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Author: Kirsty Moseley

Happiness burst inside me, "So what your saying is that you want me to be your girlfriend?" I asked giving him a flirty smile.

"No Riley bear, what I'm saying is that I want you to be my everything, my soul mate, my girlfriend, my whole world" he said kissing me lightly, I blushed and giggled like a little kid. He smiled at me "Ok was that too much?" he asked blushing slightly.

"Maybe a little" I said pulling his face to mine and kissing him passionately.

"I have one thing I would definitely like you to be" I said rolling so I was on top of him again.

"Anything" he said running his hands down my back, across my ass and down my thighs, making me moan breathlessly.

"My first" I whispered in his ear seductively, he gasped and rolled over again so he was on top and kissed me.

The kiss was amazing it made my whole body tingle, it made me lose myself, by the time he pulled away to kiss my neck I was giddy with desire. I pulled at his jeans trying to get them off as quick as possible, he was doing the same to my clothes. I was already down to my panties and bra before he pulled away, "Crap! We can't, I don't have anything" he said slapping his forehead, the disappointment I felt was overwhelming, it was almost painful.

I looked at his face to see he felt the same as me, suddenly he brightened and kissed me again, Oh thank you God he's remembered he has one. The nervous excitement was starting to build back up again. Oh my God I'm about to have sex with Clay! I was still pulling at his jeans pushing them all the way off. "Riley, I don't have one" he said rolling off of me slightly again still beaming at me.

"Then why do you look so happy Clay? I thought you just remembered you had one in your wallet or something" I said confused giving him my puppy dog face.

He chuckled and ran his thumb across my bottom lip as he spoke "I'm happy because we don't have to rush anything, we have forever for me to be with you, we don't have to do this tonight, it's not a 'tonight only' offer is it?" he asked with a teasing smile. I rolled him under me, he was only in his boxers I still had on my bra and panties, I sat up and gave him an evil smile.

"Well to be honest I'm not sure if I'm still gonna want you tomorrow" I said pretending to think about it whilst running my hands down his chest.

"Hmm really? Well then maybe I'd better make the most of you tonight then" he said with an wicked glint in his eye sitting up and tickling me, making me laugh and squirm around on his lap.

I pushed him off and jumped up, still giggling I ran for the door, I heard him jump off the bed behind me, I ran as fast as I could downstairs, he was gaining on me. I made it to the kitchen before he grabbed my waist span me around and picked me up by my h*ps I wrapped my legs around his waist. "Hmm now what's a fitting payback for running away from me?" he said narrowing his eyes at me pretending to think as he walked forwards, "I know" he said as he leant me against the fridge. I screamed as the cold door touched my back and jerked into him further which caused me to grind hard against his erection making me gasp.

He laughed and moved backwards kissing me passionately running his hands up my back warming it back up. "I love you Riley, so much" he said lovingly "We don't need to rush this, I want to be with you, I want to make love to you, God I want to make love to you so much" he said putting his forehead to mine "But we have all the time in the world" he said looking at me lovingly. I kissed him again and my stomach growled loudly.

He chuckled, "It's a movie night, how about I order us a pizza while you choose a DVD" he said putting me down gently. I nodded and turned go back upstairs, I knew he was watching me so I purposefully swayed my ass seductively as I walked. I head him moan, and I bit my lip trying not to laugh. "Choose something that's gonna scare you, I like having you cling to me" he said with another smirk. I went upstairs and threw on his t-shirt, I quickly looked in the mirror, Oh crap, my face was puffy and red from crying, my mascara had smudged under my eyes so I looked like a panda and my hair was all messy. I groaned wow I look so sexy.

I quickly grabbed a brush and started to brush out the snarls and tangles, I grabbed my face wipes and wiped my smudged make up off quickly. Grabbing my make up bag I started to apply some concealer to the red blotches. I had just finished applying mascara to one eye and was about to start the other when Clay cleared his throat from the doorway, I jumped and looked at him, "Why are you doing that?" he asked amused.

"Isn't it obvious? I look a complete mess from all the crying" I said turning back to the mirror.

He walked in and grabbed my face wipes turning me round to face him, he pulled one out and wiped my freshly applied makeup off my face gently. "You are the most beautiful girl in the world Riley, you don't need any of that" he said throwing the wipe in my bin kissing me tenderly.

"I just wanted to look nice for you" I said biting my lip to stop the moan that tried to escape as I ran my eyes down his body, he was still in just his boxers.

