Wasn’t it obvious why she was here?

That’s when Tierney realized Renner expected she’d take control. If she’d truly come here to seduce him, she’d better prove it.

Despite her nerves, she put on her game face. She permitted a sexy smile, adding an extra swing in her hips as she sashayed to him. “Maybe I’d better show you why I’m here.” She fingered his black neckerchief. An idea formed. “This is handy. Untie it.”

His too-blue eyes gleamed a challenge. “Whatcha gonna do with it, darlin’?”

She tugged on the knotted end. “Take it off or I will.”

An amused smile lifted the corner of his mouth as he untied it and handed it over.

Looping the fabric around his neck, she pulled him into the center of the room. “Stay right here. Don’t move.”

Tierney felt his hungry gaze eating up her backside. She’d worn a deeply cut push-up bra in bright red, pairing it with red-and-black lace boy-short panties. At his dining room set, she purposely bent over the chair—the panties rode up, giving him a peek of her butt cheeks.

He groaned.

Empowered, she picked up the chair and moved it into the living room. Taking his hands in hers, she placed his palms facing up. She unsnapped his cuffs, following his muscled arms over his broad shoulders to the collar of his Western shirt. Click sounded as she released the first pearl snap button. She kissed the exposed section of skin below the hollow of his throat and popped the next button. And the next, rubbing her face against the warm firmness of his chest. When the shirt hung open, she allowed her hands to roam.

God. He was so built. She touched the ridges of his hard abdomen. She curled her fingers over his rib cage, spreading her hands beneath his pectorals to brush her thumbs across his ni**les. The hair on his chest was darker than the golden hair on his head. Coarser too. While she kissed his collarbone, she pulled his shirt off and tossed it to the floor.

Gooseflesh dotted Renner’s arms and his whole body remained rigid.

Oh, this was fun. She whispered huskily, “Jeans off. Boxers too.” Then she stepped away to see if he’d obey.

Renner lifted a brow. “You’re serious?”

Tierney lifted a brow right back at him. “Do it now or I leave.”

His clothes came off so fast she wanted to check his skin for fabric burns.

My my. He was already hard. A rush of feminine power rolled through her. Strengthened her resolve. She smiled and gave his impressive body a slow inspection. “Nice. Very, very nice. Now. You get to pick. Eyes or hands.”

“Eyes or hands what?”

“One word or the other. Choose.”

“Fine. Hands.”

“Excellent choice.” She picked up his neckerchief. “Sit and drop your arms around the back of the chair.”

His nostrils flared. “You think you’re tyin’ my hands?”

“Oh, cowboy, I know I’m tying your hands. Unless you want me to leave?”

“Like hell.” Renner flopped onto the chair and held his hands at the base of the rungs. Then his eyes lit with mischief and the corner of his sinful mouth quirked.

Tierney tied one end of the neckerchief around his right wrist and wove the fabric through the chair slats before securing the other end around his left wrist with a tight knot. When she stood in front of him, his cocky smirk was gone. “You think cowboys are the only ones who can tie strong knots?”

“And if I would’ve said eyes?”

“I would’ve blindfolded you.”

“Dammit, Tierney.”

“Don’t pout. You’ll get to use your hands. Later. For now? I get to use mine.” Placing her hands on his shoulders, she swung her leg over his to sit on his lap.

The muscles in Renner’s arms flexed as he tried to free himself to touch her.

“Huh-uh. Now be a good boy.” She felt his dick twitch against her belly. “Oh and get comfy. Because this might take a while.”

Renner muttered.

Tierney threaded her fingers through his hair and kissed the frown lines on his forehead. Lightly placed her lips to his eyebrows. The corners of his eyes. His temples. The small section of flesh in front of his ear. When he shivered, she spent extra time nibbling, sucking and softly blowing on his ears.

The man actually whimpered.

So she gave the other ear the same shiver-inducing treatment.


“Mmm. This jawline of yours is so strong and sexy.” She followed the angular bone from side to side, stopping at the halfway point to tongue the dent in his chin.

Mr. Sneaky dropped his head so their mouths connected. Taking advantage of her surprise by sweeping his tongue into her mouth and scorching her lips with one of his fiery kisses.

She let the kiss go on, because she loved kissing him. But she also wanted Renner to think he’d gotten her so flustered that he was about to wrest control from her.


This seduction was powerful stuff. Electrifying. Maybe even addicting. She craved the crush of his body to hers and the moment when he sent her soaring into pure bliss, but she would not be rushed. By her body’s demands or his.

“Tierney,” he muttered against her mouth, “baby, untie me. I’m dyin’ to touch you.”




“Thank God.”

She slid back on his thighs, keeping her balance by pushing the arches of the bottom of her shoes into the legs of the chair. She reached behind to unfasten her bra.


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