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Author: Kirsty Moseley

I kissed him back hungrily, "I love you too Clay" I said honestly. His face lit up and he continued to kiss my neck and chest, "Clay, have sex with me" I begged my body really about to burst.

He pulled his head up to mine and looked into my eyes, "Riley no, not like this, it's your first time, it should be special" he said huskily whilst running his hands over my body, slipping a hand in-between my legs making me moan his name.

He sucked hard on my neck making me laugh, "Did you just brand me?" I asked still giggling.

He chuckled, "Just marking" he started but I interrupted him.

"Making your territory, I know" I said and he laughed.

"Exactly" he said sucking in the same spot again. I rolled him underneath me and started to suck on his neck in return. "Do a good one I want it to last" he said I could tell by his voice that he was smiling, I chuckled and sucked harder then I pulled back to look at it.

"Perfect" I said proudly looking at the red love bite on his neck.

"Yeah you are" he said cupping my br**sts again gently.

Where I was on top straddling him I could feel his erecti0n pressing at my entrance, I was aching for him, the need was almost painful. I bit my lip and pressed down on it slightly feeling the slight pressure. I gasped at the feel of it and so did he, he grabbed my h*ps and lifted me off it easily as if I weighed no more than a feather. "NO! Riley please" he said rolling me under him again. I couldn't help it I burst into tears, he rejected me. I knew I would only get him for the night and he wouldn't even do it. God I am so stupid. I felt awful, used and ugly.

I pushed his chest, "I think you should go" I whispered still crying.

"What? Why? Because I won't have sex with you?" he asked looking confused. I nodded and he frowned looking even more confused. "You're telling me to leave because I won't take advantage of you while you've been drinking and with your parents down the hall?" he asked a little shocked.

"Clay seriously please go" I begged sobbing and pushing his chest again trying to get him off of me.

He shook his head, "I don't understand, please tell me what I really did wrong" he begged pinning my hands down above my head and looking into my eyes.

"You don't want me, so please just go, your making me feel worse" I said crying harder, he gasped.

"You think I don't want you? That's what this is about?" he asked almost angrily.

"I just offered myself to you and you turned me down! I know I only get this one night and you don't even want me, you'll screw anything that moves but not me" I wailed. He raised my arms and wrapped them around his neck and pulled us both up into a sitting position holding me on his lap like a child.

"Riley bear of course I want you, you're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life, but it's your first time, It should be special, in some posh hotel, not after having too many drinks at a party and having to be quiet in your bedroom because your parents are down the hall" he said kissing my tears away and smoothing my hair back, he smiled at me tenderly.

I kissed him with everything I had and he moaned and kissed me back, it was so easy to believe when he was kissing me that I was the only girl for him, that he loved me like I loved him, that he wanted and needed me too. I let myself believe it, I tightened my grip on his hair and tugged on it lightly making him moan again. God he was an incredible kisser. Probably because he's a player and has kissed hundreds of girls just like this and made each one of them feel like they were the only girl in the world. The thought brought a lump to my throat so I quickly pushed it away, I didn't care, tonight he was mine and I was going to enjoy it.

He laid us back down and I ran my hands down his chest still kissing him, he kissed me back hungrily, it was a serious kiss, he really meant this one his tongue explored every inch of my mouth. By the time he broke it I was almost dizzy and we were both panting hard. "I love you Riley Jane Thomas" he said looking into my eyes, I was still out of breath I couldn't say anything so I just smiled feeling my insides dancing with happiness.

"This might take a while, but I want to kiss every square inch of your body" he murmured trailing little kissed across my forehead, over my eyelids, nose, cheeks, I giggled as he gently nibbled my earlobe. His hand had made its way back down between my legs and he was rubbing me gently making me moan as he was still planting little kisses round my neck and shoulders. My body was throbbing with pleasure I was moaning and panting.

By the time he'd kissed his way down to my br**sts I cl**axed crying out his name, he quickly kissed me swallowing my cries as if he wanted to keep them all to himself.

He smiled down at me, "Thanks" I breathed running my hands through his hair.

"Riley I'm nowhere near done" he told me and went back to his little kissing task. I must admit he was quite methodical I don't think he missed an inch. After he was done kissing down my body I had my turn, finally getting the chance to do what I was thinking about earlier and ran my tongue over every part of his chest while my hands explored his perfect body.

