what if it did work out and we got to have this forever?

"Will you please be my girlfriend?" he asked quietly playing with my fingers looking nervous as hell, I smiled, they were the sweetest words in the world as they came out of his sexy mouth.

I nodded "Yes" I said I felt so happy I could burst, "So I get to be your first something too" I said tracing my finger along his jaw.

"You're my first a lot of things Riley bear" he said with a knowing smile.

"Yeah like what?" I asked curious I mean he was a total player who had slept with more girls than he could remember, what could I possibly be the first of?

"You were my first crush, first Love, first girl I ever gave flowers to, well actually you're the only girl I've ever given flowers to, first girl I ever kissed" he said he was about to continue but I interrupted.

"First kiss? What are you talking about?" I asked confused.

"You kissed me when I was ten, when I broke my finger on that baseball" he said chuckling, oh yeah right, I'd forgotten about that! I was eight and he was playing baseball in the park with some bigger kids, one threw the ball to him too hard and it broke his finger, he was crying so hard that I kissed him to try and make him stop, that was my first kiss too, how could I forget something like that?

"Yep so like I said first kiss, first time anyone's ever smeared food on me and licked it off" he said licking his lips unconsciously as he looked at my body. "First shower with a girl, which was so hot by the way I get chills just thinking about it" he said kissing my neck. "My first and actually the only person I've ever given a love bite to or received one from, the list goes on and on and I'm honestly hoping that you get to be my only for a lot of those too, I don't ever want anyone else" he said wrapping his arms around me pulling me close and burying his face in my hair inhaling deeply.

I was so safe and warm and happy, I stifled a huge yawn and he chuckled, "Wow I wore you out huh?" he said teasingly.

"Yep boyfriend you did" I said sleepily patting his chest smiling at the word boyfriend. He kissed my forehead and I was vaguely aware that he turned the movie off before I fell asleep.

Chapter 11

When I woke in the morning, Clay was spooning me from behind, his arms wrapped around me protectively. I knew he wasn't awake yet, I could hear his deep breathing in my ear, I loved the sound of his breathing when he was asleep. When I was a kid and he used to stay over I used to lay awake for ages listening to the calming sound of his rhythmic breathing.

I smiled happily as I remembered last night when he told me he loved me, and all the things that we did, the thought of them had my body already tingling in anticipation of those things that would happen again and hopefully would be happening a lot from now on. I thought about ha**ng s*x with Clay, what it would be like, whether it would hurt. I decided that I needed to get on the pill and fast because I wanted him so badly that it would only be a matter of time.

I briefly panicked that he might have changed his mind in the night but I pushed this away quickly, he wouldn't have changed his mind, that's just me starting to second guess him like I did the last two times when I said I just wanted to be friends. I knew better now, he was in love with me and I was in love with him.

I wondered what would have happened if he had told me this a year ago or two years ago, before I realised I was in love with him, would it have ruined everything then? If I didn't go away on that holiday for a month and missed him so much would I have ever realised my feelings for him? I kissed his arm that I was resting my head on, he had bent it at the elbow so that it wrapped across my body and rested on my left breast.

He unconsciously pulled his arms tighter around me which made me smile, I felt him starting to get aroused and poke into my thigh. I suppressed a giggle remembering the first time I ever felt Clay get a hard on, I had just turned 13 and he was 14. He was laying much the same as he was now, he was asleep and I was trying to get out of his arms without waking him so I could used the loo.

As I jiggled around he started to get aroused I was so shocked I gasped and tried to pull away quickly which woke him up. He looked startled and then embarrassed as hell, I'd learnt all about these things in health class and I knew that a teenage boy would easily get aroused like that especially in the mornings. I told him it was ok and that I didn't care, he'd been so upset he tried to leave so I had pushed him back onto the bed and laid next to him with my arms draped over him telling him it was ok and that I understood. I begged him to stay, eventually he was calm again, the whole time he refused to look at me.

We never spoke about it again but it happened occasionally when he stayed after that. Sometimes the feel of him poking me in the back or thigh or stomach would turn me on too, but I never ever told him that. I wondered now whether that should have given me some clue as to his feelings for me or mine for him. I shook my head at how clueless I was about it, he had been in love with me for 12 years and we'd wasted so much time.

I rubbed my ass discreetly across his erection and he groaned a little in his sleep I bit back a smile at the sound. I moved to grind him lightly again but he moved at the same time and his erection pushed lightly at my entrance making me gasp and moan quietly. It felt so good I was tempted to push down and ease it in, the desire was so strong for him it was almost impossible to fight, I bit my lip and moved away quickly, I rolled over so I was facing him.

He was still sound asleep and looked like an angel, so peaceful and beautiful. I drank him in greedily, the shape of his eyebrows, his straight nose and square jaw, his perfect kissable mouth, his lips looked so inviting that before I knew what I was doing I lent forward and kissed him gently. He stirred in his sleep and I quickly laid back down closing my eyes and faked sleep.