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“Tell me,” I demanded.

He let out a deep groan as I lifted and lowered slowly. “You feel warm and wet, nice and tight. Perfect.” Gripping my hips, he pushed upward suddenly, his long c**k bumping against my cervix. Gah! He was so big. My movements turned frenzied as I started to ride him again. His hands caught my hips, lifting me against him. All too soon, he flipped me so that I was lying on my back and he was on top once again. At least this time I could see him. He kissed me softly and thrust forward.

Holy God. I flinched involuntarily. “You’re too big.”

“Am I hurting you? I’m trying to be careful.” His voice went all whispery soft and concerned. It was sweet.

“You’re too rough.”

“I’m being gentle,” he whispered. “But I’m not going to stop biting your clavicle.” His teeth grazed the tender skin again, making me shiver. He pushed into me, his entire length owning me, making my back arch off the bed.

“Not so deep.” I curled my hand around the base of him, my hand blocking his last few inches from entering me. There, that was better. “Do you normally have this problem with girls?”

“Sometimes,” he admitted. Holy f**k, of course he did. This was ridiculous. “But I wouldn’t call it a problem. You’ll see once you get accustomed.”

Maybe it was the piercing, but something about him was causing my entire body to shiver and blossom in awesomeness. Wait, was that even a word? I didn’t care. I was going to come. Again. I wrapped my legs around his back and let him pound into me. The pleasure-pain combo heated my skin and made me whimper. I buried my face against his neck as I came, my entire world exploding in brilliant white light. He held me tight, wrapping both arms around me.

Coming down from my release, I tried the biting thing he seemed to be so fond of. I nibbled his jaw, his throat, and felt his blood pumping there, sure and strong. It was kind of fun, and Braydon’s groan when my teeth made contact with his neck was a plus. He still hadn’t finished, despite the several orgasms I’d already had.

“You’re too big,” I groaned again. “Let me give you a hand job instead.” I needed to climb off this ride. It was too much. Far too intense for me to handle.

He chuckled against my throat. “I can’t have a hand job after this. Your pu**y feels so f**king good,” he groaned. He kept the next few thrusts shallow and whispered against my skin, “I’m going to come.”

Fuck, thank God.

He pressed his lips to my throat, suppressing his groans as he spilled himself inside me.

Afterward, I curled into a ball and pulled my knees to my chest, my heart thumping wildly. What in the world was that? Braydon, who annoyed me to no end, was the best lover I’d ever had.

“Are you okay?” his voice had gone all soft and concerned again.

“Oh, you mean other than having a punctured ovary? I’m fabulous.” I could seriously use some pain reliever right about now. I considered sending him into the kitchen for a dose of medicine, but decided against it. I didn’t want to stroke his ego any more than I already had.

He chuckled under his breath and bent down to kiss my forehead. “I’m not that big, kitten. You’re just little.”

I waggled my finger at his protruding member. “Well that’s not happening again.” Shit, at this rate I’d need to call in sick to work tomorrow. I doubted I could walk right now. I’d be bowlegged at the very least. I peeked one eye open and watched him yank off the condom with a snap. Ouch. That just looked painful. He treaded into the bathroom, the soles of his bare feet padding against the tiled floor. What little light there was in the room provided a view of his toned backside. Mmm. Maybe there’d be a repeat after all, once I was all healed up. At the very least, I’d let him do that G-spot thingy to me again. That was fine by me. Seriously, what was that?

The bathroom door closed behind him and I heard the water running. I lay there, watching the light filtering through the crack at the bottom of the door, wondering if he’d dress and leave when he emerged or if he’d want to stay the night. The thought of him leaving just now, after such an intense experience, was depressing. I had no clue where these feelings were coming from, but cuddling sounded amazing right about now. Feeling his strong arms around me . . . drifting off to sleep with his firm body beside mine . . . sounded like bliss. Maybe I was just starved for male attention. This was Braydon, after all. Male model and man-whore, whom I had fought to steer clear of, initially. Yet, he’d been nothing but a gentleman so far, using a condom without me having to request it, ensuring I got off first, which sadly was more than I could say for most guys, and adjusting his style when I said it was too rough. He’d already exceeded my low expectations for what a one-night stand was supposed to be.

The bathroom door opened and the light flipped off. Braydon crossed the room to the bed and climbed in beside me. My lips curled up in a smile. I liked that there was no question, no discussion. He was sleeping over.

In my apartment.

With me.

I relaxed into the mattress and let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. Maybe this arrangement would be okay after all.

He pulled the fluffy down comforter up around us and curled both arms around me, burying his face against my neck. “That was amazing, gorgeous,” he said, his warm breath whispering across my neck.

“Mmm,” I returned, unable to form words just yet.

“You feel perfect.” He tugged me to him, closing all distance between us. Surprisingly, it was comfortable. I wasn’t the best cuddler, and considering he and I had never even come close to sharing a bed, I shouldn’t have been so at ease. Yet, I was. Totally and completely. Without overanalyzing every little thing, I relaxed into his embrace, just enjoying the moment.

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