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Positioning himself lower on the bed, Braydon pushed my legs apart. “Open for me,” he whispered, and my body obeyed, legs sliding wider to accommodate him. He pressed a single finger inside me, slowly, achingly slowly, parting me and making my back arch up off the bed. His finger penetrated me in a steady rhythm, curling up just slightly to massage my inner wall. He added a second finger, f**king me with his hand, and I moaned out, taken back by how incredible he made everything feel. Everything was about me. He was solely focused on my pleasure.

His c**k pressed against my thigh as he shifted closer. He was rock hard, warm, and ready. The hint of hard metal warmed to body temperature tempted me beyond belief. What would he feel like inside? I twisted and writhed as he f**ked me with his fingers. My inner muscles clenched around his fingers as I came. Pleasure blinded me momentarily as white spots danced in my vision.

Slowly opening my eyes, I found him watching me. I’d never had an orgasm so fast. Holy shit, this man was talented. Was that my G-spot? I thought that was a mythical creature, like a unicorn or a Sasquatch.

He crawled up my body, kissing my stomach, my chest, my neck, until his lips found mine. He kissed me fiercely, my only clue that he was as desperate for me as I was for him. Blood pounded in my ears as my body took control. He was an itch I desperately wanted to scratch, a need so deep I felt it in my core. My heart pounded erratically and my lungs screamed for oxygen, but stopping wasn’t an option. I’d never felt anything so intense. Tongues stroked and mingled as we fought to get closer. Braydon pulled away, his mouth moving to my throat where I felt the pinch of his teeth graze my skin.

I squirmed against the mattress, boneless and content. The deep ache within me was momentarily soothed, but still I wanted more. “I want to come again,” I murmured.

“I know you do.” He reached for a condom packet he’d inconspicuously placed on the bedside table. When had he done that? The package was gold and I recognized the brand. Magnum. “Roll over,” he commanded with a firm gentleness to his voice.

I watched as he tore open the packet with his teeth and began to unroll it onto himself before I obeyed, rolling over onto my stomach. Cool air rushed over my skin, my backside exposed as I waited.

Lying flat on my stomach, I felt him move on top of me, his thighs on either side of mine. His fingertips lightly trailed down my spine, softly tickling and caressing me. I craved him and whimpered at his lightest touch. Anticipating the moment he’d take me, I squirmed, holding my breath for the invasion.

He positioned himself against me and pressed forward. The blunt head of him nudged against me, seeking entrance. “Relax your body. Breathe for me. You’re too tense.”

I closed my eyes and focused on relaxing and accepting his length. He disappeared inch by inch, sliding slowly inside me from behind, keeping his grip firmly on my hips until his fingers bit into the skin. The too-full sensations gave way to raw pleasure and I pressed back against him, taking him in.

He kept his pace slow and careful as I got used to him moving behind me, sliding out and pushing in again incrementally. It’d been a while since I’d had a lover, and he felt incredible. The piercing provided a bit of extra friction in just the right spot, and I whimpered out loud. Unable to resist working my hips against him, I was soon restless and moaning into the bed beneath me, grasping the sheets in my palms.

I wanted to see him, to kiss him, to watch his eyes as he took me. “I want to f**k you,” I moaned.

He leaned closer, his lips brushing the shell of my ear. “You want to ride me?”

“Yeah . . .” I groaned, happily pushing my bottom up to meet his hips. Suddenly he was retreating and helping me up. Positioning himself, he propped his back against the headboard, and I climbed onto his lap. His hands cupped my jaw and we kissed deeply, just like I’d been craving. “Let me,” I groaned, needing him to fill me up once again. I aligned his length to my entrance and slowly lowered myself down. Gasping at the invasion, I pressed my palms flat against his chiseled abs and rotated my hips lightly, adjusting to the feel of him. Whoa. It was deep like this.

His palms cupped my naked br**sts and he pinched my ni**les, pulling slightly. “Ahhh . . .” I groaned. “Gentle . . .” I reminded him.

“I can be gentle with you . . .” he murmured, lightly trailing featherlight fingertips across my skin. He took my hands and moved them to his throat. “But you can be rough with me, kitten. Choke me if you want.” His eyes were smiling, but his tone was sincere. I wasn’t much into kink, but the idea that this man could open me up to a new world excited me.

I circled my hands around his throat without applying any pressure and leaned down to kiss him again. His breath left his lips in a rush, spurring me on. Rubbing my sensitive ni**les against his chest, I circled my hips slowly, drawing in more of his length.

Once he was buried inside me, his hands clutched my waist, his fingers nipping into the skin. “Ah, shit.” His eyes dropped closed and a look of complete bliss overtook his features. “Your pu**y feels so good.”

“Don’t they all feel the same?” I wasn’t sure how many girls he’d been with, but surely the number was up there.

“No.” His tone was firm.

“How does it feel?” I seriously wanted to know. I knew what this felt like on my end—an intense, breath-stealing fullness as he pushed into me—but I had no clue what it felt like for him.

“Are you going to talk the whole time?” His mouth quirked up in a smile.

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