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Author: Kirsty Moseley

I looked between the two, "Girlfriend? You've been on like two dates" Clay said taking my hand and pulling me back to him gently.

Oh my God, are they going to start fighting? I started to panic, I reached out and put my hand on Clay's chest and pushed him back a couple of steps stepping forwards with him needing to put some space between them. "Chill out both of you! Jeez, what's wrong with you? You're like a couple of kids" I said looking between the two of them. Blake was glaring at my hand on Clays chest, Clay looked like he was gloating a little, wait gloating? What the hell? Then I realised that in separating them I'd moved away from Blake with Clay. Wow way to make a decision Riley.

"Seriously, stop arguing! Clay, Blake's coming to the party tonight at Matt's, Blake your gonna follow Rachel so I'll see you there ok?" I said looking at him with a small smile. He was still staring daggers at Clay, "Blake? I'll see you there, OK?" I said again when he didn't answer.

He shook his head slightly and looked at me, "Yeah ok, see you in a bit Jailbait" he said walking off still angry.

I turned back to Clay, he was watching Blake leave with a smug face. "Clay, please, you promised you would try and let this grudge against him go for me" I said quietly looking at my feet, he pulled me into a hug and kissed the top of my head making me shiver.

"I have let it go but he grabbed you and pulled you for God sake, he could have hurt you" he said angrily, I pulled back to look at his face.

"He didn't hurt me Clay, come on you were glaring at him as you walked up the stairs" I said frowning.

"Riley, I don't like him, he's not good enough for you" he said pleadingly looking me in the eyes.

"He's not good enough? Then who is?" I asked, please say you, please say you.

"No one, no one's good enough for you" he whispered kissing my forehead, and putting his arm around my shoulder. No one? Oh come on!

"No one is good enough for me? So I can't be with anyone?" I asked pushing him away so I could wipe a tear that fell.

Jeez was I really expecting him to say he wanted to be with me? Why the hell am I so disappointed that he didn't? I knew he wouldn't. "Of course you can Riley bear, you could have anyone you want" he said quietly.

"What if I want Blake?" I asked watching his face, he stiffened and grimaced before he rearranged his face into a small smile.

"I'm sorry Riley I promise I wont do it again, but if he hurts you I swear to God I'll kill him" he said sternly.

"And I love you for it Clay I do, but what if he doesn't hurt me?" I asked taking his hand.

"Then I'll be very happy for you if he makes you happy" he said quietly. "Come on let's get to this party" he said tugging me gently towards the car park.

As we arrived at the party I saw Blake standing outside waiting for me, Clay took my hand as we walked to the house and I could see Blake staring at our hands frowning angrily. "Clay I'll see you in a bit, I just want to talk with Blake" I said at the door.

"Ok Riley bear" he said kissing my temple and shooting another smug look at Blake as he walked off. Blake watched him go angrily, his jaw tight.

"Blake, I need to talk to you, wanna walk with me?" I said looking at the garden.

"Sure Jailbait" he said taking my hand.

I walked a few yard away from the house and sat on the grass, he sat next to me quietly. "I've already spoken to Clay so I just wanted to talk to you too, I need to make a few things clear" I said looking at him intently.

"Ok" he said looking a bit unsure.

"Clay's my best friend, I've spoken to him about this problem between the two of you and he's promised to let it go, but I need you to know that Clay is always gonna be there, and I won't choose between you two, you have no need to be jealous of him, but if you do make me choose it won't be you" I said looking at him sternly. I needed him to know this, it's important that he know where he stands I mean I have only been on two dates with him, I hardly knew him. "And I'm not your girlfriend" I added, while I said my little prepared speech he was staring at the floor frowning angrily.

When I finished talking he sighed, "Do you want to be?" he asked looking up and smiling at me sweetly, ok is this boy bipolar?

"Blake, I like you, your really sweet and my God your hot" I said chuckling. He smiled cockily, "But if your gonna be jealous and possessive then no I don't" I said, that wiped the smile of his face.

He frowned, "Look I know that your good friends, I get that, but I won't have my girlfriend wrapping her legs around some other guy, holding his hand and kissing him" he said glaring at me angrily tightening his hands into fists.

"Then the answers no" I said standing up and quickly walking into the house leaving him sitting on the grass. I wouldn't change my relationship with Clay, not for anybody.

* * *

A couple of hours later I was dancing with Rachel, I'd had way too much to drink already, my head was buzzing. An arm went around my waist resting on my stomach pulling me back into a hard body, the other arm came up holding a cup in front of my face. "Vodka jelly?" Clay asked handing me the wobbly green slush. I giggled and took it, it was weird and burnt the back of my throat as I swallowed and it tasted disgusting like lemons or lime.

