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I nodded and guided him down the hall.

We fell back onto my bed, which I’d made that morning in anticipation of our date—er, arrangement. He pushed my thighs apart with his knee, caged me in with his firm body, and kissed my neck, trailing rough kisses and small nips. It felt forbidden and intoxicating. He was marking my flesh, and I wanted to wear the evidence of this erotic encounter tomorrow. I couldn’t resist rocking my hips and pushing myself onto his thigh, needing contact against my swollen, achy center. Lifting himself off me just briefly, Braydon unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and slid them, along with my panties, down my legs before I even knew what was happening. But we both knew I wasn’t about to stop him. I was whimpering with need and squirming already.

I sat up and pulled my T-shirt over my head then reached behind me to unclasp my bra. I wanted to be bold just then. To undress for him. Not some quick and dirty f**k. I wanted to take my time. Get the full experience, in case this was it—all I would get from him.

Braydon watched in wonder as I let my bra drop away from my shoulders, but at the last possible second I brought my hands up to cover my naked br**sts. Maybe I wasn’t so brave after all.

“No.” He shook his hand, his fingers circling my wrists. “I want to see all of you. Don’t hide from me.”

My heart pounded steadily and I let him pull my hands away, baring myself to him fully. His eyes lingered on mine just a moment before sliding down my chest.

He swallowed roughly. “Perfect. Gorgeous tits. Never hide these.” His head lowered and without warning he began sucking on my breast, his tongue circling my nipple, his teeth lightly grazing the peak, drawing it into a hardened bud. Damn, that felt incredible. He wasn’t shy about using his teeth. And he did so expertly, eliciting pleasure from my body in ways I’d never even imagined. I slipped my fingers into his hair again and pressed my br**sts forward with a low moan. Sparks of primal need coursed through my system. He captured my wrists, pinning them at my sides. Oops. Maybe I’d been pulling his hair a little too hard.

“Sorry,” I murmured.

His mouth pulled suddenly from my breast. “I love when you play with my hair. I just want you focused on feeling the sensations I give you rather than touching me.”

Oh. He was too thoughtful. Too in tune with my body. It sent a shudder through me.

He continued licking and nipping at my br**sts, the warm pad of his tongue sending pulses of pleasure through me. He was right; the sensations were stronger when I wasn’t preoccupied with touching him. I closed my eyes and just let myself feel. He slowly moved lower, planting soft kisses against my rib cage, my belly, as he made his way south. My pulse spiked in anticipation, already imagining his skilled tongue against me. But rather than obliging me with his mouth at my core, he positioned himself lower on the bed, between my parted legs, and observed me writhing for him with a tug pulling his mouth upward. I hated how he alone could turn me into a wanton creature, so ready to dive off the deep end with him. I reached for him, wanting to pull him closer, and my fists twisted in the folds of his shirt.

He had far too many clothes on. I wanted to see him, to feel his warm skin, to breathe him in. I began tugging at his clothing. “Your shirt.”

He looked down.

“Take it off,” I said breathily.

“Anything for you.” He unbuttoned just the first few buttons then pulled it over his head.

“Your pants, too,” I begged.

He made quick work of his belt and then pushed his pants down his hips in one quick movement, discarding them beside the bed. I couldn’t help but steal a peek. My gaze wandered down the length of his lean torso, taking him in. He was masculine. Beautiful. Toned and solid from his broad chest to his chiseled abs to his . . . wait. He dropped his boxer briefs to the floor and looked up at me. I couldn’t help my eyes from widening, and then squeezing closed. Holy shit!

“Kitten?” My eyes flew open and then I looked down at him again, shifting on the bed uncomfortably. He followed my gaze downward and his mouth pulled up in a lazy grin. “What’s wrong?” He looked down at himself and then back up at me. “You don’t like my body?”

I shook my head in disbelief. “Your body is insane; you know that. It’s just, well . . . that”—I looked down again—“is . . . um, bigger than I was expecting.”

His chest ballooned out and his smile broke wider. “I won’t hurt you. I promise.” He bent forward and pressed a kiss to my forehead. The gesture was sweet. Almost too much so. It implied a closeness between us that shouldn’t have been present. This was just sex, yet it felt like more.

“Just tell me what you can handle,” he whispered, rubbing his nose along my jaw. “Okay, miss?”

I nodded, my mouth curling up in a smile. Feeling braver, I attempted another look at his member. A glint of silver caught my eye. What the? “What’s that?” I felt like a kid at the zoo, pointing and staring. But I couldn’t help myself. I’d never seen something like that in real life.

“It’s a piercing. You’ll like it, I promise.” His hand captured his steely length and he stroked himself slowly while I watched, utterly mesmerized, his hand gliding up and down over the head and the silver ball of his piercing. “You ready for me, kitten?” His hand slid along his thick shaft. He was long and straight. Deliciously so. I couldn’t wait to slide my mouth around him, to flick my tongue across his naughty piercing. But I didn’t get that chance.

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