Renner remained in the alcove, despite the temptation to watch her ass sway in that swishy black skirt. He waited five excruciatingly long minutes before he strolled down the hallway.

No one lurked in the main lodge but he cautioned himself not to take the stairs at a dead run. Not to act like he’d rip into anyone who stood between him and the paradise that waited behind his office door. He’d reached the third tread when he heard, “Renner?”

Never f**king failed.

He turned to look at Janie. “What?”

“Do you have a minute? I have a couple of questions—”

“Can it wait?”

She eyed him suspiciously. “I guess. But what’s going on? You’re acting awful tense.”

“I’m tense because Tierney summoned me to the office.”

“Want me to go with you and run interference?”

Fuck no. “Nah. I can handle it. Just keep everyone away.”

Renner didn’t wait for Janie’s response. He blew into the office. Shut the door. Locked it.

Tierney had pushed her chair aside and leaned over her desk.

Oh hell yeah. Welcome to his biggest fantasy. And she even wore those four-inch black and white polka-dotted stilettos.

He unbuckled his belt as he crossed the room. “Stay like that.” Then he was behind her, inserting his foot between hers, with a terse, “Spread ’em wider. If you don’t want this, say so now.”

“I want it. I want you. Makes me crazy how much I want you.”

His heart pounded. Every inch of his skin was stretched tight. He yanked his jeans and boxers down. Letting his fingers trace the backs of her thighs, past the sweet curve of her ass, he pulled aside that inconsequential thong and slid his index finger inside her. His brain registered wet, hot, ready. Renner flipped her skirt up. Spread her pu**y open as he sited his c**k and sank into her.

Tierney arched with a drawn-out, “Yes.” She squeezed her cunt muscles and threw her pelvis back.

That movement unleashed the beast. He wrapped his fingers around her hips and slammed into her. Hot as hell, seeing his c**k disappearing into her pu**y with his every powerful thrust. Next time he took her from behind he’d pull her butt cheeks apart, watching the rosebud of her ass clench as he f**ked her.

He hammered into her, lost to everything but the sound of his flesh meeting hers. Of her heat and scent and need. Of her grunts competing with his.

“That feels... I’m so close.”

Renner changed the angle, allowing for deeper penetration.

“That’s it. Yes!”

Her voice had escalated with each word. Hopefully no one lingered outside the door because Tierney didn’t hold back when she started to come. And he’d never tell her to tone down her passion. Never. Made him cocky to know he was the only man who knew this passionate side of her. Her sexual greed and curiosity equaled his. Who would believe the brainiac city girl and the crude cowboy were so well matched?

One. Two. Three thrusts and she exploded. She didn’t scream; the noise was more of a wail, punctuated with yes yes yes. But it was loud. It was hot as sin.

The unrestrained sound of her pleasure, seeing her half-dressed, stretched over her desk—it was too much. He pounded into her snug pu**y, coming so strongly the orgasm rocked him from his heels to his eyelashes.

He slumped over her, bracing his palms on the desk next to hers, gasping for air. As he nuzzled the back of her head, the scent of sex and flowers returned him to reality.

“Was there an earthquake?” she panted. “Or did we just shake the rafters?”

“You definitely shook me.” He slipped his c**k free and turned Tierney into his arms. “Thank you for takin’ the edge off, but sweetheart, I’m not nearly done with you today. You . . .” Consume me. “Are too much temptation for me to resist.”

“Will I see you later?”

Not needy. Not expectant. Not accusatory. Just a simple question. “Yep.”

“After you chat up the guests. I could... cook.” She seemed very focused on the buttons on his shirt.

Renner tilted her face up. He loved the soft way she looked after she’d gotten off. “Want me to bring anything?”

“Just yourself.” Her kiss was sweet, but firm. “Now shoo. Since you’ve handled my distraction problem I might be able to get some work done.”

How hard could it be to throw a couple of pork chops in a pan?

Plenty hard, she found out.

She burned them to a crisp. While she was tending that fiasco, the potatoes boiled all over the stove. The only part of dinner she hadn’t managed to ruin? The salad. Simply because even she could rip open a bag of lettuce.

So Renner looked a little perplexed seeing her shivering on the living room floor, polishing off a bottle of cabernet.

“Tierney? Why are all the windows and doors open? It’s twenty degrees outside.”

She waved distractedly with the bottle. “The smoke detectors were beeping. I thought it’d clear the air faster since the wind blows so freakin’ hard in Wyoming. The smoke is mostly gone now.”

“Smoke from what?”

Tierney squinted at him. “Did you know that pork chops can actually catch fire?”

That factoid seemed to startle him.

“The potatoes . . . let’s just say burned cheesy potatoes could be used as tile grout.” She swigged directly from the bottle. “Or what’s that stuff they slap on the outside of houses?”


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