* * *

When we were both panting and sweating I slumped back down next to him, he pulled me into his arms. I giggled at his face, he was looking at me like I was some kind of Goddess or something. "That was freaking incredible Riley, I'm not kidding, I mean holy shit, are you sure you've never done any of this before?" he asked breathing hard.

"Hmm well there was that one time when....." I trailed off teasingly and he narrowed his eyes at me tickling me making me giggle and squirm.

"Quick, lets get some sleep before I make you do that to me again, you're gonna need your sleep anyway, because tomorrow I need to do your back" he said giving me a wicked grin.

I smiled, does that mean I get more that one night? I didn't want to get my hopes up, but I had already had two perfect nights with him I wasn't going to be greedy. "I'm gonna get the light" he said climbing out of the bed, I moved and climbed under the covers and then I felt him climb in next to me. I kissed him once more and rolled onto my side again, he wrapped his arms around me and pulled my back hard against his chest. I sighed in contentment, I could die right now and I would be the happiest girl in the world.

Chapter 9

I woke in the morning and immediately remembered last night, I smiled and giggled quietly. My body was aching a little but it actually felt nice, like a little reminder of him. I rolled over to see that his side of the bed was empty again, my heart stopped until I noticed on his pillow there was a folded piece of paper and a yellow tulip. I sat up and smiled running my finger over the waxy petals, yellow tulips were my favourite flowers, his Mom grew them in their back garden. My heart skipped a beat when I thought of him going over to his garden to pick me the flower then sneaking back into my house, God he is such a sweet boy! I picked up the note


I've gone to help Matt clean up after the party, his house was a bit of a mess apparently. Give me a call when you wake up, we need to talk about us being friends and what happened last night.


My heart stopped again, we need to talk about last night and us being friends, what the hell? Oh God he was regretting it! I knew what he was going to say, it shouldn't have happened, he didn't like me in that way, he didn't want a girlfriend, it shouldn't happen again. I couldn't breathe, I knew this was coming so why did it hurt so much? I shook my head trying to clear it, it's ok Riley everything will work out fine and you can still walk away with your best friend but this needs to stop, it can't happen again or the friendship wont be able to get over it.

I climbed out of the bed stretching my body like a cat, my leg and hip muscles were tight but not painful. I walked into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was sticking up in all directions and had a big knot in the back from our exerts last night, and my lips were slightly puffy from all the kissing and I had a huge love bite on my neck. I switched on the shower and stood under it for a long time trying desperately not to get upset. Last night was incredible and I wouldn't have changed it for the world at least I get to keep that forever and still have my best friend.

Once my muscles were relaxed enough I got out and went back to my bedroom. I decide to call Clay, as I picked up my phone I saw I had three new texts, all from Blake.

11:03 pm - I'm really sorry Jailbait, I really like you and want to try, I promise I wont say anything about Clay, please call me when you get this your phone is turned off. x x

1:12am - Please Riley, can you at least talk to me? I'm going crazy! Your phone is still off or maybe your avoiding me? Please call me

10:12am - Riley, I'm really sorry, please call me I can get over it I promise, I really think this could work between us x

I frowned, wow he is really into me, I know I like him but not in the way that I like Clay, but I can't keep thinking about Clay, damn it! I need to move on so that things don't get awkward and maybe Blake can help me with that. I sighed and pulled on some clothes and sat back on the bed staring at my phone with Clay's number on the screen, I need to call him and get this sorted quickly.

I took a deep breath and pressed call, "Hey Riley bear" he chirped when he answered, he sounded happy and my heart squeezed at the sound. How did this happen? How the hell did I fall in love with my best friend?

"Hey Clay, how's the cleaning going?" I asked cautiously not knowing how to start the awkward and painful conversation.

"Yeah good we're nearly done, good job too his Mom's due back in an hour" he said with a chuckle, I smiled.

Ok lets get this done quickly like pulling off a band aid. "Clay about last night" I said trying to sound confident.

"Yeah" he said huskily making my body go crazy again, I pushed the feelings away.

"It can't happen again Clay" I said a tear falling down my cheek, he didn't say anything so I pushed on with my prepared speech. "It's gonna ruin our friendship and I wont allow that, I need you in my life and if this keeps happening it's gonna be too hard for us to stay friends" I said wiping the tears off of my face. The pain was unbearable I clenched my fist as tight as I could trying to think of something else other than the pain that was threatening to crush me. "Clay promise me this won't happen again I couldn't stand to lose you, I just couldn't" I said quietly closing my eyes, he was still silent I heard him draw a shaky breath.