His eyes narrowed. “What are you doin’?”

“You said you wanted to touch me. Your mouth on my ni**les counts as touching, don’t you think?”

“You are gonna be in so much . . .”

Surprise surprise, the man lost his train of thought when her naked br**sts were on display. She unhooked her feet from the chair rungs and stood, straddling him.

Tierney gripped his shoulders. She lowered her chest, letting her left nipple brush the seam of his lips. Then changing the angle so the right nipple made the same slow pass. She whispered, “Touch me. Use your tongue.”

Renner’s teasing licks were fleeting. He sucked her nipple hard; exacting the perfect amount of suction as his tongue rapidly flicked the tip. Tierney’s head fell back and she gave herself over to him. To the heat and wetness of his mouth.

He nuzzled the lower curves of her breast. “Untie me. I wanna stick my fingers inside you and see how wet you are.” Soft kisses around the outside of her nipple. “I can smell that sweet cream, Tierney. Baby. Let me touch it. Let me taste it.”

She pushed back and stepped in front of the chair.

Heat darkened his light blue eyes into flashing pools of pure black.

“You know, I was going to spend a little time playing with your ni**les, but I’ll save that for next time since I’ve got bigger fish to fry.”

Renner groaned when she dropped to her knees.

“Just think how long I can drag this out. Taking you to the very edge. Again and again. And you can’t use your hands to shove your c**k into my throat when you’re impatient to come. I can savor you. I’ll feel your tension build as you’re waiting for me to take you all the way in my mouth.” Tierney scraped her nails up the tops of his thighs.

His whole body shuddered.

“You can’t grab on to my hair. You can’t stop me from doing this.” She used the very tip of her tongue to touch the sweet spot below the head of his cock. “Or this.”

“Untie me,” he said hoarsely.

“No.” She locked her gaze to his and suckled the plump head. “You know how hot it was to give you a blow job that first night? Did you know I had no idea what I was doing?”

“No. It was amazing. You’re amazing. Beyond amazing.”

She tossed out, “Damn sugar mouth. Always gets you what you want,” since he loved saying that to her. She drew his shaft in, closing her eyes, losing herself in that wonderful male hardness gliding over her tongue. Making her wet and achy. She sucked until the inside of her cheeks enclosed his c**k completely.


She released a bit of flesh at a time, keeping the suction steady until the tip popped out of her mouth. “I love this. I love everything about this. Mostly the reaction I get out of you.” Tierney sucked his c**k to the back of her throat and began bobbing her head faster, digging her nails into his quads, bringing him closer to release with each rhythmic suck.

When he swore again and began bumping his pelvis up to meet the downward stroke of her mouth, she pulled off him. Stood and wiped her swollen lips.

“Untie me,” he demanded.


He swore. “Untie me . . . please.”

Tierney laughed. “Better. But no.”

“Jesus Christ, Tierney. You’re killin’ me. I want to touch you. I need to touch you. Untie me.”

“No. But I will do this.” She shimmied out of her underwear. “And this.” She straddled his groin, rehooking her heels into the bottom chair rungs. “And I’ll definitely do this.” She circled the base of his c**k with her hand and drove it into her slick passage with one downward push.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.”

Tierney watched his eyes glaze over. Felt him clenching and unclenching his fists as she curled her hands around his biceps. She rocked her hips forward as she moved up and down in a long delicious slide. As much as she wanted to kiss him, she liked seeing his response. But being a newbie at this seduction game, she wasn’t entirely confident it was good for him. She put her mouth on his ear. “Am I doing this right?”

He released a strangled laugh. “I wouldn’t survive if you did it any better.” He turned his head and dragged a hot openmouthed kiss down the cord in her throat. “Do what feels good for you. Make yourself come. I love it when you come. It gets me hot and gets me off like nothin’ else.”

She increased the pace. Arching her neck so Renner could lick and suck and kiss wherever he pleased.

Her world became the heat of his body. The sweat-tinged scent of his skin. The continual rasp of his pubic hair against her clit. A buzzing sensation spread down her neck, past her br**sts and belly, straight to her core. When that rhythmic pulse teased, just slightly out of reach, she felt a measure of frustration.

“Baby, let me help you.” He flexed his pelvis and that movement set her off.

She gasped with each deep throb of pleasure. Her inner muscles tightened and released, the pulses fading until Renner thrust up faster and harder. That extra friction brought her to orgasm again and the muscles squeezing Renner’s c**k kicked him over the edge too.

He growled against the base of her throat, pushing into her, then going motionless as his c**k emptied in a hot rush of liquid.

As Renner panted against her shoulder, Tierney floated her fingertips over the muscles straining in his arms. She feathered light touches down the back of his neck, unintentionally making him shiver and moan. She smiled, feeling... satisfied. This had gone beyond power and become a point of pride that she, Tierney Pratt, could have such a potent effect on this strong man.


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