"Ew! Clay that's gross, was that lime?" I said as I shuddered, I hated lime jelly but it was his favourite.

"Yes" he chuckled in my ear his lips brushing against it as he spoke.

Another song started, he was still holding me close to his body, "I love this song" I cried, the beat took over and I started dancing swaying my hips, he was moving with me so I started sexily grinding into him, I immediately felt him getting hard and it really started to turn me on. I bit my lip as I rubbed against him, I could feel his hot breath blowing down my neck. His other hand moved to the outside of my thigh, I could feel the tingles spreading from his hand shooting all around my body.

I'd had enough drink to give me the confidence to turn around and face him, I intertwined our legs and continued to grind into him. I didn't care if people were watching I couldn't see anyone but him, my body was starting to burn as I looked into his beautiful green eyes. His hand moved to my ass as I wrapped my arms around his neck. God he's a good dancer, and this was sexy as hell. He bent his head and kissed the side of my neck just once then pulled back to look at me, lust was written clear across his face, I wanted him so badly that my whole body was aching for him.

"You wanna go home?" he whispered in my ear, No I want you right here I almost said but stopped myself. But wait, what the hell does he mean? Does he feel the same way as me or does he mean that he's had enough of this party and just wants to go home? Either way dancing like this with my best friend needs to stop. I bit my lip and nodded. He smiled his beautiful smile and took hold of my h*ps turning me around guiding me forwards out of the door walking close behind me, probably trying to hide his erection, I smiled at the thought.

He opened the car door for me and I got in smiling and trying not to blush. We didn't speak all the way home, as he pulled in to my driveway he lent over and kissed me, tracing his tongue along my lip, I opened my mouth feeling his tongue slip in and massage mine making me moan into his mouth. He reached over and took hold of my waist pulling me to his lap. I tangled my hands into his hair pulling him closer deepening the kiss, he opened the car door and climbed out wrapping my legs around his waist.

He gripped under my ass and kicked his door shut carrying me towards the house never breaking the kiss. Oh God Clay hurry up! My body was screaming for him, he pushed me against the front door kissing me deeply. After a minute or so we were still there kissing, he was so hard against me, I was so aroused I whimpered, why are we still outside? "Clay lets go upstairs" I breathed as he kissed down my neck.

He chuckled "I'm waiting for you to unlock the door Riley" he said still chuckling.

I laughed "Oh" I said giggling and fumbling in my pocket for the key. I couldn't find it, he chuckled again and put me down on my feet gently.

"Here let me" he said still chuckling, he reached out a hand and slipped it into my front pocket, I felt his hand go around the key but instead of bringing his hand out he moved it to my core pressing against it gently with his fingers massaging slowly, I gasped and he kissed me again. He pulled his hand out and unlocked the door easily still kissing me.

He picked me back up and carried me through the house, luckily at this time of night no one was up. He went straight to my room and laid me on the bed, climbing on top of me with a moan. I grabbed hold of the bottom of his t-shirt and pulled it off over his head, his eyes were dancing with excitement as he brought his head down to kiss me again. He started to unbutton my shirt slowly kissing down my chest licking in-between my breasts. I dug my fingers into his back gently "Riley" he breathed making me so hot I could burst. I rolled him onto his back and sat up straddling him, I could feel how ar0used he was and my whole body was vibrating with excitement.

He pushed my shirt off my shoulders and unclasped my bra pulling it off slowly. He reached out touching my br**sts gently, massaging them making me moan and tip my head back, "My God Riley, you are so beautiful" he murmured lifting his head to suck on my nipples. I ran my hand over his perfect chest and abs tracing his hard muscles, I moved my hands down and unbuttoned his jeans. He rolled me again so I was underneath him and kissed down my neck and br**sts undoing my jeans and pulling them and my panties down easily tossing them on the floor. Oh God I was n**ed in front of him again! I looked into his eyes and my embarrassment disappeared.

I hooked my hands in his jeans and boxers and pushed them down rubbing my hands over his perfect ass as I did. He kicked them off and I took the opportunity to look down at his sculpted body, he honestly was so perfect. "I love you" he said kissing me tenderly, my heart stopped, he loved me? Oh right like friends, Of course he loves you you're his best friend! He doesn't love you in that way. But I don't care if he didn't love me like that. He was perfect and even if I could only have him for tonight I wanted him.