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Author: Kirsty Moseley

Oh God what the hell am I gonna say to him? This is gonna be so awkward I'm gonna lose him! I started to cry, the thought of Clay not being in my life was awful. I couldn't let that happen, I couldn't be without him.

"Good morning sleeping beauty" he said walking into the room with a towel wrapped around his waist and he rubbed another through his blonde hair, he looked so damn hot my mouth started to water. I wiped my tears and sat up quickly wrapping the quilt tightly around myself.

"Err hey" I said blushing, he looked at me and frowned slightly.

"Have you been crying?" he asked coming over to the bed. I quickly jumped out of the other side pulling the quilt with me.

"No" I said looking around the room wildly for something to put on.

"Are you sure? Is everything ok?" he asked. I nodded and spotted a long t-shirt on the floor, I bent and grabbed it and with much difficulty managed to get it on whilst still holding onto the quilt.

When I looked back to him he looked really sad, "I'm err going to take a shower" I said blushing again and almost running out of the room.

"Ok well, I'd better go home and change for school, I'll err pick you up at the usual time" he said rubbing his neck nervously.

"Ok" I squeaked as I slammed the door shut and ran for the bathroom tears flowing down my face. I cried in the shower until I felt sick. I can't believe this, everything is ruined! I've lost him now, my best friend in the world, everything is ruined and it's just gonna get worse and worse until I can't even look at him anymore. Riley you are so damn stupid!

When I was done in the shower I cautiously stepped back in my bedroom looking around to see if he was still there, the room was empty and I breathed a sigh of relief. I dressed quickly and dried my hair pulling it back into a messy bun and looked at my face. Oh God I looked like crap. I had bags under my eyes from having about 3 hours sleep last night, and my eyes were also puffy and red from crying. I put on a bit of concealer and mascara to try and disguise it slightly, it worked a bit but I still looked tired. "Riley, Clay's outside" my Mom shouted from downstairs, Crap. I slipped on some converse and ran downstairs.

"Riley, about last night" my Mom said, Oh my GOD! Did they hear us? What the hell am I gonna say? Damn it! "I don't appreciate you coming home at that time young lady, your stepfather and I were worried, you should have called, thank God you were with Clay" my Mom said. I breathed a sigh of relief, God I thought she'd heard me and Clay.

"I know Mom, I'm sorry, it won't happen again" I said honestly, there was no way I would spend the night at the police station again waiting for Blake. Crap Blake! What the hell am I gonna do? I was supposed to be meeting Blake tonight and I did that with Clay last night. Am I turning into a slut?

"Ok Riley, come on you better get going Clay's waiting" Mom said giving me a little push towards the door. I nodded, I can't believe this what the hell am I gonna say? Hey Clay about last night I know you played me so lets just try to be friends still? Yeah right that'll work!

I took a deep breath and climbed into the car giving him a big fake smile, he smiled back but it didn't reach his beautiful eyes he looked really sad about something but he was trying to hide it. "Hey I thought you wouldn't get time to eat so I brought you this" he said handing me a piece of toast with chocolate spread and a carton of orange juice, his hand brushed mine as I took it and I blushed.

"Thanks Clay" I said munching on the toast quietly. Jeez why the hell did we do that last night? Look at him bringing me my favourite breakfast even though he doesn't like the smell of chocolate spread, being thoughtful even though he played and used me last night.

I sighed and I saw him look at me from the corner of my eye. "Riley about last night" he started.

I took a deep breath, "It's ok Clay, lets just pretend it didn't happen ok? I don't want anything to change between us, please can we just forget it?" I said quickly before he could say something we would both regret. He snapped his eyes to me and let out a sigh before frowning and looking back out the windshield.

"That's what you want?" he asked quietly.

"Yeah Clay I do, I don't want to lose you, please let's forget it, be friends" I begged. God that would be so hard, I'm crazy about this boy. I don't know when it happened but I think that the month apart made me realise just how much I needed him in my life.

"Ok Riley bear, let's forget it" he said gripping the steering wheel tighter. I smiled maybe this could work, please please let this work because I can't be without him.

Chapter 8

I avoided Clay all day, it was hard work but I think we needed a few days to get over this little blip. I was so tired, every time I closed my eyes I saw his face, I imagined he was kissing me remembering the feel of his hands on me, the taste of his tongue on mine. I couldn't avoid the ride home with him so I waited by his car for him, he came up looking a bit sheepish and gave me an uncomfortable hug that lasted for a split second before he pulled away.