"I'm sorry but you'll never look nice" he said grabbing my hand and pulling me out to the hundreds of movies I have.

"I won't?" I asked lagging behind him slightly on purpose so I could watch his ass.

"Nope, never, you are just too perfect to ever just look 'nice', and do you mind not staring at my ass?" he said with a chuckle. I reached out a hand and slapped it playfully, "I thought it was my ass now" I said simply sticking out my tongue, he moaned quietly and pulled me forward. "Come on Riley bear choose a film the pizza will be here soon" he said wrapping his arms around my waist resting his chin on my shoulder. I chose iRobot, I know its not a scary film like he asked but it was the first one I saw and I didn't plan on watching the movie anyway.

The doorbell rang and I skipped off to answer it while he pulled on his jeans, "Wait, your only in a t-shirt Riley" he called as I made my to the door, I didn't care I was hungry. I opened the door to a guy from our school I think his name was Steven or something like that and he was a senior the same as Clay.

"Err Hi, I have your large pizza, half margarita, half super loaded and your chocolate fudge cake and banoffi pie" he said looking me up and down slowly lingering on my bare legs.

I heard a sound from beside me I knew that Clay was there, I held up one finger to him signalling for him to wait. "Hi, it's Steven isn't it? You go to South Shore right?" I said with a bright smile as I leant against the door frame crossing one ankle over the other.

"That's right, and you're Riley Thomas" he said nodding with a cocky grin, I smiled.

"I just wanted to ask you, is there some reason why none of the guys ask me out at school?" I asked biting my lip and looking at him through my eyelashes, I heard Clay shuffle and I held up a hand to him again. Bless him he did as I asked he didn't move or say anything, he really is sweet and funny and so damn sexy it hurts my eyes.

"Actually everyone knows you're Clay Preston's girl, he's like seriously in love with you it's totally obvious, so I think they just stay away because of that" he said frowning slightly.

"Really? Everyone knows that?" I asked a little shocked, did everyone know it but me?

He nodded, "Yeah but if you ever want to step away from the whole stereotypical jock I would definitely take you out" he said looking down at my legs again.

"I'll keep that in mind Steven, how much do I owe you for the pizza?" I asked trying out my flirty sexy voice on him.

He licked his lips and looked at his receipt, "Well it says here $15.50 but lets just call it like ten bucks I'll tell them I dropped the cakes" he said with a sly wink.

"Well thanks Steven that's really sweet" I said flirting like mad, I put my hand on Clay's chest behind the door so he knew I hadn't forgotten him.

"Sweet is my middle name" he said in his cocky voice.

I giggled playfully "Wow your parents must be hippies or something, who names their kid that?" I said teasingly while turning to grab my bag he laughed. Clay reached out and handed me a ten, I winked at him and he shook his head at me rolling his eyes a smile playing at the edge of his mouth. I turned back to the door and handed over the money.

"So are you having a sleep over or something?" he asked as he slipped the money in his pocket.

"Definitely having a sleep over, but I'm hoping there won't be much sleeping going on" I said giving him a wink and taking the food. "See you at school" I said as I stepped back into the house and pushed the door shut with my ass.

"That was shameless Riley bear" Clay scolded playfully as he took the food from my hands with one hand and grabbed my ass with the other pulling me in for a long kiss.

"Shameless slutty behaviour, check, discounted food, check" I said with a smirk he laughed. As I walked towards the stairs I shrugged out of his t-shirt and hung it over the banister walking up the stairs in my underwear knowing he was watching.

"Damn it woman you are so hot" he breathed as he ran to catch up.

* * *

"So which desert do you want?" I asked looking between the two boxes, I really had no preference they were both my favourites, he just raised an eyebrow at me as if this were a silly question. "You ordered one of each so we could swap halfway through because you knew I wouldn't be able to make up my mind" I said rolling my eyes. He just nodded so I grabbed the one nearest to me which happened to be the chocolate fudge cake.

"How do you know me so well Clay? I mean seriously you're like the sweetest boy in the world" I said shaking my head in awe.

"I pay attention to you Riley, A LOT!" he said giving me a wink. "So how's that one?" he asked nodding at my cake.

"It's pretty good, you know what would make this taste ten times better though?" I asked getting a big blob of the chocolate sauce and icing on my finger.

"No, what?" he asked, he hadn't noticed he was too busy stuffing his face with the other desert.