As she came to, Renner stopped and pulled out quickly. He panted, “Dammit, no condom,” spilling his liquid heat on her belly.

Tierney never imagined the proof of his passion cooling on her skin would be such a turn-on. She arched, forcing their lower torsos to glide together in the sticky wetness.

“Sorry,” he murmured. “Won’t happen again.”

“I liked it. It was sexy.” She pressed her lips to his Adam’s apple. “Umm . . . is this where I tell you I take shots so I only get my period four times a year, but it also covers us for birth control, so you don’t have to pull out?”

He lifted his head. Smiled. Kissed her crazily. “Yes, this is the perfect time because I freakin’ hate condoms.”

“You do? But you’ve used them? You’re . . . safe?”

“I haven’t been with anyone for months, Tierney. And I’ve always been vigilant.”

“Good.” She studied him, debating on whether to say something possibly very dorky, or to let it go.


“Thank you. This has been beyond what I ever expected. You were . . . this was perfect.”

He smooched her nose. “We’re just getting started. And I intend to give you a whole new definition for the term ‘all-nighter’.”

Tierney traced the shape of his smiling mouth. “I can’t wait. Let’s start now.”

Renner laughed. “Insatiable. I like that. But come on, let’s get cleaned up first.”

“Why can’t we stay here like this?”

“Because we’re sticky. Plus, I’m dying to see what crazy kinda shower curtain you picked for your bathroom.”

Chapter Twenty

When Renner saw Tierney meandering toward him, he hid in the shadows. She carried a clipboard, absorbed in flipping through the pages. Each time she inserted the pen in her mouth and pursed her lips around it, his dick pulsed into his zipper.

He’d intended to stay away from her last night and allow her body recovery time. He hadn’t been rough the first night, but he’d been thorough. Very thorough. That good intention had been blown to hell when he’d found himself at her front door and Tierney pounced on him. Pawing at his clothes. Begging him to touch her everywhere in a husky female whisper that fired a primal need. He’d obliged her, since it was a total rush to be on the receiving end of such unbridled lust.

They hadn’t made it to her bedroom. Renner stripped her, pinned her to the floor and used his mouth to get her off. Driving her higher until she gasped his name as she exploded against his tongue. Then he’d stretched out, bringing her on top to ride him. She had no hesitation at trying whatever he suggested or he demanded. When he focused on her ni**les, while manipulating her clit, another powerful climax rocked her, and he got off just watching the surprise of ecstasy on her face. As soon as he stopped coming, her mouth was all over him. Sucking his ni**les, mapping every dip and hollow of his body—throat, chest, arms, rib cage, abs, hips, quads—all while verbally marveling at his musculature.

The woman made him feel like a sex god.

So it didn’t sit well that Tierney might be embarrassed to face him. Or worse—had regrets for her uninhibited response to him.

Lost in concentration, she didn’t notice him until he moved in, curling his hands around her hips. “Hey. Are you avoiding me, Miz Pratt?”

“Stop it,” she hissed. “Discretion. Remember? Someone might see us.”

“Fine.” He herded her into an alcove that housed a janitor’s supply closet. Since she’d worn her hair up, his mouth automatically zeroed in to taste that tempting nape. “God, you smell good. I haven’t seen you today.”

Tierney clutched the clipboard to her chest. “Well, I’ve seen you.”

He stopped kissing the section of her hairline above her ear. “When?”

“At the corrals. Almost getting your melon trounced by fifteen hundred pounds of pissed-off bull.”

“You saw that?”

“Yes. And after you were tossed on your butt, you hopped on the back of a bucking bronc without a saddle.”

“I was ridin’ bareback. Saddles are for saddle bronc ridin’.” His thumbs caressed the lower curve of her back. “You chewing me out? I didn’t get hurt.” He noticed her breathing had changed. “Tierney? How long did you watch me?”

“Long enough to get all . . . hot and bothered. Highly distracting seeing you strutting around in those chaps. Then I couldn’t tear my eyes away as you rode.” She shivered. “Such control. Such strength. Such determination. Such concentration. Reminded me of last night.”

A possessive growl broke free. He needed to stake his claim on her again. Right. Fucking. Now.

“I had to stay away from you today. I tried to focus on doing my job, but all I can think about is doing you. I’ve never been the type to go overboard on anything. I don’t overeat. I don’t overspend. But now that I know firsthand how intense a physical relationship with you is? All I can think about is going overboard on you. You and me naked. All that delicious friction of interlocking body parts as you’re kissing me stupid.”

“Jesus, Tierney, you want me to drag you into the janitor’s closet and f**k you like an animal?”

“I’d rather you f**ked me like an animal in our office where the door locks.” She turned that liquid gaze on him and he couldn’t help but capture her mouth in a savage kiss. Finally, he released her lips and softly snarled, “Go. I’m right behind you.”


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