"Hey Riley bear" he said rubbing his neck.

"Hey Clay you have a good day?" I asked getting in.

"Yeah, good, you?" he asked.

"Yeah Rachel's picking me up for the game tonight so I won't need a ride" I said with a shrug.

"Oh Ok, you still want my number?" he asked quietly looking at little unsure of himself.

"Sure I do, I'm still your number one fan" I said with a grin. He beamed and nodded happily making my heart melt and my body tingle.

I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek as I jumped out of the car as we got home. "Well good luck for the game and I'll see you after ok?" I said waving as I ran through the gap in the fence between our two houses.

"See ya Riley bear" he called watching me leave. Ok that wasn't too bad I thought with a smile, maybe we really could make this work. God I hoped so.

* * *

I was sat in the bleachers cheering along with everyone else, I don't know what I was cheering for but I was doing it anyway. Suddenly an arm snaked around my waist, I looked up to see Blake standing there looking hot as ever, he was smiling at me and looked really happy. My thoughts flashed to Clay but I quickly pushed them away and smiled back. "Hey Jailbait how are you today? You look tired" he said with a cocky grin.

"Wow Blake you really know how to make a girl feel special" I said giving him a smirk and rolling my eyes.

"I missed you" he said with a wink, Oh God he missed me? Now I feel bad I feel a bit like I cheated on him or something, but we're not really together so that's not cheating right?

"I'm growing on you huh?" I said teasingly.

"Maybe a little" he joked tickling me in the ribs making me giggle and squirm away.

He grabbed my hand and we watched the game quietly, he explained some of the plays but gave up after a little while laughing when I still just didn't get it. "You know for a smart girl you can be a bit of a dumbass" he joked slapping my ass playfully.

"Takes one to know one" I said winking. Ok this was easy, he was easy to be with, and he was hot. So he didn't give me the chills when he touched me, so he didn't set my body on fire when he kissed me, but Clay wasn't interested in having a girlfriend so I needed to do something to get him off my mind and Blake is definitely a good guy at heart.

"So what are you doing after the game?" he asked leaning in close to my ear.

"Err I'm going to a party with Clay and Rachel" I said with a shrug, well I would probably spend the night avoiding Clay but that wasn't a total lie.

"Think I could come?" he asked putting his arm around my waist as the game finished.

"Err I'm not sure I guess so" I said uncomfortable, I mean it wasn't my party but I'm sure they wouldn't mind.

"Ok I could drive if you know where it is" he said.

I shook my head, "I have no idea where it is" I said laughing.

Rachel leant over then, "Are you talking about Matt's party?" she asked and I nodded, "You can follow me I know where it is" she said with a smile.

He started chatting to her then, still holding my hand, I looked out across the field and saw Clay take off his shirt spinning it above his head in celebration. I watched as his muscles moved, his chest rise as he breathed, his big grin, I imagined running my fingers through his hair and running my tongue down his abs. Something squeezed my hand jerking me out of my little fantasy, I looked up Blake was looking at me strangely as if waiting for something, oh crap has he been talking to me? "I'm sorry what?" I asked with a grimace.

He chuckled, "I said are you waiting for Clay or do you want to ride with me?" he asked smiling a big smile. Oh God it would be easier if I rode with Blake, but I told Clay already I'd ride with him.

"Err I already told Clay I'd wait and ride with him" I said uncomfortably, he nodded. We chatted some more about random things and after a little while Clay came up the stairs. He was back to scowling at Blake again, all truces drawn last night were forgotten.

"Hey Clay great job" I said as I jumped into his arms, wrapping my arms and legs around him like normal, as soon as I did it I wished I hadn't. Our faces were inches apart and our bodies pressed together in places that I shouldn't really be thinking about touching but I was, I was thinking about last night. My heart stopped and then took off in a sprint, he looked uncomfortable to.

"Thanks Riley bear" he said with a small smile putting me down.

I looked up to see Blake giving Clay a look that may just have been able to kill him on the spot, he looked jealous as hell. He reached out and grabbed my hand and yanked me towards him and away from Clay roughly so that I lost my balance and slammed into his side. Clay glared at him, "What the f**k man, you could have hurt her!" Clay shouted angrily as he stepped forwards.

"Keep your f**king hands off my girlfriend" Blake spat stepping forward as well.